Things to Consider Before Purchasing Bakery Equipment

There are several things we need to remember before purchasing bakery equipment. Read more about the benefits of purchasing new bakery equipment.

Starting a new restaurant is both challenging and fun. It is fun because everybody these days, at some point of time has dreamed of starting their own everyday eatery or a fine dine restaurant. And besides a lot of emotional, there goes lots of careful planning into it, besides just a lot of monetary investment. But before you start splurging on your dream endlessly, you need to put in some thought into the equipment that your beloved staff is going to use to cook the incredible things for which you'll be remembered. Or wait, didn't you think about it? Having the best industrial bakery equipment in your bakery is always a motivating factor for your staff. Not only does it add to the overall productivity of your unit in terms of output, it also helps in several other ways. Of course, baking equipment can cost you a thing or two, which is why one of the ideas that may have crossed your mind is purchasing used bakery equipment in Saudi Arabia. But whether it's a good idea or not?

Purchasing new Bakery Equipment

Let us lay it down for you. Purchasing a new bakery equipment means that nobody has ever used it before. This means that you are your employees are the first one to lay a hand on them. It is a complete booster for your employees because they get to escape the frustration of working with used equipment. Chances are that if you are setting up a new unit, the workers that you have hired may have been employed in a similar unit previously, working with similar equipment. Being hired by a new entity and getting to work on used equipment not only reflects very badly on you but also discourages your employees, for it comes as a negative change.

Advantages of new Bakery Equipment

Moving on, the only reason people tend to buy used equipment is the incentive of saving on costs. But something that you often do not realize is that you are definitely going on to lose ours on the warranty that your used bakery equipment is not going to offer. The unparalleled peace of mind that comes with the warranty tagged with the purchase of a new equipment cannot be described in words or just the ways in which you are covered. Buying equipment for home or personal use is something else, but when you're dealing in the industrial equipment of professional standards, you are also going to want to make the best out of it in terms of output. A successful enterprise means your bakery equipment is going to run for several hours each day. And having it break not only comes as a pain in the back in terms of the pains you'll have to take to get it repaired, you'll also be shelling out lots on the cost of the repairs. And this is definitely going to be in addition to the revenue loss happening on account of failure to operate due to the non-functioning bakery equipment. Having a warranty pitches in as a saviour, for at least it cuts short your expenditure on repairs. The added advantage is that you don't have to opt to get it locally repaired for saving money because having your products being covered by warranty translates into the fact that the people who're going to repair it are the same people who built it.

While you may save on the purchase price of the equipment, you lose out in terms of technology. Used equipment means your equipment does not have the latest tech, which is going to bite you in the back in terms of less efficiency and fewer returns, which you may call 'disguised or hidden losses' because you won't even realize how you're losing out due to reduced output. The same thing goes for the ease and convenience that new equipment brings with it.

If you're buying used equipment, you have to work with what you get. However, buying a new one has its own perks. Entities like Al Hazmi bakery equipment suppliers in Saudi Arabia offer customization options. This means that you get to choose the kind of equipment you want to work with and get to eliminate features which are not required for your kind of enterprise. This only brings in added efficiency and enhanced productivity.

A new bakery equipment raises the spirit of the employees, for the message that goes across is that the best professionals deserve to work only on the best of equipment. Any less would mean demeaning for your employees. After all, there's no point in splurging on the best bakers but trampling on their spirit by having them work on equipment which they consider below their standards.

With new bakery equipment, you are not compelled to adjust with the weaknesses of the old ones. The new is custom tailored to address the needs of the industry, the old will make you lag behind. And if you're taking your business seriously, you will have to put in investments at the beginning. There's no compromising with that.

Old equipment carries with themselves the bane of low efficiency. Outdated equipment consumes more energy and results in the biggest bills. Latest bakery equipment is more efficient. Also, with new equipment, you do not have to be afraid of the reconditioning of the product. For instance, you may buy a particular used bakery equipment under the assumption that all its parts are real. But what if they've been replaced with a working equivalent? Also, you can never know about the kind of environment in which that machine was being used. For instance, if a machine which is 5 years old has been used at a place where it was regularly serviced and where the number of operational hours was less, it's going to be a better purchase than an equipment which was used in very unprofessional conditions.

Also, as an owner, you never sit relaxed just because you saved some bucks on your used equipment. People have had nightmarish struggles with their used equipment when they discovered that spare parts were not available anymore. That's possibly the biggest setback with used bakery equipment. Once the parts are unavailable, your equipment is just a useless piece of junk because even if you want to invest your own money into repairs (now that you're no more covered by warranty), you can't because there's no way to repair it anymore.

We have been in the industry for too long to understand that investing in a used bakery equipment is not a good idea. Buying a fresh new equipment has several perks and we always advise our customers to put their money into the right avenues. We deal in all kinds of premium bakery equipment in Saudi Arabia, be it a planetary mixer with 3-speed manual transmission, or a rotary rack oven. Besides the assurance of genuine parts and that they'll be used for the first time in your own bakery, we also provide you with premium warranty schemes as a token of care to our customers.

If you're looking to buy bakery pieces of equipment in Saudi Arabia, get in touch with us at +966 12 617 8060 or drop us an email at with your requirements so that our representative is better able to address your concerns.


Author: Reena Upadhya04 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Buying new bakery equipment is a large investment and a very significant decision at the same time. The decision cannot be made in a blink of a second. It requires huge finances to buy new ones. With the evolving technology, more and more advanced equipment are introduced into the market. With advancement, there is a rise in their prices. Every bakery owner wants to keep up with the innovation and updates. This kind of effort is extremely difficult. It is for sure that purchasing new ones instead of used equipment is going to add value in some way or the other to the bakery.

Buying new equipment is advantageous in many ways. If finance is not a problem, buying new ones is really a good option. It improves the capabilities to a great extent. New equipment means top-class performance and that is because they are updated with innovative technology. They come with better functioning abilities. If you want an overall positive impact, new equipment can bring that desirable change possible for you. Workers will be able to work efficiently and at a quick pace. It will increase overall productivity. With more efficiency, you will be able to remain ahead of everyone in the competition.

Too much money will be saved which would otherwise be spent in the repair and maintenance of old bakery equipment. New equipment comes with a warranty period and any damage can be repaired and parts can be replaced by the company and you don't have to bother about that. Though old equipment sometimes is well maintained, they are not completely free from safety risks. New equipment neither requires frequent repairs nor bothers the owner regarding the safety risks. They add value to your bakery. As a result, it attracts more customers and increases the business. Your quality service becomes top-notch and you can take pride in that.

Author: Natarajan10 Sep 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

It would have been fair to compare and contrast a few companies with the pros and cons.

It is not rocket science to understand that buying a new equipment or automobile or any machine for that matter is always better than a used one. But how many of the start-up can afford to do so?

If everyone goes for the new ones, there wouldn't be a market for used equipment, used cars etc. Similarly, for bakery machines, not all can afford to have a brand new machine and its advantages. Some entrepreneurs will have a limited budget, a short timeline in the venture, a smaller town or a rural locality to cater to. Such people would choose and buy used equipment that is in decent working order and has some good life left in it.
Skilled mechanics or engineers in the bakery business would be able to pick out such good used machines and start their venture on a very limited budget.

If one has the finance or the loan option to buy the new equipment then, they can go for the top line bakery machines, keeping in mind their locality, their customer base, and profile and their relatively long timeline in the baking industry.

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