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Top 10 things to consider when buying a smartphone

Are you planning to purchase a new smartphone? Here are the top 10 things you need to consider before buying a smartphone. Keep the smartphone buying tips mentioned in this article on your mind and invest your money in the best smartphone with top features and specifications.

The smartphone is the latest handheld device which is ruling the world like a King. It is tough to find a person without a smartphone in this technology-filled modern world. Its extensive computing facilities and real-time features have helped the device to hold a special place in the technical world as well as in the hands of the people. In the technology-based era, the smartphones have made our day-to-day things easier and it acts like our extended hand. The importance of smartphones in our life has created an interest in the minds of the people and nowadays almost each and every individual wish to buy a smartphone with the best features.

How to purchase a smartphone with the best features? Do you want to buy a smartphone for optimum use? Don't worry! A lot of mobile phone production companies are launching brand new smartphones with various specifications and features in the mobile phone market. Out of the different models of smartphones from the top branded companies, it is common that one might get confused to pick a smartphone for their own use. To remove the dilemma and to guide the people in buying the smartphone of their choice, this article lists out the top 10 things a customer should consider before purchasing a smartphone.

Important things to consider when buying a smartphone

Choosing a right phone with the best features is important. So, before purchasing a new smartphone, one must have a look into the certain features and specifications about the latest model smartphones released by the top branded mobile companies. You can't simply buy a smartphone with the popular brand name or a model number. Some important things and features mentioned below must be considered while purchasing a new smartphone.

1. Operating System and User Interface

While using the smartphone, the interface should be attractive, simple and user-friendly. So, give top preference to the operating system and the user interface. Smartphones are available with the operating systems such as Android, iOS, blackberry and windows.

Android phones have a popular name in the smartphones world. The Android OS is a customizable operating system and is available in various versions. If you prefer to buy an Android device, pick the one with the latest version of Android OS instead of the outdated versions. The updated and new software version will be launched first on Google's devices such as Google Pixel and Nexus. Later the various branded mobile phone companies will launch the Android devices with the latest OS version.

The user of Apple products can go for iOS. Apple's iPhone comes with iOS and the best virtual assistant named Siri. iOS has a wide range of options but cannot be customized. The users of iPhone can easily upgrade their devices when the Apply launches the new version of iOS. iPhone is expensive and is a good companion for Apple products such as Mac, iPad, Apple watch, etc.

Similar to iPhone, Blackberry phone is also an expensive and a popular device with extensive security features and battery life. It is an Android-powered device which has a qwerty keyboard.

Windows phones are not rich in features and are not so popular. It is a product of Microsoft and has not hit the smartphone market in an attractive way. Positively, the user interface and the build quality are good. The windows phones have integration with the Microsoft and the users can play Xbox games on it.

The selection of OS purely depends upon the user choice. So, it is advisable to analyze the features of the latest and the upgraded versions of the operating system before buying a smartphone. Also, check which OS is better-iOS or Android before making your final decision.

2. Processor and RAM

The overall performance of a smartphone depends upon the processor. Select the processor based on your usage of a smartphone. Some users use smartphones just to make phone calls, send texts and use very few mobile applications. For such users, smartphones with light processors such as MediaTek processors will be good to use. If you wish to watch HD videos, play online games, and edit photos and videos on their smartphone, then you can go for a stronger processor such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. High-speed processor gives a smooth user experience without any lags.

To perform multitasking, go for a smartphone with high system memory. The RAM memory helps to switch from one application to another in a faster way. Prefer using a smartphone with 2GB to 4GB of RAM. Some premium phones which are designed specifically for gaming will have 6GB or 8GB. But for an optimum user who wishes to gain smooth and a faster experience, a smartphone with 2GB or 3GB RAM will be a good choice.

3. Design and build quality

While considering the design factor, the choice varies from person to person. Nowadays smartphones are available in different sizes, design and colors. Some prefer to own a phone with trendy design and some don't give more importance to the build quality. The body of smartphones are usually made of plastic, metal or glass coated. The durability of a phone depends on the build quality. The survival of a smartphone with a plastic body is limited when compared to a metal bodied because a smartphone with a metal body is more likely to withstand drops from a limited height. Also, you can't imagine the survival of the smartphones with glass-coated panels for a single drop from one or two feet in height. So, on the whole, a smartphone with a metallic panel is the best with high durability. At the same, if you are more concerned about durability then you can also have a look at the phones with a water-resistant feature. Most importantly, to avoid damages one can protect their smartphones with a protective case.

4. Screen size and Display

The smartphones are available in a variety of screen sizes. Phones with a small screen(less than 5 inches) will be compact, easy to hold and can fit easily inside a pocket. Similarly, phones with medium screen (5 to 5.5 inches) also give a good balance and a high entertainment experience. The phone with a large screen (more than 5.5 inches) is tough to hold but it gives a rich experience to the users while watching videos, playing games and reading e-books. Nowadays the smartphones with a big screen are available in a compact design.

Similar to screen size, the display quality of a smartphone should also be given close attention. To gain a good user experience, one must consider the brightness, color quality and resolution of a smartphone. IPS, LED and AMOLED display are the types of display available in the smartphone. The sharpness and the color contrast vary in each display. Higher screen resolution has a better display quality. Phones with 5-inch full-HD screen (1920X1080 pixels) will be ideal for use.

5. Storage

A smartphone should have a sufficient storage space to store all the mobile applications, photos, videos and other important data. In some smartphones, pre-installed mobile apps occupy a part of the storage. Also, remember that the higher resolution phones and videos captured using the smartphones usually occupy a large space. So, consider the internal storage of a mobile before buying. Nowadays storage space is ranging from 2 GB to 256GB. In addition to that, many android phones support expandable storage option through which one can expand the storage space by using a microSD card. A smartphone with 32GB or 64 GB internal storage is highly sufficient to use. If you wish to own a phone with less storage space, then you can expand the storage using a microSD card.

6. Camera

Nowadays all the precious moments in our life are easily captured using smartphones instead of a professional camera. Since we have a lot of photo lovers and selfie lovers in this world more consideration is given to camera when compared to a processor. To take quality photos, megapixel alone is not enough. The image quality, camera speed, ISO levels, camera aperture, autofocus and other necessary camera features should be considered. If you are a photography enthusiast, then you can go for a smartphone with a 13MP camera or above with f/2.0 or lower aperture to take high-quality photos. An optimum user can buy an 8MP camera with f/2.2 aperture. To shoot quality videos, look for the resolution and frame rate.

7. Battery life

Battery life is one important factor for a smartphone user. 3000 mAh battery will be suitable for the lesser usage of phones and 3500 mAh battery will be suitable for those who play games and watch videos in smartphones. But most importantly the life of a battery depends upon the usage of a phone and other factors such as the processor, screen size, resolution, OS, etc. Watching videos and playing games drain the battery. Also, we can't expect the battery to last for a longer period if the Wi-fi, 3G/4G data is ON all the day in the smartphone.

Before buying a smartphone, check whether fast wireless charging is offered for your model. Nowadays many smartphones are featuring with non-removable batteries. But removable batteries hold an advantage that you can replace the battery if your existing battery fails to work.

8. Audio features

Smartphones are also used for listening to music and watching videos. Other than that, some people also rely on their smartphones to attend video conferences. So for such usage, one should give more importance to the audio features in a smartphone. To gain voice or audio clarity, a smartphone with the front-facing speaker will be appropriate. A regular device with a bottom-firing speaker or the speakers placed at the backside of the phone will be fine for those who do not indulge much on the video-conferencing. To plug-in headphones, check for the phones with USB Type-C based headphone jacks or 3.5mm audio jack.

9. Security features

Give importance to the security features in a smartphone because on an easy go we all store our personal information in our handsets for quick accessibility. So, to provide security for the mobile users, many smartphones are launched with additional security features such as facial recognition security, iris scanner and fingerprint scanner. The usage of high-security features will help to lock the phone and to protect all the valuable data present in the phone. The security features are even available in smartphones with lesser price. So, consider buying the smartphone with extra security features.

10. Price

The most important thing to be considered before purchasing a smartphone is the price. The money you spend should be worth the use. The choice of buying a smartphone is yours. Keep the considerable factors in mind before purchasing a smartphone. Be aware that various models of smartphones are available in the phone stores in a different size, colors and price range with the necessary features. So, make sure you select the best smartphone within your fixed budget.


Author: Umesh13 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Nowadays many versions of smartphones are available in the market and it is very difficult for a buyer to decide which one he should go for.

The best thing, in my opinion, is not to go through the vast list of these gadgets in the market as it will totally confuse you to take a diligent decision.

What can be done is first see your budget and then only see the comparison of phones in that band. With this you can narrow down your search. Next thing is within that band what are your priorities. Do you want a good camera or good screen size or good memory etc? So choose the model which has specifics to your choice.

This way you will be able to pinpoint which model you should finally buy.

Author: Reena Upadhya14 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Consider the age- Whether you are trying to buy a new Smartphone or an old one as in both the cases, age is important. If purchasing a new one go for an updated most recent version instead of going for a dated one. If buying an old and used Smartphone in order to save money make sure to check all the features that it supports. After around 2-3 years, Smartphone stops receiving software updates. Old apps do not run new games and new software that is essential for photo-editing. If you need a second hand Smartphone so that you can check your e-mails, make a few calls and send texts, it is okay to go for old versions. If you need more than that, it is better to purchase a new one.

Brand name- Research the brand from which you are going to purchase Smartphone. It must be a reputable one and must have launched many successful products in the past. Do not go for a new brand that has not had much luck in the past. There are many brands that are household names such as Samsung, Apple, LG, and many others. Reputed names offer peace of mind. Their products come with a warranty. They often offer return and replace policy.

Stereo features- Only high-end Smartphone do support stereo speakers. It means that you will be able to hear the sound from the bottom and top. If you are watching a video, movie or playing a game, you will get to hear audio from the right and left. Thus, if you want to enjoy high-quality sound you need to make sure that your Smartphone supports stereo features.

Wireless charging feature- This feature is not supported by all Smartphone. If you want to charge your phone at your table on a pad, you need to be sure that your Smartphone supports wireless charging feature.

Headphone jack- Before purchase make sure to look for a headphone jack. If it is not available, you have to make use of your Bluetooth headphones or else you can use an adapter along with the wired headset. Go for USB Type-C as this port is future-proof and offers easy plugin.

Author: K Mohan20 Sep 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

While I do appreciate the author for giving us the tips as to what should be followed before purchasing a smartphone and what are the basics that must be there in a smartphone, I don't think anyone is going to go through the details as specified by the author except for few points like battery life etc. What is actually happening is that there is a systematic campaign by the manufacturers on some specific features of a phone that would invite the buyer's attention. That particular feature which is projected overlooks other requirements that we ought to see before buying. Some of the new features in some phones which virtually tempt the new customers are night filming of an event even in the lesser light, waterproof phone, quality of the camera etc. Nowadays people are not even going after any particular brand. If any manufacturer gives a good new feature, people are ready to exchange their old phone for a new one.

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