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Could Online Tools Enrich The Way Students Learn

Did technology influence your learning process? Do you think online tools enrich the way students learn? Read the article to learn more about the scenario.

For some students, learning can be an exciting and revolutionary experience, but for others, it can be difficult for them to engage. Technology and online tools are a great way to create an interactive way of learning that can appeal to all students and nowadays, we are very lucky to have all of these exciting new online tools to help enrich the way students learn. However, the question currently in a debate is this - will they really improve the way that pupils learn, or are they just a distraction? We're exploring this, below.

Online Tools Can Enrich Students' Learning

If there's one thing that online tools can provide to students, it's the opportunity to learn and improve independently in or out of education hours. By doing a lot of work online or utilising tools to help with assignments, it can allow students to fully optimise their learning in a way that best suits them, without having to settle for a single learning method. This way, students aren't held up and can both learn and complete any assignments with a few online tools to help them on their way.

A plagiarism checker, for example, is not only excellent for students, but for teachers and professors too. This checker can allow you to scan and compare your work easily and quickly, to ensure that it is 100% original and unique and avoid potential consequences in the future. If the checker flags up any examples of plagiarism, it will show you where in your work it is, so that you can alter it and make sure that you haven't unknowingly copied someone's work before you submit.

Grammarly is another fantastic online tool that can prove beneficial for those who frequently make grammatical mistakes in their writing. The online or downloadable tool efficiently picks up on any grammatical or spelling mistakes that you have made and highlights them for you. Grammarly then shows you what you need to change it to and gives a short explanation of why, so you don't make the same mistake again in the future.

Both of these online tools are excellent for enriching the ways that students learn because they offer assistance at the same time as allowing the student to learn from their mistakes.

Online Tools Can't Enrich Students' Learning

While online tools have been seen as helpful, they could also appear to be a distraction for students while they are learning. It's not unusual to see students engrossed in their phones, so is encouraging them to use online tools a sensible idea? In the past, students haven't been given online assistance with their learning and they have proved to be successful, so why should we use online tools now?

A number of schools now give their students iPads and other tablets to do all of their work on in secondary schools. Although many students will use it to utilise the educational online tools to their advantage, there are other students who will just play games, chat with their friends, and do anything but work on them.

Furthermore, staring at a screen all day cannot be healthy for students. We want to encourage students to interact with one another instead of a screen. Online tools don't help students to develop social skills that are required for interviews and future life in the workplace.

There are benefits and disadvantages of using online tools to enrich the way students learn. As a parent, guardian or teacher, it is your responsibility to utilise this information to decide whether you think online tools are beneficial or not.


Author: Reena Upadhya06 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

With the introduction of online tools, learning is not just confined to the classrooms. Even those students who cannot regularly attend schools and colleges can widen their knowledge and perspective using these tools. Everyone might have heard about online collaboration tools. Using these online collaboration tools, students can easily collaborate with the teachers and learn skills and acquire knowledge. In earlier days, time and distance would cost a hindrance in acquiring knowledge. Online tools enable the students to interact and collaborate in an easy and fast manner.

However, care should be taken that students remain focused and motivated during the entire process. These tools should help students to learn as much as possible when they collaborate with their instructors and fellow students. These online tools should be designed using effective strategies that enable learning. If strategies are not efficient enough, students will disengage themselves at some point or the other. They will start feeling neglected. Effective strategies can only be introduced if right sort of aids is used in their design. If the collaboration and interaction are not fast and easy, students lose the interest. In order to help improve the focus, online tools should contribute their best. Only best online learning tools offer quality results.

Online learning tools are effectively changing the complete face of the education system. In the coming years, we will be able to see big impacts with the introduction of innovative learning tools in the field of education. If you want to excel among the rest of the other students in the class, all you have to do is make use of these online learning tools.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao06 Sep 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Online tools are giving more ways to learn and acquire the knowledge. These online tools are specialised professors for us to excel in a particular line. They are the examiners who can evaluate us and make the mistakes known to us and give the correct solutions to the mistakes.

I remember my school and college days when I have to spend hours together in the library to get the updates on the subject concerned. The same task these can be done happily by sitting in your house within a few minutes and you can get the actual information in no time. These online tools will make us learn new things before we will get them introduced to us in the classroom. This will make the student be ahead of others in the class and understand the teachings well and become the front-runner.

They definitely help the student in having a fast learning.

Author: Umesh07 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

There are many ways a student can learn and study. The classical school room set up and studying from the textbooks to present day advanced online interactive learning tools, everything has one underlying objective and that is 'to learn'.

So tools or medium are only a way to engage the students. What matters most is a desire to learn and a will to excel. Until and unless there is a determined action, focused approach and concentrated efforts from the student side, no tools will work.

There are some students who have an aptitude for a particular subject area and they progress in it to adorable heights with whatever tools they have with them or they can afford to have.

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