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Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in School?

Cells phones have become the window to the information of the whole wide world. Rarely any time goes when our cell phones are not with us. But what about its impact on kids? Should they be given access to use of regular cell phones, what is the limit and how to decide it? Read this article to know the answer to this question.

Before we get into whether cell phones should be allowed in schools or not, it is important to highlight one crucial thing which many seem to miss out when talking about the education system, especially in India. Well, to make it clear, the education system that we talk about so much has one main purpose, it is to stay relevant and respond to the constantly changing priorities of the society. While this is an important role, most of the times it is neglected. Besides, the education system in the country is still following the traditional system and it is usually problematic or difficult to change. The problem might be because most of the people are usually schooled in a fixed way. So, these people tend to feel that everyone else should also receive their education in a similar manner. Now, when these people find out that students are using cell phones in class or at school they are outraged and further question the value of education provided by the institutions.

While such is the current scenario, there is also another section of people who believe education needs to be in touch or be updated with the evolving societal needs. They are of the opinion that since technology plays an important part in our lives today, it is important to incorporate it into the field of education. And this is actually a genuine reason as technology is being used in many new and creative ways to deliver education. However, the problem lies between these two groups where constant debate and conflict arise. The hot topic of discussion right now is about cell phones and whether it should be allowed in schools or not. Here, we will look at some of the pros and cons and by the end of the article, you should be able to decide what is best.

Pros of allowing mobile phones in schools and colleges

Safety Concerns

Parents are generally worried about the safety of their children and this is primarily the main reason that favors students having cell phones in school. Most students have said that they need to have cell phones with them to contact their parents in case of an emergency. While some may say that kids and parents were okay without the devices but the world has changed a lot today. As parents need to feel more secure, cell phones provide a sense of safety for students.

Integral Education Tool, Educational Apps, Digital Materials and More

There is no denying the fact that mobile technology and cell phones are here to stay. As technology becomes more and more advanced, mobile phones will be an integral educational tool which can also be utilized to enhance learning among students. They can access the internet, make use of key applications and learning tools which can enhance their learning experience and be on the same level as other students as well.

Today, there are a lot of educational tools and apps like BYJU's - The Learning app that can help students stay on top in their class. These tools that have been designed specifically for cell phones are helping students to develop better study habits, increase knowledge and more.

Cost Cutting

Technology is expensive and not all schools or even colleges can set up a comprehensive digital learning environment. By allowing students to bring and use their own device could help the institution solve their financial problems. Schools need not provide expensive devices to students.

Easy Teaching

Apart from students, teachers are also taking advantage of cell phones by providing students with resources like videos, news stories, online discussion groups, and more. Some teachers are also allowing students to access these resources in class which further helps to encourage participation and discussions in class. Cell phones also give students access to more information using the internet and help them research more about a topic. For instance, if students are looking for study materials and solutions, they can click here to download NCERT solutions from BYJU's and clear all their doubts almost instantly.

Making a Way For The Future

The main argument here is that teachers, instead of making unnecessary efforts or devoting most of their resources in preventing students from bringing cell phones to school, can instead embrace the change and educate students to use the devices properly. Cell phone skills may be an important aspect in the future.

Cons of allowing cellphones in schools and colleges

We have talked about some of the positives of cell phones and how they can be used as effective learning tools. But on the flip side, cell phones even though they are a great tool, there is a huge challenge of making sure that students use them for school-related tasks only. It is also a fact that a cell phone can easily turn from a classroom learning tool to classroom disruption. They can easily spend more time texting friends, watching videos or playing games than paying attention in class.

Behavior and Classroom Management

When students make use of their cell phones at school or in class it may result in a number of classroom management and behavioral issues. While teachers already have their hands full with a lot of things if students start misusing mobile phones for poor behavior such as cheating during exams, theft, cyber-bullying or even taking inappropriate photographs and videos, it could be disastrous. This could cause a lot of distractions and students can lose focus on the lesson at hand. This is probably the main reason why smartphones should not be allowed at school.

Unequal Opportunities

Some families cannot afford to buy a cell phone for their child. So this will definitely create a very inequitable system. It is also important to consider the socio-economic reasons whether cell phones should be allowed or not.

Adverse Effect of cell phone Addiction

The use of cell phones can lead to different health issues like poor eyesight, loss of hearing and various mental health problems as well. cell phone addiction can result in social and psychological problems where students can develop anxiety and depression.

No Physical Interaction or Communication

We have already talked about how cell phones can help encourage participation through different channels. However, depending solely on this can also result in less and less face-to-face interaction and discussion among students which further leads to fewer learning opportunities.

Conclusion - Is it a good idea to allow students to use cellphones in the campus

Now that we have read about both the advantages and disadvantages, allowing students to use their cell phones in the classroom is still a controversial topic. As of now, the two sides have concrete reasons to support their cause and we are just waiting for the air to clear. Having said that, the issue of whether students should be allowed to use cell phones at school cannot be just avoided or simply ignored because at some point we have to come to a definite conclusion. Both the sides should carefully consider all the scenarios and come up with an effective plan of action that can be carried forward. The reason why we are discussing it here is also mainly to find the right solutions to the problems. As we move towards the foreseeable future, it will be the duty of every educator to offer students the right opportunities and a comprehensive education system that they truly want.

Students are welcome to use this as an essay or speech in their schools on the topic 'Should we allow students to use cellphones in the schools'. However, before use you this article as an essay, make sure you are allowed to use reproduced material. A better approach would be to take this as a baseline to prepare your own essay.

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Author: Neeru Bhatt16 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Cell Phones are high-end toys for the students. One can view videos in it, play games, watch photos, chat with friends and many such thrilling experiences which one can not have with the traditional toys.

So they are a great source of distraction and no student will agree to not use them if given a choice.

The only way is not to allow them to use it in the school campus. Let them have it only after school hours.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha16 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Indulgence with the cell phones has a telling effect on the health of the young children. However, it's judicious use will strengthen their core knowledge but the major drawback behind the usage of the cell phone is the temptation that makes them slaves of this disastrous apparatus.
Teachers should well advise the prospective students how best this cell phone can be used and they should inculcate the idea among the conscious pupils how best the same can be utilized effectively without falling prey to its addiction.

Author: Umesh16 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

A nice article by the author bringing out the exhaustive details of using cell phone in an academic environment like school.

In most of the schools, children are not allowed to bring the cellphone. It is a good regulation. School is a place of study and any distraction, what to say of cell phone, will have detrimental effect on the academic growth of the children.

I remember when TV was introduced in the households it was thought to be a big danger as students always wanted to see it rather than study. It was a big distraction and then parents started to restrict the TV hours for their children.

Now this greater menace has entered in our households which is a TV in our palms and once it is given to the children without any control then the consequences are anybody's guess.

We should not allow the children to take the cell phones to school. In fact parents have a larger responsibility in this context.

Cell phones are addictive and once the children have a taste of it, they will never turn it off and watching such things continuously and prolonged intervals will only hamper the creative skills of the child.

Author: Reena Upadhya17 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

Author has nicely described the pros and cons of allowing cell phones inside the school. On both the sides, there are people who are strongly supporting their judgments. Thus, it is difficult to determine which side is right. Each side is determined enough to support their decisions with enough compelling reasons. The existence of cell phones is not that old. It is relatively new when compared with other inventions. Thus, society has not adjusted to the process completely. The influence that it exerts and the impact that it creates is difficult to adjust to and that is what society is trying to do.

Students have to study various subjects in a day. They sometimes even enroll themselves in learning certification courses that are offered outside the school. Every day they need to complete lots of assignments. There are deadlines for these assignments. Sometimes they forget to complete the important ones. Thus, if they are allowed to bring cell phones to schools, they can use these gadgets as reminding tools. Many apps are available which help students to remember various things such as submission of a project or assignment, upcoming tests, class timetables, extracurricular activities timetables. These apps also help the teachers to have a frequent conversation with parents and students. These kinds of apps help with easy completion of coursework. They help students to perfectly balance their timetable. It makes the lives of students simple and helps them in the effective management of timetable. Teachers can also use these apps to remind students about their upcoming tests and deadlines related to submission of coursework or project.

Cell phones can be perfect emergency equipment. In case, the schools are closed early due to any reasons such as strikes, natural disasters or any other reasons, students can contact their parents for early pickup. Kidnapping is a common threat faced by young students. Predators are not only outside the campus but sometimes even within the campus. Thus, it is not wise for young kids to stay in the school if it is closed early or else wander in the streets and try to reach home early by themselves. Cell phones thus can be used by students during emergencies. They can contact parents or teachers if they sense anything wrong.

Author: K Mohan18 Sep 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

I am totally against the concept of using cell phones even at the schools. The children are already grabbing the cell phones from the parents at home and meddling with different programs in it and it is becoming challenging for the parents to distract the child from using cell phones now and then. In this situation, if they are sent to school with cell phone their concentration would be on the phone, and not on studies. If the school or college use the cell phones for portions and interactions, then it can be done through the parent's number and that would help them have an idea about the school or college working style too. Students should not be disturbed with phones at all.

Author: himanshuchouhan18 Sep 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

In my opinion, cell phones should not be allowed in schools. Cell phones will hinder a child's ability to do well in school. Using phones should be blocked not only in schools but also at home at the time of studying. Its okay to use a phone during the free time but not otherwise. Schools should improve the quality of teaching by using teaching aids so that students are not distracted. Parents should focus on their children because they only can keep away their child from phones at the time of the study.

Author: Syed Rizwan22 Sep 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

I am completely against allowing mobile phones to students in schools and even colleges. If we speak in terms of safety, yes it is important for students to get connected to their parents always but there is a high chance that the children may not concentrate on studies due to this. Rather than giving the phones to students, why can't each parent connect with their class teachers and inquire about the student? I believe a lot of schools already have this provision, they either have an app where they ask each parent to register and subscribe to groups and the schools broadcast any important information in these groups.

Instead of schools expecting students to bring their own devices and install educational tools and other apps, it should be sufficient that only teacher gets a device from the school and teaches the students from that using a projector. What schools can do is, collect a nominal amount from each student and provide them with a customized device which can only give them access to educational apps. I strongly believe that this is the best way to use technology as well as to stop students from using unnecessary features of cell phones which will divert their minds.

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