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What to do when your child has Autism

Your child has Autism. Now what to do? How to bring up the child? What are the responsibilities of parents of an autistic child? This article contains few important tips to deal with a child with Autism.

Your child has Autism. This may sound terrible to the parents of that child, but they should not give up. A child with Autism, commonly known as ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder, needs utmost care from the parents and with the help of a properly designed treatment plan can overcome a wide range of difficulties. At times you may feel frustrated or even angry. But hang on! Rather cursing your luck or blaming your spouse for carrying the bad gene, you need to know about the disorder very well to help your child.

Your first priority

If you notice certain unusual behavioral pattern or impairment in social or interpersonal interaction in your child, you must seek necessary help without wasting any time. There is a tendency among parents to wait for a certain period to see whether everything is going well in terms of physical or mental development. This disorder gets complicated if left untreated, so the earlier the intervention, the better the response to treatment your child will get. After seeking necessary help, you need to choose the best available treatment plan for your child.

Choosing the treatment plan

There are varieties of treatment available for ASD and you need to choose which one is best for your child. The treatment ranges from dealing with behavioral issues, emotional issues, interpersonal and social skills, motor sensory functional skills and sensitivities to stimulus. Each individual having this disorder has a particular problem or a set of problems, so the treatment plan will vary according to cases. You are the best judge of your child and have to play a significant role to choose the right treatment plan for your child.

You have to work with your child hand in hand to execute the treatment plan and should go by the following tips to carry the plan forward.

Be very patient

For treating this disorder patience is a virtue. You cannot give up and have to find different ways to tackle all the problems. A child with ASD needs lot of time to obtain new skills. Never ever try to compare your child's ability to perform a certain task with others. It is because of the inability of the child to learn all the things in a natural way that you are providing him the necessary treatment.

Understand your child

You must have the perfect knowledge about your child's behavior pattern. You need to know what excites him or what stresses him. You need to follow and learn your child's non-verbal communication techniques also. By knowing this, you will be able to avoid those situations which are troublesome and settle for those moments that are happier.

Communicate with the child's therapist

A regular communication with the therapist of your child is a must. The therapist is spending a particular amount of time and the rest of the day the child is with you. You need to tell the therapist regularly about the progress of your child as well as your expectations and possible ways to achieve it.

Appreciate his abilities

The treatment plan of autism consists of acquiring new skills and you should appreciate your child after every little progress he makes in the learning process. This appreciation is a must and will encourage him to learn more. You need to make him understand the reason for this praise and he will put more efforts to learn new skills.

Find out the reason behind tantrums

It is very natural for children to throw tantrums and there is no exception for children with ASD. At this time the parents find it hard to manage situations and give in to their demands. Giving in to the child's demands every time is not recommended for parents whose child has ASD. It doesn't help in the learning process and the child finds an easy way out to avoid further learning. He throws tantrums to get proper attention or to convey his annoyance. As a parent you need to find out the reason for this tantrum and have to look out for an alternative way to manage this.

Follow a timetable

Sticking to a particular routine works well for children with autism. Maintain a timetable for waking up, sleep, meals, school and all the activities performed in a day. Time and place plays a vital role in the learning process of children with autism. The child may do a certain thing perfectly at a particular place, but may not be able to do the same thing at a different place. To overcome this, the learning process can be scheduled at more places that will help the child to apply the acquired knowledge at different surroundings.

Play with your child

It's very important to encourage the child to play games of his choice. Along with learning new skills, have some time for play and fun. Take part in the game with your child and let him enjoy every moment. This will encourage the child and has a positive effect on the developmental process. The enormous enjoyment derived from having fun and playing with the favorite toys will boost the ways of learning.

Have time for yourself

You must find ways to unwind yourself. Since your company is essential for the child's well-being, you need to take care of yourself so that you do not get exhausted while dealing with your child. If possible, take help from your relatives or close friends and have some time for your own relaxation.

Final words

It is no easy task to deal with the child who has autism. As parents, your responsibility is more than anybody else and with proper support from you, your child will be able to manage life in a much easier way. In our society, stigmas are still attached to any mental or developmental disorders. This will go gradually with proper awareness and as parents of a child with autism, you also have a role to play to create awareness. Have patience and follow the right treatment plan and both you and your child can have a good life.

Article by Sankalan Bhattacharya
Sankalan "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha20 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

To fight autism is undoubtedly no easy task. Here the responsibility not only lies with the parents alone but the society, too, has a distinct role to offer. The parents no doubt take the utmost pain to ease the situation of the child affected with autism so that the child shows gradual improvement as a result of the regular approach of the therapist and the parents who devote a major share of their time in the due care of his ward. Now, think of the expenses, the parents have to bear for the regular maintenance of such autistic child necessitating the curtailment of expenses of the remaining children living in the family.
While the regular medication and the consultation of the therapist seem to the practical solution, the society should come forward with a compassionate touch - lending their hands to help in case of emergency. At least, they should refrain from putting irresponsible remarks hurting both the austic child and their parents.
The author has dealt with the case with very valuable tips enabling the child to show rapid progress with adequate care of the parents and the timely intervention of the therapist.

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