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What to do in case of a hyperactive child.

We will be observing some children who are very active. They will never be sitting idle and the will be always making noise. There are many reasons for this behaviour. It is believed that they will be good achievers in their lives. How to deal with such children is discussed in this article in brief.


Some of the children will be always very active and always they will be doing some or the other noise. They can never sit idle. They will be always getting excited about new things and they will be always demanding something from the parents. Such children are called overactive by the parents. The parents should be very careful with such children and they should never leave them alone. The parents should take special care in bringing them up. They will have extra energy. It is an indication that these people will be good achievers in life. If we can channelize their energy in more a constructive way they will become more successful in their lives.

Reasons for Hyperactivity

There may be many reasons for the child to be overactive.

  • A child always wants the attention of the elders. They can never sit silently. Some parents may not pay attention to the child. They will advise the child to sit quietly and read or write. The children may not like that. So they will try to create some sound so that they will get the attention of the parents.

  • Some children always like to go out and get exposed to new persons and environment. They may never prefer to sit and play with toys. They may like to be in open where there will be always a busy atmosphere. Such children will be hyperactive and do many childish deeds. They will have special interest towards certain games and sports.

  • Some children will not be able to grasp the things while the other children may be fast in that area. They may require some additional guidance from the parents or teachers to overcome this problem. Such children will be more active to get the attention and identified.

  • Some kids may get a reaction with certain foods and whenever they have these foods they may be more active and create noise. If the parents are not able to identify this issue the problem may become severe, even though this is a rare phenomenon

How to handle such children

  • The parents should give attention to the children. This will give a sense to the children that you are caring for them.

  • They should see that the children will be happy with their activities,

  • Please allow them to play sometime, the way they wanted.

  • Let their friends come and play with the child.

  • Let him also be going to the friend's place and spend some time with them.

  • Try to meet the parents of the friends of your child so that you can have some information shared.

  • Appreciate the child when they do certain works which are good. They will understand that doing such works will get him appreciation.

  • Try to understand the desires of the child and try to make them understand what is good and what is bad.

  • Take the advice of the doctor, he will be able to identify the reason for the hyperactivity and advice you accordingly.

  • If necessary you may have to refer a clinical psychologist or a specialist as per the advice of the doctor.

Final Words

The children we are very active will be having extra energy and the parents should see that they will burn that energy in a creative way so that as they grow young, they will achieve many heights and they will be the winners. Don't see that their enthusiasm will die down. Encourage them in the right direction. Be patient and tolerate them and manage them gently.


Author: Sankalan Bhattacharya01 Oct 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

This is a good article where some useful tips to handle a hyperactive child is discussed. Parents have a very important role to play during the growing years of the child. At this age, it is quite normal to be inquisitive and to take part in different activities. When a child is growing up, she/he tries to understand all the happenings around and that's why all the questions pop up in their mind. It is the responsibility of the parents to clarify all the doubts in the child's mind with correct information, so that the eagerness to know more things persists.

For his every small achievement, parents need to encourage and tell them why they are encouraged. Similarly, for every misdeed, the child must be taught about the faults and the correct way to handle the issues. At times along with the hyperactivity, the children may exhibit a short attention span and express the inability to accept failures. This may be an indication of ADHD and should be properly diagnosed by a mental health expert.

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