Six vital "move on" realities of life

These are tough times for the middle classes. Except for the super rich, everyone is affected in one way or the other. The cost of living is so high and is now shooting through the roof. Most of us are dazed. We do not know what to do. We are also somewhat shocked by what we see around us. However, we need to "move on". In other words, we need to just keep going, by accepting things as they are. This article explains some dimensions of how we can get this done.


The modern times are very much complicated. We are often confused about what to do. We can see the increasing complexities of our lives everywhere. However, we need to just "move on". We need to accept certain realities as they are. We cannot brood over them. The six imperatives here,
a) Getting used to commercial relationships
b) Becoming immune to the destruction of the environment
c) Doing our best in preventive health care
d) Living with complex educational systems
e) adjusting to lack of space in cities and
f) getting over the "am gone" feeling.

Getting used to commercial relationships

We often see our own sisters and brothers behaving in a very commercial manner. This can even happen with our own sons or daughters. We can even see it in the case of some of our close friends.

The reality is that there is a selfish self-interest that manifests itself so openly in most people. We should accept this reality as a given. Even while we need not become so commercial and act like them, we need to understand that living with such people is only a matter of mindset change for each of us. Once we know that this is a fact of life. it becomes easy for us to adjust to new realities. We also need to know that financial security is one vital aspect of our lives. We also strive for it. Hence, we need to just concentrate on our goals in both the short and in the long-term. This is one sure method of detaching our minds from other anxieties and worries. We need to live for ourselves. We just need to focus on our tasks. The commercial relationships will then not bother us at all.

Our first "move on" should be easily accomplished.

Getting used to the destruction of the environment

We could take on this responsibility and do our bit. Tree planting can be in whatever little open spaces that we see. If we have our own houses in places other than the big cities, we can as well do something serious by maintaining a good garden. However, we need to just understand that the twenty plus floor buildings in the cities are a given. We just cannot do anything here. The builders might have planted some trees in the open space. We can add on, some more if possible. Otherwise, we just have to live with these new realities. In Mumbai, for instance, we can only see concrete everywhere and not much green. Everyone keeps running. We also need to run to survive. This is the second move on.

What we can do is to get involved with voluntary groups that are concentrating on several green initiatives and ensure that we also do something worthwhile. This can be done on the weekends.

Doing our best in preventive health care

This is another thing in which we need a big move on. There is a big list of what we can eat and cannot eat in normal times.

The "nothing will happen to me" feeling is very dangerous and should be avoided. Not only should we follow the doctor's advice in taking the medicines given, but we also need to take all precautions with our diet and physical exercise. Any lapse here can be very dangerous for our health and can spoil our ability to endure hard work. If we work in managerial positions, preventive care is a must.

For minor ailments, we can easily take home remedies. For example, there is this wonderful herbal medicine called Triphala, which is now a proven medicine in both Ayurveda and Siddha medicines for cold. It is a big plus for increasing resistance power. Any qualified Ayurveda or Siddha doctor can prescribe this medicine. Alongside this medicine, there is another medicine called nilavembu a herbal medicine found effective in even controlling dengue fever. There are so many such preventive medicines available and we need to understand all this too. Of course, the physical exercises prescribed have to be adopted in total. This is one vital move on.

Living with the complex educational system

Day after day, the complexities of the educational system, in both the State Board and in the CBSE patterns of education, are telling on our nerves. We are a bit dazed. We tend to goo much involved with our children or become totally aloof to what is going on.

It should be noted that this is a big given. The only way out is to seek the help of external experts and the numerous apps that seek to make learning a far better experience than it ever ways. The parents should never encourage rote learning as this is likely to take the children nowhere. Instead, if the children are able to reason out for themselves and then learn the various concepts in a much wider perspective, the learning will be more meaningful. It is essential that parents take the help of such aids and convince their children to follow these aids and get to study better.

In fact, there are many parents who have understood the changing rules and have adapted themselves to the changed situation. For them, the move on has already started, and is now in a more advanced stage, as they have understood that it is essential to keep moving on with the changing times. There is no use in blaming the educational system. In urban centres, the change in the attitude of parents is clearly visible.

In the rural areas change is rather slow. However, we can hope that the change will happen here too. later.

Adjusting to lack of space in cities

We often find many holed up in six hundred square foot apartments, where the actual living space is just around five hundred and twenty-five square foot, with just one double cot in the bedroom and lack of moving space elsewhere. There is nothing to be dazed by such realities.

If we can afford the cost of far better-rented accommodation, we should go for it. We must learn the art of commuting a little more. It is fine if we invest in independent houses in our native place. It may not be wise to invest our life savings in a flat in the metro, where the cost of such flats has already gone through the roof. Rents are still affordable in the three metros of Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Here, it is still possible to find good flats for around twenty-two thousand rupees a month, in the posh areas. This is exactly what should happen. We need to find resources to pay this kind of rent and save the rest of the money that is possible under the given set of circumstances. In our native places and in the villages, independent houses can still be purchased for lesser costs. We positively need a move on here. We need to adjust to the changed realities, as much as possible and get on with life.

It is in this connection that we need to learn from people living in Mumbai, Some years ago, a Tamil girl who had lived in just a two hundred and twenty square foot house in a not-so-good environment, and the daughter of an auto driver, went to become the number one chartered accountant in the country in the overall ranking of Chartered Accountants in the final examination of that year.

The Mumbai people never complain of lack of space. Their innovative methods of using space saving furniture have to be seen to be believed. It is sheer creativity and innovation at work. A table is a study table with good storage space. The same table doubles up as a dining table and can be folded back after lunch or dinner.

The idea of "move on" is part of Mumbai culture. We just need to learn from them.

Getting over the "am lost" feeling

When faced with some difficulty or the other, it is but natural that we feel lost. It is also natural to become demotivated when we are under stress. It is also natural to get very angry at times. Yet, we should never have the "am lost" feeling.

When we observe those who succeed, we can easily see that their success is the result of huge hard work. It is the result of excellent planning and execution. Finding out solutions to every problem is a task that is not so tough as we think it to be. There is always a way out of any trouble. The best solution is to stay on the ethical path and never give in to short-term temptations to cut corners. Our parents lived such lives. Our grandfathers lived such lives. Even a casual conversation with them will reveal what chemistry worked in their cases. What did they do, that we don't? How is that they managed with far lesser resources?

The answer is that they were patient. They knew what it took to save money and invest wisely. Those who invested in cheaper property in the suburbs years ago -- as many as 25 years ago -- are now so safe since such property has now hot property in many metros. The secret is to learn from others.

We positively need a big move on here. Once we try to do this, everything else will fall in place.


Accepting the realities of life and moving on is a vital aspect of our living in modern times. Some realities, born out of the experience, have been described above. There are indicative and there is other "move on" situations or realities as well. However, the aforesaid six are vital to our success and well being in these times of complexity and the full-blown rat race from which none of us can ever escape.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao24 Oct 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Yes, we have to accept some realities of life and live on with them. We are facing the problems with the changed atmosphere mostly due to the ill doings of mankind and we are pulling on with the same issues. But if we slightly change our way of lives, we may be able to ensure that the coming generations will have at least the same atmosphere if not an improved one. We shouldn't withdraw ourselves from situations but should go against the wind and try to come out of the woods.
The author has made a good attempt and brought out valid points in this article.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta26 Oct 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Nice article by the author sharing a few realities in our life. Few more are listed below:

1. Never keep expectations from others. It hurts when people don't do what you had expected from them so better is not to expect from them.

2. More friends do not mean more fun. Make a few friends who you feel are trustworthy and may be helpful for you in a tough time as it is not essential that all friends are reliable.

3. In our country which is such a large population, we must accept that justice for all is just not possible. Dissatisfaction among the people is very obvious.

4. We cannot make everyone happy at the same time. People try it and in this, they speak lie and when their lie is caught they became bad in eyes of others.

5. People are not as we see them. We have to judge them as per their behaviour and act accordingly with them.

6. Money is everything. One can buy anything with money; even sometimes love can be bought by money.

7. Everyone is selfish. You cannot expect gratitude form other even if you have done something good for them.

8. Not only hardwork pays, but you also have to be manipulative and clever too to survive in this competitive world.

9. Getting good grades in school and college doesn't mean you will be employed at some good place. It improves the chances but doesn't guarantee a good job.

10. Not all dreams get fulfilled.

11. You will get bad people more than the good people in life.

12. Never get hurt by the comment people make on you, it is normal when you live in a society.

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