How to earn money online in this competitive environment

In this article, you will know how to earn money online in this competitive environment by updating ourselves as a content writer or author. Tips and tricks to earn money online from text and video contents.

These days, it is tough to earn money online for those who once used to earn reasonably. So, no question about the newbie except those few new writer's or content creator's content contribution matching as per the current standard and requirement.

However, what are the reason for the old people are unable to earn right now as they used to earn once? Here is the answer for it.

They might miss to contribute either one of them or both, as below.

There are two types of important contents at the moment (text and video) which may or may not long last in the future, as the types of content and requirement or its source may change time to time with some technical advancement and mass requirement based on the trend.

It has happened in the past, for example, there were no online sources or contents much few decades ago so there were no such requirement except printing one. Later, the technology development taken place and internet revolution's out as well, so, online contents (text and video) requirements increased thus almost every niches begun slowly, online content (text and video) needed and mass changes happened accordingly.

Contents 2

Thus, today's source requirement for the mass may not require in the future and possibly a different things might be of needed at that time. Thus, we have to update ourselves on these things as and when required like top earners' online have done it themselves often accepting the changes and update themselves.

Which niches to choose for the better traffic and earnings online?

By considering the above few facts and changes, we have to concentrate on two types of contents (text and video) together to move ahead. In addition to this, little social media source is very important to promote your contents in a reasonable way.

Writing good article is very important following basic ethics. The following (EEEFT) contents are very important in either way, text and video to enrich yourself as content or author.


These five niches and its sub-categories' text and video contents are very important to move ahead successfully without which it will be hard to earn money online these days. Other than the above mentioned, few general niche's category might help you sometime but they won't give stable traffic and revenue. So, we have to choose the niche to write based on mass requirement and less competition.

Education contents:

These are every green and important niche and content, one have to update the info time to time. Producing unique text or video content on education would help you for a certain period. This is one of the best niche to earn traffic and revenue online.

The education content of text or video could be of LKG to Phd and above. The admission, general exam and its date, result date, entrance exam detail, diploma, degree, training and on are few topics to go with this category.

Employment contents:

This is also evergreen niche though the text content would help for a shortest period for all. In case if you make a video and upload in online source like YouTube then the employment tips and guideline video content might help you to obtain traffic for a long compare to text content.

This is one of the niche that you have to update regularly as an active contribution. The job posts has certain deadline as well. So, regular employment contribution & update would help you to get enough traffic thus possible revenue. You can also write articles and tips like how to get jobs in Government organization etc.

Entertainment contents:

Though this niches is a short term but still it is effective to earn traffic and revenue from your text or video content. You have to update regularly and promote the things to earn as much as you can.

There are many categories and sub-categories in entertainment niche but the domain name matching with the content would help in a better way than posting the content in irrelevant domain. Video content has no issue on entertainment to fetch traffic in YouTube. So, create the domain and YouTube account per niche matching.

Finance contents:

This niche is one of the most searched contents online whether it could be of text content (mostly) or video content. How to...or solution or FAQ on finance related niche is very important to go with it. Draft accordingly.

Tips and tricks on Finance subject also very important. You have to make simple and the easy understanding steps for the subject niche which is very important to get the reasonable traffic and earn online.

Technology contents:

The technology or latest gadgets related contents are very important though there are already huge number of tech evangelists are around with their own domain since a long with successful growth. Still they too have huge competition around and they survive by publishing the best tech contents (text and video) on-time with unique presentation that leads them.

So, you have to do it accordingly. How do you present the unique way of the same topic (other writes the same topic as well) content and its promotion is very important to stay for a long in this competitive environment.

Hope this tips and tricks or guideline helps you on how to earn traffic and money online from your content in this competitive environment. Your comments are welcome.

Tips: Text and video content is very important that too regular posting is very important to get enough traffic and revenue. Also, you have to promote each post at social media like Google Plus, FB and Twitter etc. to get enough traffic and revenue. Also, if you get back-link for your post then it would help your content more.

Article by Hafeezur Rahman P
Hafeezur Rahman has joined ISC in 2009 and he is a Job Editor at ISC since 2010, he also a Blogger. Hafeez continue to contribute in various sections of ISC and its sister sites like Techulator, NewRecruitments & Goaspider etc. He is a renowned feature writer & social enthusiast. He loves to write in a simple manner and share his visionary write-ups with the readers on the topics related to his field of interests and different niche. All his write-ups have been popularly read & shared by global readers.

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Author: Sanjeev Gupta29 Sep 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Nice article. Yes these days online earnings are not easy one has to work very hard for it. I had been on few sites in the past and were very good source of a little income but they all sank and now the rates have been reduced drastically there. One has to write contents which may attract viewers otherwise its of no use. Unless we get views on our content we can't earn. The sub categories you have mentioned are evergreen. One of my friends who has very good writing skills had experimented and asked me to write about Bolly Wood as she gets good views on the articles she writes. Similarly, employment and education are also the subjects which get good responses.

Author: Hafeezur Rahman P04 Oct 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Sanjeev, thanks for reading the article and adding your comments.

Author: Umesh10 Oct 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

A good article elaborating the areas which a writer can select for uploading the contents.

The online space is getting crowded day by day and competition is ever increasing. In this situation even the quality contents are having difficulty to attract renumerative traffic.

So in addition to choosing a good area, improvement in overall quality is also now very essential and challenging issue for the creative content writers.

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