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Six must do tasks for the 10th standard student for a career ahead

After completing the tenth standard examination, the tenth standard student enters a new world. A new path. Once he decides on this path, he or she needs to focus further and know every little detail on how to go about acquiring higher education in his or her own area of interest. Some aspects of this knowledge acquisition and focus on careers, is explained in this article.


It is vital that the tenth pass student should really focus on certain tasks. The six such tasks are a)Get to know your own interest b) get all information about higher education c) Chart out Action Plans for short and long-term d) Seek additional knowledge and e) Take up skill-oriented courses.

Get to know your own Interest

You are no more a child. You are about to enter into the adult phase of your life. The next two years are going to be crucial. Once you choose your path, you need to stick to your path and explore all career options in that chosen field of specialization. You do not have any choice.

Your focus here will help you a great deal to shape your life later.

How can you get you to know your own interest? Please do note that this is often latent. However, this is somewhat natural in you. That is, it comes naturally to you. It could be painting. It could be even dancing. Or script writing. Or singing. Or as many people these days have a big interest in matters related to Information Technology. You could discuss this with your class teachers, close friends, even brothers and sisters. They might have observed this potential that would have exhibited itself someday, sometime. While exhibiting itself, that interest would have been evident to others, sometimes more than what it could have been evident to you.

Get all information about higher education

Harish was the only son of his parents. Even when he was just six years old, his father noticed a big interest in him. He would ask one hundred questions about the car, its parts, how he( his father) is able to drive on busy city roads and so on. In those days, there was no internet. However, Harish would bombard his father's brother, who would stay in the same house, with any number of questions. Fortunately, this gentleman was so patient and explained everything. At the age of twelve, Harish could tell the salient features of all cars, at that point in time.

Sometimes, relatives would even make fun of him, saying that he would possibly become a driver. He did. But not as a profession. At the age of sixteen, he could drive his father's car. He waited for a few more years, got a driving licence, and became so much involved with all the technologies.

His father discussed with him the various career possibilities. He wanted to do automobile engineering and an advanced course in Germany. His parents saved all the money. He enrolled in a course in a leading Chennai college, completed it, and then went abroad, as planned. All this planning was even done when he was in the ninth standard itself. The most important lesson here is to know the career options, the best colleges in India, and even in other countries like Singapore. It is also possible to consult career counselors so that by the time you complete the tenth standard examination, you are sure what you will do in the plus two stage and thereafter.

Chalk out Action Plans for the short and long term

Harish had his plans ready for the short and long term. You need to plan everything. even if you are not as lucky as Harish, who had his father's and his uncle's backing and support right from a young age. Imagine, for example, you would like to pursue a career in media. You would like to express yourself on stage. No issues.

You ought to visit the world famous Loyola College, Chennai, which started the BSc +(Visual Communication) course, for the first time in India. Today, this is the best course in India. The products get to earn one hundred thousand per month, within three years. Most have dual roles. They manage some big show on regional television, in some big channel, and also get to act in more than one TV serial. Forget for a moment that these serials are not very healthy for society. But the actors keep laughing all the way to the bank. You could also do so if you are a born extrovert, know English and the local language so well, and have the gift of the gab. You should be an expert in relating to others.

After you know the course, you ought to know that the competition to get in, is very tough. Learn what all it takes to get into the course and then master those nuances.

This is exactly what is called the action plan. The short-term plan is to know about your career and the courses available. The long-term is to plan the next 365 X 2 days, planning every step to get there. Once you are clear and put the action plan in place, you would have made it.

Seek additional knowledge

In the case of Visual Communication, you need to know the leading players in the media and how they got there. You also need to know what it takes to get a chance to work in the media, after your Visual Communication degree.

You can opt for an internship ( mostly unpaid) even after you complete the plus two examination. Most media houses will entertain such requests when you evince interest and explain to them your aim in life. This is the ideal way to do it. Even after the first year of the degree examination, instead of wasting your time, you could opt for the internet to learn something about the real world. This real world is full of action. It is intimately connected to customer insight, customer likes and dislikes and the big techniques of marketing. If a TV serial does not find the right audience and interest cannot be sustained, the TV serial will be simply stopped.

The aforesaid example relates to media. However, you could, for example, go for an internship in a small engineering organization in the city of Coimbatore. There are hundreds here, in this city. The employer will be happy to have you. Once you show an interest, learn the simple things, this knowledge will help you immensely when you do, for example, a degree course in mechanical engineering.

This is exactly what is meant by seeking additional information.

Take up skill-oriented courses

Hundreds of private institutes have courses in typewriting, the basic computing skills, web designing and so on. Take up all these. Once you know typewriting, for example, typing on the laptops and computers will become that much easier.

Basic IT skills are a must, irrespective of whatever you do. If your English is not up to the required levels and you are not able to match the big boys of the metro city, learn it. Start by learning new words and phrases. If mathematics is a problem, and you are still interested in engineering, make sure you get some private coaching and develop a deep interest in mathematics. All these things are basics that you should take care of.

Today, there are even weekend courses on painting and cooking. The range of courses available is simply huge. These courses will enable you to become a better person, equipped with the right attitudes to take on newer and bigger challenges, as you go along.


These are tough times. Just because you have scored very high marks in the tenth standard board examination ( State Board or the CBSE), you cannot be sure of a good or great career. Much would depend on your real interest and it is vital that you know it, by the time you pass the tenth standard examination. There are too many courses in so many fields, apart from medicine or engineering. If you follow the five basic steps outlined above, you will be equipped for a great career. A career that was well planned and executed.

All the very best.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao28 Oct 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

In general, after tenth class students will think of joining in Intermediate with mathematics and physical sciences as group subjects or biological science and physical sciences as group subjects. Many of the parents want their children to be either a doctor or an engineer. So many parents put their wards in any one of the above two groups. A biological sciences student will be getting ready for writing the entrance exam for medical courses and mathematics students will be getting ready for writing the engineering entrance exam. Here, the important issue is that the parents should understand the interest of the children also. If a child wants to become a language expert, then you should not force him to study science subjects. If there is no interest in the subject, then the student can't flourish in studies. So parents should give importance to the aspirations of the child also.

The author has given various important to decide on the studies after tenth class. Among all those, I feel the interest of the student is of prime importance.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta28 Oct 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Nice article by the author. It's very important to know your interest before choosing any stream. As what a kid chooses after 10th std make his/her career, one has to choose it very carefully. Sometimes people choose what they may not be interested in and end up getting low scores and repent for their decision. If one finds it tough to decide he or she should then take help of his/her parents as they may be able to guide them because they know much about the strength and weakness of their kids.

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