Know about sense organs and how to take care of them

Do you know about your sense organs? Our sense organs are very important for us as they allow us to connect with the world. Our five sense organs allow us to see, hear, smell, taste and feel. This article provides details about our sense organs and how to take care of them.

As we all know we have 5 sense organs viz eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. They all connect us from surroundings. These organs allow us to see, hear, smell, taste and feel. We will discuss each sense organ and the ways to take care of them.


Eyes are an important part of our body. We see everything through them. Each eye consists of an eyeball which is set in a hollow socket. The eyeball is filled with some fluid which protects our eyes from minor injuries or jerks. Also, eyelids and lashes on the eyes protect them from dust and other foreign particles. The circular, transparent area in front of the eye is known as the cornea and the coloured part is called iris which has an opening in the centre called pupil. Light enters through the pupil. The retina is situated at the back of the pupil which is sensitive to colour and light. The nerve which connects eyes to the brain is called optic nerve, through it, messages are passed to the brain.

Below are the tips to care of our eyes:
  • Read in an appropriate light and it should come from the left side. Too dim or too bright light is harmful to our eyes. We should avoid it. We should watch television from a minimum distance of 6 feet and should not play video games or sit in front of a computer continuously for a long time as it stresses our eyes and affect our eye sight
  • Its not good for our eyes if we don't read with a correct posture. But kids don't follow it, they lie down and watch TV which is harmful to our eyes. It is advisable not to read in moving vehicle as it stresses our eyes
  • When we have an itch it is not advisable to rub our eyes but should wash our eyes with clean and cold water and then see a doctor.
  • We should not use anyone else's handkerchief or towel to clean our eyes as it may cause infection in our eyes
  • If we find difficulty in reading from an appropriate distance then we should consult a doctor. If our eyesight is weak and the doctor advises us to use specs then we must follow it and should regularly go for eye checkup.

  • Ears

    Ears are as important as eyes. We hear from our ears. The part of the ear we see and can touch is the outer ear. Sound enters from the outer ear to the middle ear. It contains eardrum and when the sound passes through eardrum it starts vibrating. Vibrations pass to the bones which are present in the ear which ultimately passes it to the inner ear where the nerves pass the message to the brain due to which we hear.

    Below are the tips to take care of our ears:
  • It is advisable not to clean ears with earbuds or with any object as we normally do. It may harm our ears. The wax will automatically come out of its own.
  • Dry your ears after taking bath as water may go in which may cause harm to our ears.
  • Take care of ears while swimming and taking bath as water may enter the ears. Dry them after swimming or after taking bath as water may be harmful to ears.
  • Always consult a doctor when having a pain in ear.

  • Nose

    Nose helps us to breathe and smell. Our nose has a nasal cavity which has special hair type structure. When we breathe, particles present in the air comes in contact of this hair which produces signals that are passed to the brain which tells us what kind of smell is there in the air. These hairs called nostril also trap dust and germs which are present in the air we breathe and protect us from them which may go into our lungs. That's the reason we should not breathe from the mouth but always from the nose.

    Below are the tips to take care of our nose:
  • Don't clean your nose by inserting any object inside it but gently blow it out
  • If the nose is blocked due to cold its better to make steam that will help to clear it, don't blow in that case.
  • Don't pick your nose.

  • Tongue

    We taste anything is through our tongue which has many taste buds on it which further have nerve endings. When the food we eat enters our mouth it comes in contact with the taste buds, these taste buds send signals to the brain through nerve endings. The brain then responds what taste the food has. The tongue is sensitive and can taste different tastes like sweet, sour, salty, bitter.

    Below are the tips to take care of our tongue:
  • We should clean our tongue daily with the tongue cleaner while brushing our teeth. A dirty tongue may cause disease and cause bad breath so we must clean it regularly.

  • Skin

    Skin of our body allows us to feel. It has nerve endings which are sensitive to heat, cold and pain. Nerves beneath the skin gather information and send a message to the brain that is how we feel how the object is. Also, it's our body covering which holds all our internal organs.

    Below are the tips to take care of our skin:
  • Always use a mild soap. As soap contains chemicals which are harmful to our skin.
  • Always keep your skin dry and clean to prevent infections.
  • Take extra care of your skin around toes, knees, elbows, private parts as they are more prone to skin infections.
  • Dry your skin by rubbing gently with a clean cloth.
  • Always see a doctor when you feel any sensation, skin injury or infection.

  • Conclusion

    Sense organs are vital organs of our body. As they help us to contact with our surroundings so we must take special care of them. If we ignore it, we may get affected severely. Above tips are very useful to make them free from diseases. Above all, one should take a balanced diet to protect them from any disease.

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    Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao14 Nov 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

    These five are the prime organs required for every human being. Every organ is having its own importance. When we see people without any one of this we feel we are lucky as we have all important organs. The general belief is that among these five eyes are very important. A person who is deaf by birth will not be able to speak also. Human beings should be thankful to the Creator because he has given us all these senses.
    One should take care of all the important organs so that we will not get any problem in our lifetime. It is always advisable to see a doctor for any problem for these organs. Many of us will neglect the skin. But we should not do that and proper skin care is also very important as it is providing coverage to our whole body.

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