What is communication and methods of communication

In our life we need to keep in touch with our family, friends and acquaintances and for that we write letters, emails or talk over phone. Today there are many ways through which we communicate. Here in this article we will discuss these methods of communication.


We all know that communication is very important in our life. Also its a fact that we are able to know about each other only through this communication. Today there are plenty of methods through which we communicate unlike in the past when human beings used to communicate through sign language only. They kept a record of their lives by drawing pictures on the walls of caves. Later they learnt to draw symbols to represent sounds in speech. This was their first alphabet. Then they learnt how to record their thoughts and ideas on a clay tablet. In ancient times, the techniques used for communication were very slow. Messages were sent through a bird or with a messenger on a horse. Hence, it took many days or even months for messages to reach. Sometimes, the messages used to get lost on the way as well. But now everything is changed. Now with the advancement of technology, the means of communication have become reliable and much quicker. Today messages can be sent to any part of the world within seconds.

Types of communication:

  • Personal communication
  • Mass communication

Personal communication

This communications takes place mainly between a sender and receiver. The person who sends the message is the sender and the one who receives a message is a receiver. This kind of communication normally takes place between family and friends. There are several means of personal communication.

  • Post: Letters, cards and postcards are sent by the postal system. Inland letters, postcards and stamps are all available at post offices. Stamps are normally put on the envelopes to pay the postal fees. The post office also offers other services like speed post, parcels, money order etc. If we want to send a message very quickly then we can use the facility of speed post

  • Telegraph: Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. It's a device through which messages could be sent to any part of the world in a few hours using Morse code. This code consists of dots and dashes. The messages using telegraph is called telegram. Indian postal services discontinued this in the year 2013.

  • Teleprinter: A teleprinter is also one of the ways to send messages threes times faster than the ordinary telegram. The letters of the alphabets are printed by the teleprinter even as the messages are sent from the other end

  • Telephone: The telephone is the fastest means of communication. It was invented by Graham Bell in 1876. Telephones are used to talk with someone by dialing their number. Nowadays mobile phones and smartphones have become very popular and almost all the people have them for connecting with their dear ones. They use radio waves to transmit messages. Not only this, smartphones can be used for multiple purposes like sending e-mails, music files, photographs, browsing the internet and saving and sending other documents to others. The best thing is that they are easy to be carried away anywhere. They have made communication convenient.

  • Fax: A fax machine can send and receive an exact copy of handwritten or printed materials or pictures instantly. It comprises of two parts - sending part and a receiving part. In order to send a message through the fax machine, we have to connect it to a telephone line. The exact copy reaches the receiver instantly

  • E-mail: The e-mail, also called the electronic mail, is a system of sending and receiving messages, pictures and files through the internet. Messages and e-mail are quite cheap and get delivered in no time. We can send e-mails to people living anywhere in the world. An e-mail address looks like this - xyz@gmail.com.

Mass communication

This type of communication means communicating with a large number of people at the same time. There are several means of mass communication like through magazines, newspapers, radio, television and cinema.

  • Newspapers, journals and magazines: The latest national and international news are published in newspapers, magazines and journals. Latest new developments or events of any part of the world are covered in them. They also contain many informative articles and advertisements besides news. They are also published in regional languages. They keep us informed about important events taking place in our city, country or around the world.

  • Radio: Marconi invented the radio in 1886. It's a wireless device. Since its invention, the radio has remained an extremely popular source of education, news and entertainment. Today, the radio has many channels to entertain us. People throughout the world gain knowledge, information and enjoyment through it.

  • Television: The television was invented by John Logie Baird in 1926. With its invention, we can now watch movies at our homes with comfort. Today it serves as an important means of news, entertainment and information. It enables us to see events and programs taking place in any part of the world. We can now view the live events as well as recorded programs.

  • Cinema: Cinema is a famous means of mass communication. It is a source of entertainment. There are many kinds of movies produced nowadays such as documentaries and feature films. Feature films are meant to the entertainment of people and documentaries educate people about real-life situations. Cinema is also a source of knowledge about life

  • Internet: The internet is one of the most popular means of communication nowadays. It helps us to find information on any subject. There are several websites on the internet which provide information on any given topic. Surfing on the internet has become a favorite pass time for many people. There are many search engines such as Google and Firefox, which help in getting the desired information. Today life is no life without the internet.

    Downloads, E-shopping and E-banking are possible through the internet. E-mails are also sent through the Internet itself.

  • Advertisement: They are effective means of communicating with the mass of people. Advertisements inform us about the various products in the market. Advertisements in newspapers and magazines reach few people. The internet is also becoming a popular means of advertising. Advertisements can also be used to educate and inform people. Our government spreads social awareness messages through the advertisements.


: Communication is very important in today's life. One can not survive with it. One can select an appropriate method of communication. These days due to people using smartphones or computer, emails or messages on various apps are used for fast communication.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao05 Dec 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

Communication is very important these days to convey our opinions to others and to understand their opinions. Simple communication is not sufficient. A proper communication is very important. No communication is better than a wrong communication. There is a popular saying that, the judge wanted to communicate to the prison in charge to stop a death sentence to a prisoner. So he has sent an information saying, Hang him not, save him by giving a telegram. The telegram department has given the communication to the prisoners as, Hang him, not save him. The prison in charge went ahead with the death sentence. A miscommunication found to be fatal in this situation. A communication should be in such a way that the person receiving should be able to exactly get the information what the communicator wants to tell. That is why we should be careful in our way of communicating.
The evolution of mobile phones has brought a fantastic change in the field of communication.

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