World Diabetes Day : How Ayurvedic Treatment Can Help Control Diabetes?

Diabetes, because of several reasons people consider it as a disease that takes away the happiness from their life. Is it possible to execute a happy and healthy life once you diagnosed with diabetes? Yes, with Ayurveda it is possible. Read this article to know more.

November the 14th of the year 2018 will be observed as the World Diabetes Days and will witness a lot of campaigns, talk shows, editorials and TV shows to raise the awareness for the disease; its types; latest advancements in the field of medicine and what not. Among all the hullabaloo, people affected with the disease might even switch to the latest cures and practices to deal with the disease. The following post is, however, going to explore a very crucial, yet a highly overlooked cure – Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes.

The age-old medicine practices of the Ayurveda have been effectively curing and warding off diabetes since time immemorial. Further, with the latest shift of the public sentiment towards the Ayurveda for Diabetes has actually made the cure quite popular. Find all about the Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes and get rid of your disease in the most natural and effective manner.

Ayurveda for Diabetes – Understanding the Basics

In Ayurveda, the human body is divided into three broad categories depending on its Prakriti, namely – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Diabetes is a metabolic Kapha kind of disorder that is caused by the decline in the activity of the Agni element. This causes an increase in the blood sugar which in turn results in Diabetes. There are 24 types of diabetes in Ayurveda and each one has a different type of Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes. Find the details in the following section:

Vata Dosha: 4 types of Diabetes
Pitta Dosha: 10 types of Diabetes
Kapha Dosha: 10 types of Diabetes

The Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes comprises the multi-prong approach in which diet modification, Herb Formulations, Lifestyles Changes and Panchakarma play crucial roles.

Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes – Every Technique Explored

Diet Modification

Diet modification
Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes commences from the changes in Diet itself. Ayurveda states that every disease has its origin in the stomach. If wrong food is ingested; food is not being digested properly; juices are not being formed; food absorption has gone bad; large amounts of food are taken; properly balanced diet is not taken and all the other things that signify the bad diet practices lead to disease in some part of the body.

Hence, all the Ayurvedic treatments for Diabetes begin with the changes in Diet Plans. The Ayurvedic Practitioner will analyse the body pulses; determine the body prakriti, identify the pain areas and will go deep into the root of the problem. Finally, the current dietary habits are subjected to change and a new diet plan is formed depending on the type of Diabetes and disease extent etc.

Generally, the intake of sugar, simple carbohydrates, proteins and excess fats is reduced and consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, bitter fruits, herbs and lemons etc is increased.


Once the body is fed the right diet and starts reacting to the change in the nutrition, the next step of the Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes is started. The Panchakarma includes deep detoxification or deep cleansing practices by topical as well as oral administrations of oils and herbal formulations. This step ensures that the auto-antibodies are suppressed. The most common practices involve herbal massages, fasting, herbal steam sauna and herbal powders for cleansing the liver, pancreas and spleen. Finally, the colon therapy is done to completely get rid of the toxic materials from the body and make the whole digestive tract as fresh and as good as new.

Lifestyle Changes

The next Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes is the change in lifestyle of the patient. It is a well-known fact that no medicine will work if your body doesn't have a properly working circulation system and breathing pattern. Ayurveda for Diabetes goes deep into the human body workings and even stresses changing the breathing patterns and the introduction of various exercises and yoga asanas to strengthen the human body and make it well-suited to the Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes.

Herb Formulations


Finally, the medicine is started in which various herbal formulations are administered. Some of the common herbs are:

  • Turmeric

  • Guggul

  • Arjuna

  • Neem

  • Amalaki

  • Shilajit

There are different herbs for different kinds of diabetes and the practitioner will give mixed formulations depending on the type and extent of the disease.

The Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes not only decreases the requirement of the insulin and other allopathic medicines, but it also strengthens the body's immune system and organ system to fight the disease on its own.

Choose Ayurveda for Diabetes and get rid of it in the most natural and effective manner.
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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha13 Nov 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

The author has diognised rightly that the diabetes is the metabolic disorder and aggravation of Doshas such as Vata, Pitta and Cough worsens the disease. Hence diabetes can be distinguished as Vata, Pitta or Cough type disorder unlike in the allopathy symptoms where the status of HB1 AC is the dominant factor in deciding a medicine by an Endocronoligist.

The specialist in Allopathy may change medicines depending upon HB1 AC, elevation of fasting blood sugar and postprandial sugar. With the progress of time, the severity of disease multiplies and then the doses of the medicines are to be stepped up or the specialist would work out some combination of medicines. The last resort would be to administer Insulin.

In Ayurveda, however, the practitioner would decide the Prakriti of the affected man apart from the sugar level in the blood. The herbs or medicine will vary from man to man. Here stress is given on the enhancement immunity symptoms apart from toning up the digestion. With the right administration of such as Tinospora Cardifolia, Gymnema Sylvestre, Amlaki, Shilajeet etc, the severity of the disease can be checked. But we need to take all such herbs of medications under the supervision of experts. There are possibilities of elimination of this disease with suitable diets, exercise and close follow up.

Author: Umesh14 Nov 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

Ayurveda is a lifestyle science and simply taking the Ayurvedic potions may not help in real life until unless a person modifies his ways of life thoroughly in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda.

That is the reason why some people are not comfortable with Ayurvedic treatments and run to the modern medical sciences for quick relief.

Ayurveda believes in the cleansing of body and eradicating the ailments through a series of measures ranging from proper food intake to Yoga and exercising. This continuous regime of actions leads to a healthy life through the removal of Doshas from the human body and increasing the immune system to fight against the outside attacks.

The efficacy of Ayurvedic and natural remedies is being accepted worldwide now and there are a large number of people following these methods of treatment and getting relieved of their chronic ailments.

Author: Neeru Bhatt15 Nov 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Ayurvedic treatment require a lot of patience and control on one's habits and life style. It many times happens that the person under the Ayurvedic treatment loses his patience and discontinues the treatment in between and goes for modern medication and remains there as he gets an instant relief by the modern medicines but he forgets that these modern medicines come with a risk of so many side effects.

So it is a pre-requisite to have patience and long time adherence if one is serious about Ayurvedic remedies.

Author: Sankalan Bhattacharya16 Nov 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

It is true that Ayurvedic treatment can effectively cure many diseases if all the instructions of the Vaid, the Ayurveda practitioner, are followed correctly. According to modern science, diabetes is a lifestyle disorder which is rising at an alarming rate due to different factors. While anxiety is one of the prominent factors, there are other reasons too that contribute to aggravate the problem. The most important thing is to change the lifestyle and since Ayurveda treats the body to cure the complete system rather than working only on the particular disorder, many things have to be followed to get the effective result.

As mentioned in this article, there are few steps to control diabetes that starts from diet modification. Till now it is found that Ayurveda has no side effects, but it may be difficult at times to find the right Ayurveda practitioner. There are so many products available in the market labeled as Ayurveda formulations and people have a craze to purchase those.

The Ayurveda is the ancient form of treatment and to promote its effectiveness the government has established a new Ministry to look after it. The drawbacks of Allopathic medicine is that they have side affects and may cause further complications if taken for a really long time. Since Ayurvedic treatment has no side effects, people should think of this option to get cured though it may take a lot of time.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta17 Nov 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Though the results of Ayurveda treatment is slow it is good that it has no side effects. Most of the people think that diabetes is a disease but it's a disorder where the ability of our body to control blood sugar decreases.

Apart from the things mentioned by the author here are a few other suggestions which may be effective for diabetes patients:

#Bitter Gourd juice is the best to use. A person may drink 30ml of it on empty stomach in the morning.

#Neem, Tulsi, Belpatras(Bengal quince) - take 10 leaves of each and extract juice from them and drink it with water on empty stomach in the morning.

#Methi seeds are helpful. Keep them dipped in a bowl at night and eat them in the morning and also drink the water.

#Jamun (blackberry) is very helpful for controlling diabetes. One can chew 4-5 leaves of it in the morning or its seeds can be ground and 1 tsp of the powder can be taken 2 times with lukewarm water. It will help in controlling blood sugar.

Green vegetables should be included as much as in the diet. One should not eat potatoes, sweet potatoes, grapes, mangoes etc. Eat garlic and onions as much as you can. Do little exercise daily and go for brisk walks in the morning as well as in the evening. Yoga is useful and so one should do it regularly.

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