Reproductive health and its importance

Do you know what is reproductive health? In this article, you will find the meaning of reproductive health. You will also find the importance of studying reproductive health. To know different problems related to reproductive health and the strategies, please read this article.

Meaning of reproductive health

A person free of disease is often said to be healthy. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity. Physical health refers to the normal structure and function of all the organs and system. The state of physical health can be determined by several tests, whereas measuring mental health is difficult and social well-being is still more difficult and thus health is linked with the social environment and cultural background.

Diseases can be defined as a disorder in the proper functioning of the body organs due to any reason. So, if all the systems of our body are functioning properly, we can call ourselves healthy. Most of the diseases occur inside the body, so we cannot call a healthy looking person, as free from diseases. A good looking person can also have several internal diseases.

According to the World Health Organization, "Reproductive health means a total well-being in all respects, i.e., physical, emotional, behavioural and social. Reproductive health implies that people are able to have a responsible satisfying and safe sex life and that they have the capacity to reproduce and the freedom to decide when and how often to do so."
From the above definition, it becomes clear that a society with people having physically and functionally normal reproductive organs and normal emotional and behavioural interactions among them, in all sex-related aspects might be called reproductive health.

Importance of studying reproductive health

The importance of studying reproductive health are as follows:

  • Awareness among males and females for healthy reproduction.

  • Provide awareness about birth control method or contraceptives.

  • Provide knowledge about infection and Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

  • Provide knowledge to people to manage disorders related to the reproductive system.

  • awareness about family planning due to which it becomes possible to provide better educational facilities to children.

Problems related to reproductive health

The main problems related to reproductive health in India are given below:

  • In India, the society set up, traditions and religions do not allow providing knowledge about reproductive health to children.

  • Children are married as soon as they attain puberty.

  • Child marriages resulted in having children even when the parents are themselves, kids.

  • After marriage the couple would unable to continue their studies, so that their carrier would be blocked, especially of the female.

  • The teenage female would not physically fit to bear foetus and nourish it properly.

  • Maternal and infant mortality rate are very high.

  • Deformities is a common problem in children of the early marriage.

  • Carelessness in hygiene result in catching up sexually transmitted diseases.


India is the first country in the world to launch plans and programmes to attain reproductive health as a social goal. For this, a family planning programme is launched in 1951 and its progress has been regularly monitored. In 1997 a more comprehensive and improved programme was also launched under the name of Reproductive and Child Health Care (RCH) programme. RCH has three goals:

  • Reproductive health

  • Fertility regulation

  • Childcare

Different types of programmes such as General awareness, the role of elders, sex education, family welfare information, etc are launched under the RCH programme.

Last words

Government and NGO's support the researches going on in the field of reproductive health care such as the development of new methods of contraceptives and medicines. The scientists of Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow have been developed a new oral contraceptive for the female which is named as saheli. Better awareness of sex-related problems, increases facilities for maternal and child care, more medically assisted deliveries, small families, better cure methods of STDs are improving the reproductive health of the society.


Author: Umesh24 Nov 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Author has nicely explained the concepts of reproductive health and it's scope and importance in our life.

There are many misconceptions and myths in the mind of people regarding sex and reproduction due to lack of education in this subject as the subject itself is a taboo in our society at large.

It is imperative that reproductive health should be included in our school curriculum at an earlier stage so that the children can be protected from the confusions and myths in this matter. A healthy reproduction is essential for our race but it is also necessary that people know it's fundamental concepts and precautions to be taken to have a meaningful and purposeful sex life for creating a healthy new generation.

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