Some tips to stop procrastinating

Procrastination prevents us to achieve success. Due to this, we can't complete the task on time. Due to this mental block, we go on deferring the task and ultimately don't even start working. Know some tips to defeat procrastination. Read this article.

A major obstacle on the way to success is procrastination. It can convert chances of success to abject failure. Procrastination is the major difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one. It takes a man to the road of failure and oblivion. So, it is a must for every person to get rid of procrastination. Defeating procrastination is necessary to achieve success in every field. If we can change our habit, if we can get rid of procrastination, we will be firmly on the path of success. In this article, we will discuss certain simple tips to stop procrastination.

Tip No. 1: Think, plan and start doing

You have a task at hand. You have to finish it within a given time-frame. So, think about the task and plan how to complete it. But, after planning, do implement it. Don't stop at the planning stage. Implement the plan, start working and finish it within the given time-limit. Make it a habit. Remember that only thinking about the task at hand won't help you finish it. You have to do it.

Tip No. 2: Take the first step

Martin Luther King, Jr. has said: "You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." If the task is complex or time-consuming, don't think about the entire task. In that case, you will find it extremely difficult. Instead plan properly and take the first step. After completion of the first step, take the second one. Gradually move forward, and one day you will be astonished to find that you have completed the complicated task.

Tip No. 3: Don't blow it out of proportion

We have already discussed that we should not continuously think about the task in hand. Over-thinking about the task would make us blow it out of proportion. As a result, we would perceive the task very difficult and start procrastinating. So, we must not blow any task out of proportion. We must plan it beforehand and start implementation. We must keep it as simple as possible.

Tip No. 4: First finish the hardest task

On a day, we have to take care of various tasks, both in our home and in the office. Many experienced people advise us to start with the hardest task. We must start the hardest task with all concentration and finish it. Successful completion of this task would give a positive feeling, and as a result of this good feeling, we would be able to complete the remaining tasks as well. So, start with the toughest and most time-consuming task.

Tip No. 5: Let us face our inherent fear

Why do we procrastinate? In most of the cases, we procrastinate when we are afraid to take a decision when we are afraid to start the work thinking about the complexities. We must understand that if we keep an essential task pending, it will create more complexities. So, we have to face our inherent fear. We must take the challenge and finish the task in hand.

Tip No. 6: Finish the task in hand at the earliest

Many people start a work with all enthusiasm, but their enthusiasm is very short-living. Whenever they face a small problem, they leave the work. In some cases, people keep the job incomplete after getting bored. This attitude is required to be changed. Each and every task must be completed, preferably without taking any break. This is another important 'mantra' to stop procrastination and also to bring success in life.

Final few words

It is alright to enjoy a leisure time once in a while. But procrastination is a harmful habit which creates hindrances in the path towards success. So, it is very much necessary to defeat procrastination and complete the task on hand. Following the above six tips will definitely help a person to defeat this mental block and achieve success in life.

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