Innovative Product ideas for young engineering students/engineers

The most innovative products will always find a huge market in India. Those who are necessarily innovative are those who manufacture products for the common man. Products that find a huge application in the lives of very ordinary people. The smartphone is a recent example. In this article, three such ideas are discussed in some detail.


Most Indians know that protection of the environment also includes the vital aspect of sanitation. Similarly, the most vital aspect of agriculture, which actually forms the most basic and most important means of survival for millions, is another area that can never be neglected. There is still a huge area that begs for innovation: electronic products. One such idea is discussed here. Yes, the electronic revolution has actually lead to even the smart TV. Yet, the scope for innovation is huge. One such idea is sought to be discussed here. Only experts can say whether such an idea is feasible at all.

The first idea concerns innovating in terms of some chemical, which could even have a herbal base. This chemical should be used in all lorries that such human excreta and the dirtiest smelling water that gets collected in septic tanks. This is the idea one, which should also include some allied innovation to convert the solid waste into immediately usable fertilizer for use in fields.

The second innovative idea concerns the minimization of the existing huge machine that is used in agriculture. In most parts of Tamil Nadu, and in some parts of Andhra Pradesh I have seen a huge machine that is reportedly used in harvesting and even for ploughing of fields. Am also told that this machine can be hired on an hourly basis by farmers, which is exactly what is being done. However, the machine is so huge that it occupies the full length of any village road and is a huge traffic hazard. Innovation idea number two is the minimization of the same machine with the same functional use.

The third idea for further innovation is to make the TV a dual purpose electronic devise. That is, even a housewife, who has just passed plus two, should be able to type in Tamil or Telugu and so on, and go to her webpage to communicate to her customers in the local language. This means that the TV will also come along with a keyboard in local languages/English, as per the choice of the customer. Of course, this is a huge customization and the key aspects of such a customization need to be further explored and debated. However, this will mean that the cost of laptops or even computers will come down when the TV becomes a dual purpose electronic instrument.

Innovation for a chemical to manage human waste

Let us focus on Indian realities. One does notice problems in waste management even in the big cities and towns where one has the one hundred per cent sanitation, in terms of underground waste management, in select areas. The extended suburbs that grow very fast do not have such facilities.

Even in huge cities like Bangalore or Chennai or even Mumbai, waste management is a huge problem. Even in the huge gated communities. the huge lorries are used to suck all the waste that gets accumulated in the sump. This is mostly the human waste and the water. When quizzed as to what they would do with such waste, the lorry guys reply that they dump such waste in the "forest" areas. One can only imagine the cumulative destruction of the forests. And the health hazards.

If the engineers can innovate some chemical which will immediately convert human waste into some solidified form with the absence of the bad smell, half the battle is own. Of course, the allied innovation would be to convert such human waste in usable fertilizer. Am told some technology exists already. If yes, one really does not know if it is commercial in a big way. Once the innovation is in place, one has to approach the Government authorities to use such technologies. In the meanwhile, even a membrane, which can be innovated and placed in the sump, should filter the water and make the wastewater ready for re-use in the restrooms ( not for bathing). Imagine how much water can be saved if such re-used water is available in the flats and apartments. One is told that in countries like Singapore, such technologies are already available. However, innovation in this area should be India-specific, as we have terrible differences in the quality of water available in different parts of the country. Members, who are technocrats may please add value by mentioning the use of such technology, anywhere in India.

Minimization of the size of the machine for agriculture

As already specified in the introduction, the machine is very huge and cannot be easily driven on village roads. People in a hurry to go to school or college are put to tremendous inconvenience, even if a single machine comes in the way. One really does not know which company manufactures this machine. It is often seen in parts of Tamil Nadu, in the interior villages, where agriculture is already very good.

The innovative idea is the reduce the size of this machine to one third the present size, with the same functional benefits.

Dual use of the TV set

The existing smart TV can be used only by very knowledgeable people. The success of Google is attributed to the fact that it is now available in so many languages, and in several Indian languages too. The efforts to constantly innovate have taken this IT organization to the greatest heights.

However, the TV should be so designed that a housewife who knows only Tamil or Telugu, can use the TV to access any website and use it for business purposes too. For example, there is now Tamil software available, and many websites of the Tamil Nadu Government can be accessed with a basic knowledge of Tamil. The trick is to innovate in terms of new technology -- imagine a portion of the TV being used by a person, while the other person in the house is able to use the headphone to watch a TV serial at the same time. Of course, this is seemingly a utopian dream, but someone in Google should wake up and collaborate with some TV manufacturer to get this done. The question is: Why not? Already, we have TVs that are so small in weight. Can we have a television, of say, 42 inches, with one corner of the television being used as a computer? The technology should be so advanced that the television screen can be the same normal use, with the press of a button, by the person who watches a television serial.


A life in a world of advanced technology. The smartphone is a superb game changer. Why not have similar game changes in other areas too. This article is the result of this author thinking of three different possibilities at 2 PM, at midnight, when sleep somehow eluded him. A few points were scribbled on a piece of paper. Here is this main article, built on the same points. Members who are technocrats may please add value and respond if such ideas can work in the real world. . Brickbats are welcome too!!

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