Inspiring Living Room Design Ideas

Living room interior design plays a vital role in the entire establishment of a home, As it is the place where friends and family gather to spend quality time in a home, so it's important for it to be well-designed. Read this article and get inspired by the latest living room styles, trends & decorating advice...


Living Room Interior Design is one of the most crucial elements of every establishment of any type and any scale. It is considered as one of the must haves and is really important. Why?? Because it is the very first impression of your home every visitor gets; because it is the place that attracts the most attention and it is the place where the whole family spends the most of its time. Be it a relaxing weekend; a movie night; a homework session; evening teas; entertaining close friends and family; watching TV or setting up a general sitting for your home – the Living Room Interior Design is one such thing that can alter the complete outlook and feel instantly.

I mean, no one, not even a single soul would want to have a living room that is full of haphazardly arranged furniture; has tasteless colour palette; lacks all the basic requirements of a living room space; is not pleasing and full of meaningless things. This is why the following post will be focusing on the Living Room Interior Design and other tips for Home Interior Design. To make our list of inspiring ideas more credible and perfect; we will be incorporating the views and suggestions from the Best Interior Designers in Kottayam and Kochi as well.

So, let us begin.

  1. Vibrant Colour Palette:

  2. India is the land of colours that are bright, warm and welcoming. Our handicrafts are just a managed riot of colours and all the establishments, be it modern or traditional; reflect the colourful nature of the country in many aspects. Hence, always choose a colour palette that reflects your personality and taste. Instead of choosing highly bright colours everywhere, you should go for balancing the rich and dark tones with the cool and summery shades to make your living room perfect for every season and every occasion.

  3. Combination of Colours:

  4. Even if you are a calm and classy kind of person that loves low tones of colours and don't seem to get impressed by the vibrant colours; you can use an intelligent combination of the contrasting colours and get a peppy Home Interior Design.

    Using gradient tones of light colours on the walls; furniture of rustic wooden colours; rugs of dark colours; furnishings and décor items of a multitude of colours will add to the beauty of the whole space and make your Living Room Interior Design stand out perfectly.

  5. Arrangement of Things:

  6. Going by the words of some reputed Interior Designers in Kochi, it is not just the colours on the walls, but a tasteful organization that lends your living room a lovely finish. Having modular furniture that can be modified as per your needs, sofas and coffee tables that are not bulky but robust; windows and doors designed to let the natural air and light in, and colourful rugs and small sitting stools and cushions will obviously make the Living Room Interior Design pop-out and represent a balanced lifestyle.

    Having the furnishings and items that are rarely used will only add clutter to your space. Replace them with some things that have the best combination of aesthetics as well as usability.

  7. Lightning:

  8. An intelligent use of light can give any kind of look and feel to any kind of space is also suggested by the Interior Designers in Kochi. Dull and poorly lit spaces will make any space gloomy and unwelcoming; while well-lit spaces make Home Interior Design appealing and inviting.

    Keep the lights fancy or simple as per your requirement, but always remember that there should be proper light for working, eating, chilling and relaxing modes; for the Living Room is a space where all of this and much more is done.

  9. Reflecting Installations:

  10. One of the amazing contemporary Living Room Interior Designs' trends is the reflecting installations such as reflecting walls. Installation of a reflecting wall with mirrors of different shapes, geometric ones that are arranged in the symmetry or the free-hand cut shapes, call for instantaneous transformations. Combined with a colourful room and lightning, the reflecting walls can actually magnify the overall aura of the room and transform it into some exotic space.

  11. Chic and Ultra-Modern Settings:

  12. Another crazy tip for the Living Room Interior Designs would be the Chic and Ultra-modern settings in which the unusual tones of colours are used; such as stainless steel, dark grey, steel gray, deep olive green; rustic wooden colours with greys and such other combinations. Having a minimalistic look that given an impression of space and roominess makes your spaces suitable for every purpose and every person; for they don't generate a specific impression.

  13. Water Columns and False Partitions:

  14. Another concept that is highly favoured by the Interior Designers in Kottayam for designing modern living rooms is the false partitions. Having false partitions for creating divisions in the living rooms, kitchens, and dining areas save the space and serve the basic purpose of the walls as well. You can get as creative as your mind and pocket allows, and install cut-out walls; PVC partitions; colourful artificial planters; water columns of different shapes and sizes and various other limitless options to give a lovely look to your living room area.

  15. Shapes are the real players:

  16. Instead of going crazy over shopping the antiques and expensive décor essentials, you can also go for the differently shaped essentials. This comprises of the curvy sofas, round and oval coffee tables and of course the classic and lovely conversation pits. Depending on the size and your preferences, you can go for the Living Room Interior Designs that are not geometric. Introducing curves via the furniture and the décor items such as big round mirrors, round stools and small sitting furniture with round and oval finish will give a unique look to your living room that calls for praise.

  17. Monochromes that Leave an Everlasting Impression:

  18. If you don't wish to have a colourful palette for the Living Room Interior Designs, you can go for the Monochrome setting as well. The best option for this type of design the light colours on the extremes of the colour spectrum such as light yellows and crèmes; light greys and stainless steels; whites, light peach; lavender and ice-cream colours and the light candy colours. You can balance the monochrome shades with the wall-arts and décor items of contrasting dark colours to give your place a royal and distinct look.

  19. Relaxing Areas:

  20. In the modern life of targets and deadlines, everybody wants to have a home and space that emanates a relaxing aura. You can move yet far from the normal and common list of Living Room Interior Designs and have a small sitting area with indoor plants, white or porcelain colour furnishing, dim lights, gravel and artificial grass floors and wooden panels in the walls. Such types of settings never go out of fashion as they are never an integral part of the Home Interior Designs that are in vogue.

Other Ideas that can inspire the Living Room Interior Designs are:

  • Intricate Detailing and Designs

  • Elaborate motifs

  • Stained glass walls and false partitions

  • Shining paints on the ceilings

  • Hanging lights and printed fans

  • Large paintings that are simple and minimalistic

  • Chandeliers in the large living rooms

  • Quirky wall arts, tables, and curtains etc.

  • Rustic furnishings that are down to earth and appealing

  • Comments

    Author: Umesh21 Nov 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

    A living room is a central place in a house where family, friends, and relatives sit together and enjoy. Its ambiance is the one thing which every family will be proud of.

    Nowadays in the market, all types of decoration materials are available. Those who can afford can design and decorate their living rooms in the most elegant manner and definitely, the visitors will be impressed by such beautifully arranged spaces. Those who cannot afford can use their creativity and skills to make their own design with even old and discarded items by painting or coloring them in their own novel ways.

    Author: Swati Sharma30 Jul 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    Great ideas which will definitely help anyone to decorate the living room has been given by the author.
    The living room is not just a room, it actually gives an idea about our family values or we can say it is like a summary of an article that actually tells about the entire article to everyone who read it.

    The tips regarding colours and paintings are the best in my view. One should fix paintings as per room size only. If you have a small room, I don't feel it will be good to fix a large painting over there. Another important factor mentioned by the author is bout the lighting which gives great looks to your living room.

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