How to convert data into knowledge and skills for Industry preparedness

Organizing all the data collected into applicable knowledge and skills is an art by itself. There are some vital steps to be followed in this direction. This article is an attempt at discussing these steps in some detail in this article.


Since the world is very dynamic in today's very complicated globalized business environments, there is a huge amount of planning and meticulous application of mind that is now essential to become successful. This is a huge task by itself. It requires a lot of tact and intelligence. It also requires street smartness. In this connection,the most important tasks are a) Maximizing avenues for learning b) Getting prepared with the appropriate soft skills c) Making right career moves d) Looking for long-term value addition and e) Always sharpening the saw.

Maximizing avenues for learning

The application of knowledge and data starts from day one in any job. There are two professions that can be quoted to understand the intelligent learning. The first of these professions is Capital Markets. This profession demands a huge amount of patience. It requires tact and a willingness to take risk with a long-term perspective. The Fund Managers of good Mutual Funds such as HDFC Mutual Fund, for instance, are professional Chartered Accountants who look for the best possible avenues for wise investment, as they have to pay the shareholders on a monthly basis, in many schemes. They always ask the vital question of "what next?". They are always very passionate about their job. They put in a punishing eighteen hours of work in the city of Mumbai.

The second profession is the Interior Design profession. The learning is always a work in progress in this profession. It is so creative. It is so passionate and customized. The customer interaction that comes along with the professional training is so huge. There should be a big creative mind at any time. The mind that will ask very creative and open-minded questions to serve each customer who is unique. This is particularly true of interior design in flats and apartments in cities. More so, since the space constraint is always there.

The aforesaid examples are applicable to any profession. For example, if a person joins as a Junior executive in Human Resources in a multi-national organization, there is no one to stop him or her from visiting the houses of a few workmen to understand their social condition. Such visits could throw sufficient light on what are called "mind-sets". If there is a SAP package already implemented the individual should immediately register for a part-time skill oriented course in SAP from any private institute to maximize learning. We should understand that avenues for learning are always available. There is no use of collecting data if we are not able to use it properly. It is relevant to pick up the basics from an earlier article on Constructive Data collection/Action for Industry preparedness

Getting prepared with the appropriate soft skills

It is also essential that the individual picks up all the skills. These skills are communication skills and presentation skills. These skills also include good body language. Such skills also include ability to forge good inter-personal skills with all people at all levels. Those who have these basic soft skills in abundance will always succeed more than those who do not possess them. The trick is to learn these from the real world and then extrapolate these skills in the social world to maximize learning in a wider context. Those who are very active in the social clubs like the Rotary club are always found to be very good in soft skills. One can always learn from such individuals too.

Making right career moves

It also becomes essential to make the right career moves. This is very important since the one company careers are now history. The HR professionals often move towards jobs in Maharashtra and even West Bengal as it offers more exposure and development of skill-sets that one needs to manage diverse workmen in different environments. The more such intelligent career moves are made, the better for the individual.

The city of Mumbai continues to be the best for equity research. Those with experience in equity research and in funds management, for example, are found to be excellent professionals. This is exactly what is needed in today's conditions. Doing the same kind of work day in and day out may not take individuals anywhere. The variety of experiences that a person accumulates during his or her career is very likely to take her to new heights in every career. It thus becomes essential to march ahead and do everything to accumulate a variety of experiences.

For example, any HR professional should have experience in grievance handling, in signing long-term settlements, in making meaningful welfare practices applicable to various sections of workmen, performance management, career planning and so on. It thus becomes very essential that an entire package of experiences is required for success as a full grown professional in HR. Anything short of these experiences will mean that the professional will not find the right kind of slots at the senior level.

Making the right career choices is extremely important. It is extremely easy to have a reality check at any point in time during one's career. Once the decision to change is made there should be no looking back. Experiences across different locations is even more recommended for a very good overall experience. In Financial Management, it is very essential that the professional has experience in handling initial public offer and in maximizing returns from the investment in stock markets. This gets accounted under what is called "other income". The more experience an individual has in such areas, the more he or she stands a chance of making it very big.

Looking for long-term value addition

The wisest of individuals always look for value addition. Those in Mumbai look to teach on a part-time basis in various Management institutes on a part-time basis as adjunct faculty members. This is often done to interact with professionals in the field and get to understand the current practices in different organizations. This knowledge in turn helps them to make their own knowledge far better in terms of professional competencies. This on-going process leads to the person becoming a complete professional.

Looking for the long-term value addition also means taking a very realistic value of what is required for success in a particular field. A very high level of professional competency is now required, for example, in psychometric testing to enter into the field. There are professionals who get paid thousands of rupees every hour too. It thus becomes essential to look at these kinds of value-addition as one goes along.

Always sharpening the saw

This is another important thing. It is very essential that one has to constantly update his or her knowledge and skills. Information technology packages are now becoming so essential. Basic knowledge of some software packages is now essential across various professionals. One also needs to understand the nuances of digital marketing. This might as well become the way marketing practices will evolve in the years to come.

The list is endless. It is essential that one is always on the move to understand what it takes to keep himself or herself updated at all times.


It is extremely important to understand the nuances of putting all the data collected to good use for career success. Certain steps as outlined above will be useful in this regard. Those in the field will do well to follow these steps and go about systematically honing their skills and competencies.

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