Why should we vote in India

The vote is a gift given to us by the constitution of India. A vote can change the government in our country. But many of the Indian citizens will not give due importance to vote. They will stay away from casting their vote. This article describes the importance of vote and why we all should vote without fail.


We all will be getting once in a while some or other elections. The elections may be for the local governing body or State governing body or central governing body. Many of us will be not utilising our voting power due to various reasons. Many of the educated people also will not be using their voting power because of some problems. The vote is not being given the required importance by many. But one should not avoid voting.

India is the largest democratic country in the world. Here the government is elected by the people and the government will work for the benefit of the people. A Vote is a weapon a common man has in his hand to change the government. The constitution of India has given us the right of voting. Any citizen of India who crosses 18 years will be eligible for voting power.

The voting power has become optional as there is no hard and fast rule that everyone should vote. In urban areas, this trend is on the higher side. Many people may not be interested to go for voting in urban areas as it may be far away from their house. That day all the offices will be closed and the professional may take the day as a holiday to relax with their family members. Skipping to vote may appear as of no harm but long-term consequences may be very severe.

Why to vote

  • It is a weapon to change the government. If we feel that the present government is doing a good job we can give the same government a second chance. If we feel the other way we go for a change by voting another party. Of course, by changing the government whether we are going for a better option or not may not be known immediately.

  • Each and every vote is important. Many people in India feel that their one vote can't do anything. But it is not the correct thing. Every material is consisting of very small tiny particles. An ocean also will start with a drop of water only. If many people think like this and if they don't use their voting power we may not be able to get the best candidate selected. By getting absent for voting we may be giving a chance to an unsuitable candidate to get elected. After all, we are the suffers if a bad person is ruling us. Poor governance will make the citizens suffer.

  • It is a chance coming to you to express your concerns and other problems you are facing. Our country is a vast country with many different regions. Each region will have its own important requirements and problems. The candidate is having the power to vote for a candidate based on the importance he is giving to various issues around. By not voting one is losing the chance of expressing your concerns.

  • Voting is a responsibility as well as a right. A real good citizen of the country should not shy away from responsibility. The Indian democracy is based on the foundation called Vote. If we are not careful in using our vote or skipping the voting, the very purpose of democracy is lost. So one should use the voting power with much responsibility.

  • One should take voting as a gift given to us by the constitution of India and by the people who brought democracy to India. If we are not utilising or accepting the gift we are demonstrating our disrespect to the history of the nation.


We all know that our democratic experience in this country is not very encouraging and very disheartening. The corruption is in its peak. The economy is changing. Many ineffective governments made harm to the nation. So as citizens of this country we should vote to the best candidate from the available lot and see that good governance will survive. Now in the recent days, the right of rejection is also attaining importance.


Author: T.M.Sankaran15 Dec 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

The right to vote is the pillar of democracy. A citizen's vote has a say in a democratic setup. Many of us think that nothing will happen if we don't vote; after all, 'I' am only one among thousands. But it is wrong. "Many drops of water only make a water body".

In a democratic setup we are selecting a candidate to a position and through him, we try to implement some of our ideas which improve the general conditions of the locality where we live. Maybe, we cannot expect everything to come up as we wished, but at least something can be done.

A voter in a democratic set up is the actual king. Keep this point in mind whenever an election comes.

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