Top 10 tips for building resume for freshers

Graduating from college or university can be pretty scary, especially when you don't have any experience. As a fresh graduate, you begin to wonder what direction your life is headed and how to make your dreams come true for instance getting a good job. Be calm, all you need is the first step in the right direction. The first step to getting a great job as a fresh graduate is having an excellent resume and all you need to have the best one is some resume tips.

Getting the best CV format for a fresh graduate is a bit of daunting task because of the lack of experience. It may even require a company that offers professional resume help. We will be giving tips for writing a resume and how to write a great resume, but if you feel like you can't, it is advisable you hire a resume writer. But firstly, we will like to highlight some of the most important points you must note when writing a resume.

  • The resume CV must provide germane and brief information. The information in the resume must be useful to the reader, giving the required detail

  • The resume is not really about quantity but quality. it is very important that you stick to the important fact. Unless the extra information gives you a better advantage, it is better you leave it out

  • Don't get into a battle unprepared. Do thorough research during the job search on the employer or the company, so you are equipped with the right information

  • You must remember that every potential employer has their own criteria they need you to meet. For your CV to be relevant, you have to write it in such a way that it is relevant to the employers' criteria or your resume might be thrown out.

  • Every resume for every job application is peculiar. The concept of an all-purpose CV is a myth. Sure, the basic information might be the same, but you may need to refine to fit for different jobs during your job search.

  • The Resume Format

    The way the CV is structured is very important, it must be such that the employer is interested in meeting you. Here are some tips for writing a good resume.

    1. Legibility: One of resume builder tips you need to know is that the resume must be one that is easy to read. Even when preparing a media resume, do not use illegible or artistic fonts at the expense of legibility. Use fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri.
    2. Create sections: it is important that you spilt your CV into sectors so that the reader knows where to find out. It portrays coherence and organization as the reader can concentrate on the most important information.
    3. Professional Look: Your CV must look professional, it should not be too bright and colourful, it should also be well spaces and not having a lot of details crammed up into one a small page for media resume. This can be a bit technical, so you may need a professional resume writer
    4. Valuable information: remember to include on information important to the job application. There is no usual format except the basic information. So, it is important you modify the CV right.

    Fresher resume information layout

    An archetypal resume for freshers' layout should consist of:
  • Name and Contact Information: The name must be written in large and legible fonts. The contact information should include emails address, home address, phone number probably your LinkedIn Username.

  • Short Bio: this may not be necessary, but it can be included, you can include your career objectives here but make sure it is clear and concise this is one of the keys to a good resume.

  • Qualification: Part of what to be included in a CV is educational qualifications and every other form of certification.

  • Skills: It is important that you highlight your skills especially software skills. It is one salient point employers pay attention to in a CV.

  • Experience: team projects, internships, and part-time jobs are applicable in the section, but it should address the employer's requirements.

  • Achievement: any for success or past achievement is also important. For example, winning competition, participating in debates and quizzes, etc.

  • Finally, it is important you do a final check through your CV. To make sure that;
    - There are No Typos
    - It looks presentable and organized
    - It has all the important information
    - It addresses the employer's requirements.

    With these in place, you are good to go.

    Article by Tony John
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    Author: Sankalan Bhattacharya30 Nov 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 10

    In this article, all the necessary tips to write a good CV has been explained in a lucid way. When a fresher is applying for a job, the CV should briefly speak everything about the job seeker. A good CV creates the first impression and helps the interviewer to look for the particular traits the job requires. While the candidate must present the facts in the CV, utmost care has to be taken to make it error free. Whenever we are reading something, be it a book or a newspaper, any typos or spelling mistake creates confusion. It can create a negative impression too and hence must be avoided.

    Nowadays, before final selection, many recruiters look into the social media profiles also and therefore the candidates should pay attention to their social media profiles too. Another thing which can create a negative impression is the e-mail address. While it is always advisable to choose the email address consisting of the candidate's name with the hint of the location or any number, certain adjectives or words in the email address must be avoided. For example, e-mail address like, and the likes must be avoided. If somebody has these types of e-mail ids they should keep it for communicating with friends and for official correspondence, they should create another one containing their names/location/number in them. By following all the tips mentioned in this article one can create a good CV and proceed to apply for a job they are looking for.

    Author: kncharyulu30 Nov 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

    CV preparation is a crucial one to get the impression by employers. In the private sector, like software companies, they give much importance to CVs. I have seen such graduates who applied for jobs through CV to the reputed companies. However, the author of this article gave much knowledge of preparing CV. It is very useful for job seekers in such companies.

    Author: Umesh02 Dec 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

    An exhaustive article on how to write an impressive CV. It is true that the first thing which an employer sees about the applicant is his CV and as is said that the first impression is the last impression, we must take due care in preparing a CV.

    CV should not be very lengthy to lose its essence. It should be written in a comprehensive and crisp way only elaborating at places where the applicant's strengths are appropriate to the employer's requirements. So one has to prepare the CV to the particular occasion.

    Once I was applying to a site to become a consultant for answering the queries of people containing questions related to career and personal life. I had to revamp my CV and make it almost concise the first 80 % of my earlier CV to the 5 % of the present CV as my technical and scientific qualifications were of no use there. It may look strange but I had to do it to remove the unrelated things and bring my experience of doing more and less same work in other sites like one in the Ask Experts section of ISC.

    So CV making is not to be done in a general and routine way but to be done using common sense and emphasis on those points and highlights for which the employers are looking for.

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