Medicinal benefits of Pomelo or Chakotra

Fruits and vegetables are the gift of our nature as they contain many vitamins and minerals that promote for our good health. Diets high in fruits such as Pomelo, very often known as Chakotra are widely recommended for keeping us heal and healthy. The medicinal benefits of the Pomelo fruits are brought out in this article.

Nature has given us many more plants, fruits and the stems of various plants for our health and keeping us in good spirit. The human nature is such we ignore all these facts when we are active and healthy but crave for every possible cure against odd situations. A planned and systematic intake of food keep you more healthy and it may not be a 'Jindal Talisman' for everything. But higher consumption of fruits and vegetables help to protect you from some diseases because of the presence of the biologically active substances in them. Scientific research has established the frequent eat of fruits and vegetables will lower the risk of various ailments.

My father was suffering from heart enlargement problem and the doctor who treated him used suggest him diet with rich content in Vitamin C and other nutrients. Pomelo was one among them. The 'Rasam' was prepared with the juice of raw Pomelo instead of using Tamarind and used to be served. Also, pickle of raw Pomelo or lemon used to be included in the food items served to him and recommended as a source of dietary fiber.

About Pomelo fruit

It is the most juiciest and largest fruit from the Citrus family. This has its origin in China but mostly cultivated in China and South East Asia. Now we can find it abundant in India and USA too. With a thick upper layer, the fruit looks very larger in size but very soft and can be peeled off very easily. Its pulp inside will have different colours mostly in yellow, pink and red. It is very juicy and has orange like sweetness, tart and tangy in taste.
A branch of Pomelo tree
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This has different names in the Indian region, popularly known as Chakotra in Hindi and Bengali. It has various names in Indian regional languages- Toranjan in Marathi, Batasi in Oriya, Pampara Masan in Malayalam, Pambalimasu in Tamil and Pampara Panasa in Telugu.

Vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, fats, protein, fiber, antioxidants and enzymes are abundant in this fruit, thus making Pomelo a very good nutrient and health supplement. Its intake mainly serves the purpose of lowering the Cholesterol and Blood pressure.

Medicinal benefits

  1. As I mentioned in the introductory note, Pomelo is extensively suggested as a food supplement for heart ailments as it has a high content of potassium. Being rich in Vitamin C which plays an important role in supporting the heart, it also regulates blood pressure levels. The Pectin content in Pomelo juice helps in clearing the arterial deposits accumulated in the body and drives away the impurities. Thus controls the BP levels and also checks the cholesterol count in the body.
  2. Sometimes free radicals in our body are prone to cause cold, flu, asthma, bacterial infection, allergies and so on. Vitamin C in Pomelo acts as an antibiotic to guard the body against bacteria that cause cold and flu. Thus Pomelo juice is suggested as a remedial liquid for controlling cold and flu.
  3. When someone is injured and suffering from wound, Pomelo juice is served at frequent intervals to get the wounds healed in a quick time. Generally, vegetarians won't prefer Bones soup and in such scenario, Pomelo juice is suggested. The presence of Vitamin C and its enzymes produce more collagen which is more instrumental in healing the wounds.
  4. Perhaps we might have read in our school books that Fiber rich food plays a significant role in controlling over-weight. As the food intake which contains more fiber stays for a longer period in stomach for a longer time and checks the regular hunger pangs. The main reason is that the fiber rich food takes more time to chewing and prevents more eating.
    The presence of more fiber content in this fruit and its properties to put the fat under check within the permissible levels by reducing the starch and sugar content in the body make Pomelo fruit or its juice a better remedy.
  5. Consumption of Pomelo juice at regular intervals reduces swelling in pregnant women. Also the intake of the juice checks the body's blood pressure. Thus it helps to prevent hypertension.
  6. Being rich in Vitamin C, the Pomelo fruit helps to increase the acid level in Urine and protects the urinary tract from any bacterial development. Any person affected by urinary tract infection is generally advised to take coconut water and Pomelo juice frequently.
  7. As we all know, deficiency in Iron content would have an impact on blood leading to Anemeia and also Vitamin C is the bet supplement to promote iron in the body. The best suggestive food supplement would be Pomelo juice or Pamelo fruit being rich in Vitamin C.
  8. The juice of raw Pomelo mixed with honey would save you from Sun stroke and it is mostly used as a home remedy during summer.
  9. The bioflavonoids present in the skin of the Pomelo are antioxidant which help in preventing intestinal, pancreatic and breast cancer. Excessive estrogen from the body would be thrown out and prevents the cancer from spreading. Its skin too contains high amounts of fiber and it is suggested as medicine to protect the body from colon cancer.
  10. The skin specialists too suggest it as a natural cure for skin diseases. Its paste when applied to the body and face, it would minimize the growth of pimples and makes your body looking fresh.
  11. The application of its juice to hair and the scalp keeps your head hydrated and well moisturized and wards off dandruff.

Wrap up

In these days of hectic activity, a disciplined way o consuming foods and proper dietary guidance are very much needed to overcome the health issues at an early age. We can't say that a particular food group has all the nutrients needed to support life. The consumption and a variety of foods would avoid toxic doses of any component and helps in securing the requisite proteins, vitamins and minerals needed for our betterment of health and life. Pomelo is also being marketed as Jelly, jam and Syrup. Have a try and check for the result.

Article by Jagdish Patro
Jagdish Patro is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to ISC and other websites. Fond of reading books, novels and spends his leisure time by listening to music. He did his B.Sc in Applied Chemistry and his M.Sc in Resource Development Technology. He edited and published an in-house monthly journal by name ‘Srujana’ during 2009-2011 which was totally a private circulation.

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Author: Umesh10 Dec 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

An exhaustive article by the author on this lesser known fruit from the citrus species.

Pomelo is beneficial for our health mainly due to the good dose of Vitamin C, it contains. In addition, there are other vitamins and nutrients in it.

This fruit is not very common in household usage except where people are well aware of it. I think more awareness about this fruit is required among the masses so that more people can be benefitted by this superb natural powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants.

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