Celebrating Christmas and New Year in capsule hotels of Tokyo

Tokyo is one tourist destination that many travel enthusiasts would love to visit. But Tokyo is also one of the most expensive cities to stay in. To cut down your travel expenses, stay at unique capsule hotels in Tokyo and enjoy the energy-filled Japanese attractions this Christmas and New Year.

Don't we all want to pay a visit to Japan? Tokyo especially? Japan has been celebrating New year on 1st January since 1873. Although Christians are a minority in Japan, many Christian customs have gained popularity in Japan. Christmas is celebrated with a grandeur in Japan. Fun fact. The song that is most played in Japan during Christmas in 'Ode to Joy' by Beethoven and not the traditional Christmas carols. Streets are lit with lights and decorated with Christmas trees everywhere. Japanese have their own way of spending New year and Christmas which only adds to the fun. Some of these unique customs are:

  • Since Japanese love strawberries so much, a sponge cake is made on Christmas and is decorated by strawberries and whipped cream in houses.

  • People go to KFC a lot on the day of Christmas and eat with their family

  • On the 31st December Buddhist temples all around Japan would ring a huge bell 108 times at midnight. This custom is supposed to wash the sins committed by people in the previous year. People of different ages appear in traditional garments to watch this.

  • Rice mashing with a huge wooden mallet takes place usually in people's backyard a few days before New Year. The rice cakes made with this mashed rice is offered to ancestors before being eaten on the New Year day.

  • Some write haiku and leave them into a river while others bind them to a cherry blossom tree. People fly kites and play different games.

  • The finals of the Emperor cup football tournament is held on New year.

Japan is the second largest economy in the world and Tokyo is the very synonym of a cosmopolitan lifestyle with its glowing night lights, tall skyscrapers, bullet trains and its adherence to Japanese culture and cuisine.

Attractions in and around Tokyo

  • The Imperial Palace stands as a chief example to Japan's preserved culture. It used to be the residence of Tokugawa from 15th century AD to 19th century AD. Each year on January 2nd Royal family greets millions of tourists and locals alike from the balcony of the palace on the occasion of New year.

  • Senso-ji temple is the most popular Buddhist temple in the country and also the oldest. It is quite beautiful.

  • Ueno Park is an enormous paradise-like scenery right in the middle of Tokyo. It has various zoo parks and museums. National Museum of Nature and Science houses various fossils and stuffed exotic specimen from around the world. Museum of Western Art houses some of the finest works by European artists. Ueno zoo was the first zoo park established in Japan. It has giant pandas as its chief attraction. Ueno Park actually famous for its cherry blossoms. Although cherry blossoms bloom around April in Japan, cherry blossoms still look beautiful in December

  • Rainbow bridge of Odaiba and a replica of Statue of Liberty catches our eye. There are many small forts in Odaiba and it is also a great place to go shopping in. Oedo Onsen is a hot spring theme park that would offer you refreshment

  • If you like anime or games in general, Akihabara in Tokyo central is a paradise for you. On account of Christmas, you can score an awesome deal on merchandise.

  • Bullet train rides to Mt. Fuji and Kyoto are other attractions.

  • Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree are one of the most impressive structures of Tokyo.

These are just some of the bigger attractions in and around Tokyo. There is much more to explore and experience. Tokyo also has another attraction under its sleeve. Capsule hotels.
Capsule hotel "rooms" are very small. They typically are 6 feet in length and 3 feet in width. You have basic facilities like a bed, TV, WiFi, and electric inputs. But your footwear and luggage go into a locker. You are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke inside capsules. Showers and washrooms are communal.
Inspired by Japan, even in India, there is a capsule hotel in Andheri, Mumbai. The hotel is called Urbanpod. Judging by bookings and reviews Urbanpod is a really popular inexpensive hotel.
Hotel stays can get really expensive if you planned a trip to Tokyo central. So, many capsule hotels are built all around Japan's most popular cities to facilitate cheaper accommodation.

Best capsule hotels to stay at

  1. Prime Ginza Pod is a luxury capsule hotel. It has 104 rooms. There are a bar and a restaurant in the facility. Free WiFi, self serve laundry and TV in the common area are other facilities. Ginza is a very popular shopping district and it is near to all above-mentioned attractions of Tokyo. It must be noted that this capsule hotel is for families while many capsule hotels are only for men. It offers a single pod from Rs-3700.

  2. Nine Hours of Narita offers two capsule rooms for Rs-6300 only. Both men and women can accommodate in this capsule hotel. Air conditioning, breakfast, free WiFi and daily housekeeping are other facilities.

  3. Nadeshiko is a women-only capsule hotel. Traditional Japanese nightwear and robes are offered. Free WiFi, restaurant, bathtub and housekeeping are its facilities. It is in Shibuya and is a little far from the central. The capsules for a single adult start from 3000 Rs. It has 24 rooms

  4. Anshin Oyado of Akihabara has 180 rooms. The hotel offers a Sauna bath which is very enjoyable. It is only for males. The price of a pod starts from 6000 Rs. WiFi, designated smoking areas, LCD TVs, computer station and laundry facilities are present.

  5. Tokyo Nihonbashi bay hotel is near Tokyo Bay. It is unique because you can stay there for a long term. For each pod, an average of 4000 Rs might be the price. It has a total of 165 rooms. There are rooms for both men and women. Free WiFi and laundry facilities are available. Some rooms are provided with TV,

So, why wait? Check into the capsule hotels of Japan and enjoy all of its goodness. Christmas and New Year cannot get anymore livelier than in Tokyo.

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