Ten common mistakes we should never do in our social lives

Every human being is a product of the society where they hails from. In India, we are bound by several traditions and values. Yet there is a tremendous stress and strain in human relationships within the family circles and in the wider society as well as commercialization of human relationships is near total. In this article, ten common mistakes that we all do in our social lives is discussed in some detail.


There is a huge amount of learning from the practical world and this is true of every family as well. As members of the wider society, we all have several roles and responsibilities. These also include things we should never do. The ten common mistakes relate to a) Never pick up quarrels with neighbors b) Live your life on your own terms c) Never ape the rich d) Never spend too much money for relatives e) Never ever give up on education/training of children f) Never overdo anything g)never ever give up on efforts h) Never live in polluted environments i) Never show off and j) Never become communal in attitudes.

Never pick up quarrels with neighbors

With the spread of education, most people, irrespective of caste or community or religion, are quite well behaved, even in rural areas. Of course, as human beings, they also have their own weaknesses. We should just understand such weaknesses and take it in our stride. For example, there are some who are jealous about the achievements of children of others, particularly neighbors. They would sometimes even comment on such achievements. The trick is to stay cool and not utter a single word. This will make them understand that we would not enter into discussion on any matters related to education. Quarrels with neighbors are best avoided at any cost. There will be moments when our neighbors will also understand our good intentions.

Live your life on your own terms

We are the masters of our own destinies. We can always choose the way we want to live. For instance, many of us are spiritual and do not believe in accumulating huge wealth. We would rather settle for peace of mind and a healthy life, even when we are very much part of the rat race. So be it.

In the ultimate analysis, it is our life. It is we who should decide what we need to do and when. The "how" of our living should be decided only by us. For instance, while we cannot stop anyone from being corrupt, we need to be very much rooted in our honest path. Once we do this, the world will be a far better place to live in. We should never follow the herd. Being unique is a strength, not a weakness.

Never ape the rich

We should never ape the rich. This is one common mistake most people do. They borrow money beyond their means and the EMIs become a big problem when the salary increases do not come. Even those in Government services face the same situation.

Once we give up on this vital aspect of apeing the rich, our lives will be far better than what we can ever imagine.

Never spend too much money on relatives

It is common to see families spending a huge amount of money on cooking a good number of non-vegetarian dishes for some ten people on the weekends. This includes relatives.

Such expenditures never come cheap. The cost would even touch Rs.2000/. Such spending is best avoided. Of course, the relatives will heap praise on the person spending the money and even reciprocate by returning the party sometime later. Nevertheless, such huge expenditures are best avoided. The money could be usefully saved for the future. It is vital that we stick to the basics as far as expenditure on various items is concerned. Avoiding a huge amount of expenditure on non-vegetarian food is a vital aspect of our lives.

Never ever give up on education/training of children

This is a true life story. Of the three children in a family, one did not study well. He had just passed his tenth standard examination. He somehow was not interested in studying further. However, the other two children were supportive as well. The eldest, a girl, was a doctor. Another son was a finance executive after acquiring the ICWA qualification and being employed in a good company.

Thanks to good counseling, the father put the son into a tool and die making training. The boy did well and was absorbed by a leading auto component organization. He got a job in a good job in Malaysia after three years of training. Over a period of ten years, the third child became as rich as the other two children. All this happened due to the patience of the father.

Never overdo anything

Many people go on talking. Many people are too reserved and do not even talk to other people. Many go on boasting about their achievements. Many people bark at others. Each of these behaviors is best avoided. There should always be a balance in whatever we do. This is one very important of our social lives.

Never give up on efforts

Imagine one of us is the President of the Owners' Association. It is our duty to support him for fighting for our rights. It is always possible to get better comforts like good roads, only when we keep on trying to make representations. We need to continuously meet the people representatives. Only through concerted social action is anything possible in our lives. We need to recognize this fact and act accordingly.

Never live in polluted environments

It is very unwise to take up rented accommodation near polluted lakes or garbage collection pits. These are areas where the accommodation may come cheap. But diseases also come in a torrent. Dengue scare is very real. We should give maximum importance to our health. None of our relatives can even help us. When we are sick, we would feel miserable. If we are careful about the basics of healthcare, most of the problems can be easily avoided.

Never show off

We often notice very ordinary middle-class people, trying to show off. They keep shopping in costly malls and then boast about the same to neighbors and relatives. This is absolutely not essential. This will not only invite jealousy, but also other comments. We may be hated by other people if we keep on doing this. It is ridiculous to show off in the first place.

Never become communal in attitudes

It is always possible that we get carried away with our political affiliations and philosophies. Yet, it is absolutely irrational to become communal in our attitudes. It is not only not needed, but it also strikes at the very foundation of decent living as it were.

Being communal also comes with huge risks. People who are affected, never ever keep quiet. They might target us too. All this can be avoided if we stay secular in our attitudes.


We can always understand what to do and not do, based on our experiences. Some dimensions of what we should not do, as explained above, are very vital for us to lead far better lives.


Author: T.M.Sankaran19 Dec 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Keeping a friendly attitude with neighbours is very essential in order to have a peaceful atmosphere in the locality. Try to share useful things with them, like vegetables, coconuts, any special preparations and whatever possible. If there are trees on the border of our house and that of the neighbours, see that it is having controlled growth by trimming occasionally. If it is a coconut tree see that the nuts do not fall into the neighbourhood. This is the case with other fruiting trees too. Always extend a helping hand in the neighbourhood. Like this, maintain a very cordial relationship with not only the immediate neighbour, but with others too.

Author: Umesh20 Dec 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

An interesting article by the author guiding us towards a meaningful social life.

Social life is an important aspect in our day to day activities and few people know how to maintain a satisfying and fulfilling social life. To maintain good and harmonious relations with others requires an intricate planning and balanced approach. It is, in fact, a delicate act like that of rope walking. Human beings are very sensitive and they may take any behaviour as offending or unruly whether it was done in that spirit or not. So we should read other's mind before we tell something to a person especially if it is in an advisory or suggestive role. No one today wants to hear unsolicited advice. Primarily we must be cautious of our approach to other person and if he does not like to talk to us or do not want to have relations with us then there is no point in pushing that relationship further.

A person can only be popular in the society if he has helping attitude to others and talks with others in a positive and pleasant tone. At the same time interfering with others' personal matters should be completely avoided. No one likes it. So with common sense and a reasonable behaviour one get through the society in the most amicable manner.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao20 Dec 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

A good article from the author. Ten good important points which should not be done by us are discussed in detail. One should always try to talk as politely as possible. They should never shout at others. They can express their firm views but politely. Abusing others is not a good habit.

Talking about the third person when he was not there is never advisable. No one should do that. This will definitely make you very unpopular in society and people will try to avoid you. Let us not show unnecessary eagerness in the matters of others. It is waste of time and others will also try to go into your matters. Another important point I want to add is don't speak too much about your achievements and accomplishments in the society. Then only you will get more popularity positively.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta07 Jan 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Interesting article by the author. I am against the people who show off. They forget that they waste their hard earned money for doing this. We should spend money only when it's needed and not compete with others. There are people who buy things as their neighbours have them however they may not need in actual.

Education is the most necessary thing and we should not compromise with it if it's for our children.

I don't prefer the place where the road becomes narrow when the vehicle is parked on both sides of the road leaving very less space for another vehicle to move. I have been presently living at such a place and seriously it's very difficult to live here.

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