Root Canal Causes & Treatment- Everything You Need to Know

You most probably have heard about root canal but many of us don't know exactly what it is. This blog focusses on exactly what is a root canal, its symptoms, treatments and how it is done.

Nowadays, the root canal is a very common dental procedure which is done in case of severe tooth inflammation. However, people are not sure why and how it is done. There are so many concerns and questions about the topic. This article aims at addressing some of your concerns.

What is Root Canal?

The term ' root canal' is widely used in two contexts. It is used as the terminology for a dental treatment procedure. But, the root canal is actually the name of a portion within the tooth which extends from the tip of the tooth to the root for about 1.5 cm. From the jaw bone nearby, blood supply enters the tooth through the root canal. Sometimes due to tooth decay or other conditions, this blood supply will be cut off. This creates severe inflammation to the tooth which can hinder the blood supply to the tooth completely thereby enabling the growth and multiplication of bacteria in the tooth. At this stage, the treatment procedure called root canal is advised to cure the inflammation.

What are the symptoms of inflammations which makes a root canal inevitable?

There are multiple symptoms that might appear and you suffer from when your root canal is inflamed. The most common symptoms observed include the following:
- A severe toothache
- for some people, severe headache
- inability to sleep at night due to the pain
- sensitivity and reaction to hot and cold food items
- swelling of the gum and face

Who performs a root canal treatment?

Dentists who are specialized in root canal treatments are called Endodontists. They are trained and qualified to do this procedure perfectly. However, in most of the cases, simply dentists also perform it.

Is the treatment painful?

The root canal treatment, in general, is perceived as highly painful. It is maybe because of the pain people go through while suffering from the tooth inflammation condition that has led to this belief. Hence the term itself scares people and gives it such a horrific impression. However, the truth is that root canal treatment is neither scary nor painful. Rather, it relieves you from the terrible pain which you go through while suffering from tooth inflammation which may sometimes also cause a severe headache, swellings, pain, inability to sleep etc. During the actual root canal treatment procedure, you are given anesthesia which will make you feel numb during the procedure even in the case of a dead tooth. It saves you from enduring terrible pain and you can be relaxed during the entire process.

What is done during the treatment?

The root canal treatment is not done in a single step. This treatment is done to remove the inflamed tissues from the tooth and to protect the tooth. In the process, precaution is taken against further possibilities of inflammation as well. In the root canal treatment, the stage is to give anesthesia to the patient. It is done so that the process wouldn't be painful to them. In order to that, a dental dam will be inserted in the mouth to carefully keep the affected tooth under the monitor. In the next step, the root canal of the tooth is cleaned by removing everything inside it. For doing it a small access hole will be drilled inside the tooth and the dead pulp tissue will be carefully picked out from the tooth. These tissues create pain and by removing them the severe pain will also be gone. And also the patient will not feel this procedure due to the numbness provided by the anesthesia procedure which is done in advance. In the next step, the root canal will be cleaned thoroughly with antibacterial liquids or irrigational solutions. This is to decontaminate and to cleanse the affected area of the tooth. Then the tooth will be closed by using a rubber-like component commonly called gutta-percha with an adhesive cement. The cement is used so that gutta-percha will stick to the tooth for a longer period of time. Once this step is completed, the tooth will completely be dead. The upside is that there will not be further inflammation or pain. In the final step, the tooth will be provided with some nourishment as it will be brittle after the treatment procedures performed. There is no pulp in the tooth anymore hence it requires further protection in the long run which is offered by proving a crown filling. Once the crown filling is done, the tooth is ready to function as normal. It is normally advisable to take the treatment in multiple settings allowing yourself and the toothsome time. However, if your inflammation is not severe in nature it can be done in a single sitting. Always remember, your dentist is the best person to advise you on the matter.

Root canal in general, is perceived as a painful, costly and time-consuming process. It is not really so considering the relief you might get once it is done. But your dentist suggests what is better for you after analyzing your condition. Hence, please do not be alarmed. You should get it done if you are suffering from severe symptoms. However, by adhering to simple routines like brushing teeth multiple times a day, using toothpaste which contains fluoride or avoiding food which is too sweet, you can prevent having tooth inflammation in the first place.
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Author: Umesh20 Dec 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

A very elaborate description of the root canal procedure by the author. A useful article.

Root canal is a very common treatment for such conditions of the tooth where the root creates pain and prone to infection. Once the area is cleaned and the bad parts are extracted, the opening is sealed with an adhesive cement to avoid any communication of the root with the mouth. People should not be scared of this treatment as after this the painful condition is cured perfectly. The crown which is a metallic part sits on the tooth nicely and pressed and fastened in that place looks just like a normal tooth except its bright white colour as compared to the pale white of the natural tooth.

One should get it done in a reputed place so that there is good treatment of the infected root as well as nice fixing of the crown for cosmetic purposes.

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