How to Get Rid of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is nowadays common between kids and adults alike due to the changes in food and lifestyle. Read on to know more about what is tooth decay, how it is developed, its prevention and home remedies.

Tooth decay and cavities are the most common dental problems people experience in their daily lives. Even though it might sound like a small problem, the pain you go through while suffering from this condition is immense. The following questions and answers below will help you a little to prevent and cure this unfortunate dental condition.

What is tooth decay and how is it developed?

We all like to keep munching on something or the other, yeah? But remember, our food contains sugar and starch. When you keep eating or drinking many times a day, the acids which are formed as by-products from the reaction of saliva with food particles, attack the tooth. This, in turn, leads to the loss of minerals and causes the disintegration of the enamel of the tooth. Over time, more minerals will be lost in such a way and tooth decay occurs. As a result, a cavity will be formed which is the permanent damage of the tooth.

The most dangerous foods which can cause decay faster are candy, juices, cookies, pastries, carbonated drinks etc. The quick snacks between your meals are not very friendly to the teeth either. Sometimes you feel sensitivity on your teeth when you consume cold or hot food and drinks. Often this might not happen initially but during the later stages of tooth decay which will damage your tooth. Hence take care of your tooth as part of your daily routine rather than waiting for signs to appear.

How to prevent tooth decay?

Remember the saying, prevention is better than cure. Practicing simple daily routine is the best for good oral hygiene and care. Focusing on simple things can help in a big way.

1. Brushing habits to be careful about: finding a good toothbrush that fits your mouth and providing ease for your brushing style is absolutely necessary. It is inevitable that you feel clean once you have finished brushing. Also, replacing the brushes at regular intervals is highly important for keeping it clean. It is important to brush daily at least two times. Also, it is advised to keep brushing at least for two minutes each time to maintain good oral health. Be careful while choosing your toothpaste. Try to use a toothpaste with fluoride content which is helpful in maintaining dental health and hygiene. Regular flossing is also suggested by dentists to prevent tooth decay. Flossing helps to remove additional food particles stuck behind or under the tooth or gum. By using a good mouthwash you can get rid of the presence of bacteria in your mouth.

2. Food habits for dental care: In order to maintain good dental health routine, it is important to have good food habits. If you are a person dealing with dental problems on a regular basis, it is advisable to incorporate minor changes to your diet and to reduce the intake of sugar. You should avoid foods and drinks like carbonated soft drinks, juices, ice cream etc. Also, try to add food combinations which contain high quantities of calcium in order to keep your diet in check and thereby protecting the oral health. When you consume food with high quantities of sugar content chances are higher to get plaque accumulated. This will later create cavities.

Another way to change your diet is by adding enough vitamin content to your food. Vitamin B and D helps to reduce cavities. Minerals like Magnesium and Iron are essential for the health of teeth. If you consume food with high nutritional value, and if the bones get stronger, chances are higher to prevent cavities. Also, saliva is an agent with antimicrobial properties. Some vitamins help to secrete more saliva which in turn helps to fight the bacteria. It will reduce the chances for tooth decay. If you do not prefer to have natural food products like peas, fish, Brussel sprouts etc., you can also take supplements and add them to your diet accordingly.

While you are suffering from a condition caused due to tooth decay, you really need to be careful about the nature of certain common drinks you consume. Because it is really inevitable to maintain certain pH balance so that the bacteria will not have a hospitable habitat. Drinks such as regular coffee and lemon tea can create pH imbalances and it might help the bacteria. Hence avoid such drinks to reduce inflammation. Also, try to consume natural probiotics which will help to remove plaque from the mouth. Trying a technique called oil pulling can also help.

Are there any home remedies for tooth decay?

There are so many remedies you can try at home from the easily available ingredients to get some pain relief or cure when you are dealing with tooth decay. The items such Neem Baking Soda, Fluoride Mouthwash, Hydrogen Peroxide, Mixture Of Calcium And Magnesium Powders, Vanilla And Almond Extracts, Butter Oil And Cod Liver Oil, Eggshells, Bentonite Clay, Black Walnut Tincture, Bone Broth, Salt Water, Wheatgrass, Lemon, Garlic, Oregano Oil, Clove Oil, Vegetable Oil, Vanilla Essence, Rock Salt And Mustard, Tea, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Alcohol Compress will help you if applied properly to cure the pain. However, it is depended on the individual and also on the extent of tooth decay for any of these to work. It is better to consult a doctor if you start experiencing pain in order to treat the decay beforehand to prevent any further damage to the tooth. You can visit our dental clinic in Ernakulam located in Banerjee road opposite josco jewellers.

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Author: Umesh19 Dec 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Teeth are the most important part for grinding of our food and mixing with saliva before we gulp it down. Healthy teeth are essential for this important job. Nowadays we are continuously munching on junk foods and snacks in our house and due to that, the teeth are exposed to the sugar all the time which makes them prone to quick decay.

One of the most important things which we should observe after eating anything is we should thoroughly clean the mouth with water after each indulgence. Though it may look difficult to follow this routine, this is really very helpful in keeping the teeth healthy.

Author: Sankalan Bhattacharya22 Dec 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Generally, while eating, we do not care much about our teeth. When a little pain or sensation is felt at the beginning, we overlook it. But when this pain becomes unbearable we consult a dentist. Actually, since the teeth are used mostly during eating, as long as the decay is not much serious we feel the sensation only during eating and that also depends on the type of food. Because of this neglect, this decay builds up and becomes painful.

It is always essential to maintain oral hygiene and brushing our teeth two times a day is recommended by all. After every meal or small snacks in between, it is necessary to wash the mouth. After the meal, many people take some mouth fresheners. While there are different types of Paan Masalas available in the market, which are not good for health, it is better to use clove as a mouth freshener. It has a good effect on the teeth and has the healing effect on the tooth that has started decaying.

Author: himanshuchouhan23 Dec 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

These are some tips that will help to get relief from tooth decay :

1. Change your eating habits: We already know that the consumption of products rich in sugar leads to teeth decay and that acid can block the absorption of calcium. However, if you change your eating habits you may never face such problems. Eat dairy products like yogurt, milk, sour cream and cheese every day. Drink unsweetened beverage. Water has lot of good effects on your body including increased hydration and higher flow of saliva.

2. Chew sugarless gum: It really helps you to prevent tooth decay. Most sugarless gums contain a component called xylitol which is a natural sweetener. It does not lead to the growth of the bacteria in your mouth.

3. Visit your dentist for regular cleanings

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