How to boost your career prospects - A perspective approach

Once a student steps into a college or university, it would be with a hope of transformation into the new phase of their life, become a responsible citizen and create a balance between their studies, understanding their world around and their work. Unfortunately the present education system lacks the energy to make them confident of their future and today's Graduates are in a dilemma to visualize their career prospects.


Graduates today are totally confused. Whether he may be a graduate in Science or Engineering, let it be an Arts graduate or any product released from a degree college – a very simple question from him/her; what to do now? Experts say that one of every two college graduates are not employed or underemployed. The funniest part is that many of those who get employment have no relevance to their area of study.

People think that the choice of a good college is the better place to land for the higher paying job. May not be true all the times, one has to leap a cautious step, proper decision making and acting smartly to select a good career.

What is the right perspective approach for choosing a good career path?

With the Globalization of every sphere of life, you can work any where and the scope of getting work is very large. It's you to identify yourself and decide what would be suiting to your taste and potential. Nothing will come very easy in our way and you have to struggle hard to achieve success but what matters is your willingness, potentialities, and hard work that what will pay you. Certain elements would contribute for our personality development and career growth, say a stepping stone to your career prospects. A right decision at a right time is the success mantra of many successful businessmen and leaders. How to take a right decision is more important for your future goals and will nourish your skills. Whatever may be your jo, it demand responsibility. So students must cultivate the habit of being responsible towards the work they are doing, to the teachers and to their parents and towards themselves.

Some key elements that influence your perspective approach towards career development

  • A must for a graduate in any discipline : Skill development is the talk of the day and it is not the one we always think of in terms of professional skills. These skills are more important for a student to face the competitive examinations and to excel well in career growth. One should be proficient in learning Analytical skills, Decision-making skills, Interpersonal skills and Public speaking skills. Also, he should be conversant with the elements of computer and software techniques and knowledge as every field is getting digitized

  • Be committed: There won't be any problem for those students who have made up their mind about their goal and working on the same line of thinking. The support of the teacher, parents and their financial background too play their part and decision making is more important. However, there are some people who are in their streams yet to decide about their future and in a dilemma to fix the things. Today there are many opportunities for undergraduates, fairly decent and highly paid jobs. But commitment to work is more needed to excel in the fields like the market researcher, customer support service providers, BPO, voice processors etc. The emerging scenario in the web world is a game changer and there is a scope to work from in the ares like - Starting the blog, Running you tube videos, Giving online surveys, Online marketing and content development

  • Be clear on your ambitions: Dreaming something about your career is not at all wrong but the problem lies within you for not having a clarity about your ambitions. Think big, try hard and turn your dream into a reality as your career. Have a practical approach, work on your traits and potential. Identify a field which you love most, the one on which you can spend the maximum of your time. career in such a field may give you better satisfaction even if it won't give you better dividend. You should have knowledge on the contemporary job yielding career available for the betterment of future and study the growth potential. Sometimes, your field of interest might have no future, then better go for other options. you can't take risk at the cost of your future. It is desirable to take an expert advice or some career counselors.

  • Involve yourself in Extracurricular and social activities: While pursuing your studies at College or University level, keeping acquainted with the extracurricular and Group activities will help in building a prospective career. They will help you in team coordination, mixing with people, how to tackle the issues that hinder the group activities, team management, sense of belonging, above all building a proper team and leading it. Opting for challenging tasks and organizing/participating in community camps etc will help to prove your readiness for social responsibility and make you comfortable in any interview or the same nature of assignments in future. Certificate courses in NCC, NSS, Scouts & Guides etc., would also count for a betterment of your future.

  • Be a volunteer: Volunteering a responsibility is not a time-pass activity. Some people presume that it is an escape route for many but it provides an opportunity to market yourself and make it public that how you are capable of handling the situations. Or rather a path to advertise your skills and potentialities to the industry in which you want to enter

  • Liaison with career counselors: In the third year of your Degree course or in the Final year of your Professional course, every college or University would facilitate a Career Guidance Club or something like that to make you familiar with Competitive examinations, Interviews and campus placements. Feel free to discuss about your career with your counselor to achieve your long term goals. They can advise you several options and how to go about. There are different Job portals and platforms where you can register as a job seeker and they would forward your resume to the requisite companies based on your credentials.Here what you need is - learn conversation skills, how to write the best resume and other things that help to crack the interviews. Both on-campus and off-campus recruitment drives are undertaken by many companies in the form of Job fairs to select the candidates. Be in touch with your friends and other circles to get updated regarding the job fairs.

  • Short Term Courses do always help: Take up short term courses during summer vacations which would be a value addition to your knowledge and skill. Learning other languages also plays a crucial factor to have an edge over others as your acceptance of a place of posting outside your home state would lend you more chances. Further, learning a foreign language helped many to get new jobs as translators and their role is more essential today because of globalization.

  • Time Management - an important factor: Adhering to the time schedules by organizing the work and doing your activities as per the time makes a lot of difference which keeps you ahead of others in many aspects. It is not always ideal to restrict yourself to studies but cater some time to relax. Physical exercise, playing some games and cultivating reading habit are very much essential commodities for our mental relaxation. Keep your schedules in an orderly way, stick to the time slots allotted to you when you appear for an interview or to meet an important person and all these would be maintained properly only when you are bound to manage your time properly


Don't think that you are a kid, no longer you would be, once you step in to the College or University for graduation. You are the builder of your own career, the role of parents and teachers is limited to just guide you. Unfortunately the present education system lacks the energy to make them confident of their future and today's Graduates are in a dilemma to visualize their career prospects. It is you to analyse as to how to proceed by trying to know the elements needed to be focused for better career. In this competitive world where you have to struggle for existence, you need to be smart, hard working and pro-active to meet the challenges ahead.

Article by Jagdish Patro
Jagdish Patro is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to ISC and other websites. Fond of reading books, novels and spends his leisure time by listening to music. He did his B.Sc in Applied Chemistry and his M.Sc in Resource Development Technology. He edited and published an in-house monthly journal by name ‘Srujana’ during 2009-2011 which was totally a private circulation.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao02 Jan 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 7

Whatever may be the field of our education, one should have a clear idea about his ambition. Once we have completed our formal education we can definitely search for a job which suits our qualification. Once you get into the job you get acquainted with the job requirements and we should get additional skills required for the jobs.

These days we can't be choosy of the job. How to get a job and how to excel in that field, should be the point. How to get a job we desire, should not be a point. These days many people want a white collar job working on a laptop. There are plenty of opportunities for people who can work on the field. Waiting for a particular job may take a long time but getting a job and acquiring the skills required for that job and excelling in that profession is in individual hands. A proactive person should start thinking about his career path and while doing the graduation itself he should acquire additional skills which will be useful for him in starting his career.

A good article from the author. It is very interesting and very much useful to the graduates who are at the beginning of their career or just thinking of entering into a job.

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