Jewellery as an Investment: Saudi Gold and Diamonds

There are numerous ways of wealth creation and investment and buying precious stones such as diamonds and precious metals such as gold is one of them. If you don't believe in the real-estate investment or want to actually wear and flaunt your investment, then the gold and diamonds are the best options. Talking about gold and diamonds, a very unique pattern noted and recognized about it in the whole world is that many people buy Jewellery in Saudi Arabia for the purpose of investment. The Jewellery in Saudi Arabia is much cheaper as compared to the other nations because of various things such as the taxes and duties etc.
Buying Jewellery in Saudi Arabia is furthermore profitable in the Souks which are the local trading markets for Gold. The following post will be exploring the various facts and important things that should be kept in mind while purchasing the Jewellery in Saudi Arabia as an investment.

Why Buy Gold as an investment??

  • Apart from the fact that the gold can be worn and flaunted, there are many things that make gold as a really intelligent investment.

  • The yellow metal has stood the test of times and helped people recover as well as save themselves from financial crunches by using gold.

  • Gold has universal standards and, if it is in the form of standard biscuits that are hallmarked and certified by the other regulatory bodies, it can be sold universally without any hiccup.

  • This is why the Gold Jewellery in Saudi Arabia is one of the most bought things by all the visitors and temporary staying people.

  • Another important factor that gold is a compact investment and can be easily stored in the bank lockers.

  • Diamonds – A Good Investment or Not:

  • Just like the Gold Jewellery in Saudi Arabia, the diamond one is also very famous and is bought by many people.

  • As compared to the Western nations, where the diamonds have dominated the jewellery world, the South Eastern Countries and The Middle Western ones are also showing increasing shift towards the Diamond.

  • The Diamond Jewellery in Saudi Arabia is also cheaper and better as compared to many other nations, but the fact still remains – The Diamonds themselves are not a good investment. These precious stones lose their value once they are sold and don't bring much relief in the times of financial crunches.

  • Gold can be resold to fetch money equal to and even more than the initial investment (in the unaltered form such as guineas and biscuits); but the same is not valid for the diamonds.

  • Well, having read and understood various facts and statistics about the gold and diamonds from the investment point of view, let us move on to find how buying Jewellery in Saudi Arabia is a good form of investment.

  • Jewellery in Saudi Arabia – Investment Perspective Explored:

    Saudi Arabia has open markets for the Gold, which are called as Souk where one can easily purchase Gold of different Carat Values in various forms. If you are looking forward to buying Jewellery in Saudi Arabia with an aim of investment, it is better to buy from the Souks that are authorized; because in the showrooms that are located in the big malls and central market places the gold rates are much higher.
  • The chances of making a profitable investment are better in the Souks.

  • Buying gold in the raw form such as guineas and Biscuits is better as compared to buying Jewellery in Saudi Arabia because the jewellery comes with making charges and will also call for deductions when sold.

  • Vintage Jewellery in Saudi Arabia is yet another wise form of investment that should be done if you have an eye for them. Taking an expert opinion for the same would be a better option as well.

  • Further, choosing the high-quality gold in terms of carats is always better than the altered versions; especially if you don't want to make jewellery out of it.

  • Pure gold is undoubtedly the best investment that fetches the same value across the whole globe and can be sold as it is.

  • Well, there is another perspective towards buying Jewellery in Saudi Arabia as an investment – An aesthetic one in which people buy gold and diamonds for actually putting them to use and sell them if an only if dire consequences arise. For all such people, the designs; standards; craftsmanship and sophisticated arrangement of stones and metal matter a lot. Hence, if you are planning to buy Jewellery in Saudi Arabia for wearing and not just to put it in your bank lockers, then log on to and find the most exciting and amazing designs.


    Author: Umesh22 Dec 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

    Gold was supposed to be investment heaven in earlier times. Today the situation is a bit unclear whether gold will give a good yield in the future or not. There are many reasons for that. The sale of gold is not growing as it used to be in the past decades. Many people are going for artificial jewellery due to security reasons.

    Another thing is that Govt has issued gold bonds which are paper documents and are giving an interest of 2.5% per annum on the investment. Many people are opting for that.

    Though the lure of gold is still intact the financial experts are not able to predict its growth in the coming times. For last so many years it is hovering at the same place with minor fluctuation this or that side.

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