Seven temptations 20+ youth should be aware of and control

There is hardly any subject in India that does not revolve around youth in the age group of 20 to25. In fact, this is supposed to be "India's demographic divide". That is a huge number of people who are educated and raring to go. Yet, there is a big problem with seven vital temptations at this age. One has to be careful here and not lose control. These are sought to be discussed in this article.


Youth who are in the 20 to 25 age group are very dynamic. They do feel that they have conquered the world after landing in a job with Rs.30,000 as salary. They are actually living in a fool's paradise. They need to be advised and educated on all the challenges ahead. The chief temptations at this age relate to a) Over-spending on luxuries b) being totally attracted towards the opposite sex c) falling into bad habits d) giving undue importance to food e) almost becoming atheists f) giving up family links and g) wasteful spending of time without direction.

Over-spending on luxuries

This is a true story. The names are not mentioned to protect identities. Two very good friends went to the same college and did their bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering. While one joined a fairly medium sized IT company in Chennai, another joined a famous Indian multinational, that is for reputed for its brand name in Bangalore.

The second guy often chided the first guy for his lack of "Vision". He not only spent a huge amount of money on all his needs but also brought for himself a very costly I-phone, a two-wheeler and also had three girlfriends with whom he would happily roam around. The girls were also extremely happy that this guy was spending a lot of money on them.

The first guy was sent to Pune on a good project. He then identified the need to pick up skills in data analytics. This person was so lucky that he got to enrol himself in a course on data analytics in a famous Chennai college, which had a collaboration with IBM. It was a very tough course on a part-time basis. But he somehow found the time to do it. His interaction with the second person became very less. In the meanwhile, he did so well on his job and was given an increment, that made his salary touch Rs.28,000/. At the same time the first fellow also got a good increment.

The two friends met at a party. The second guy advised the first guy to change his job and get more money. The first guy did not give in to short-term temptations. Within three years, he got a good job in data analytics with a Mumbai-based company and his salary zoomed. He was then sent to the USA for a project.

When the second fellow's parents asked the second guy for some money to tide over family difficulties back home in their native place, he refused. He said that the EMIs were eating into his net savings. The first guy was able to not only finance his only sister's marriage to a big extent but had actually saved up to rupees three lakh rupees. This is often the case with so many people. It is unwise to spend huge amounts on loans at a very young age. When the bad times come they come in a torrent.

Being totally attracted towards the opposite sex

This is a huge problem and there are so many dimensions to it. This normally happens in the workplace. It also happens when the boy and the girl live next door, in a new city. Or it sometimes happens when they meet at a party. It is somewhat natural that this happens.

However, everything should be within limits. The girls should be aware that there could be very bad boys too. They might even sexually exploit the girl and then move on. We do hear such horror stories. This is one big temptation where control is a must.

Falling into bad habits

Most of the multiplexes in big cities earn their income only from this group. Almost every single cigarette company earns its money from this group. So do most branded booze companies.

In fact, the youngsters also "experiment" with sex before marriage. This is very common in the metros. Each of these habits is very bad and can ruin the entire life of any youngster. The parents need to keep a close watch and help their children to not fall prey to these bad habits.

Giving undue importance to food

This is a very big temptation. Some fifteen years ago, when KFC entered Chennai in a big way, not many thought it could become a big success. Today, it is not only the IT crowd that brings in business. Every young fellow working in the metro and earning just Rs.15,000 per month feasts on KFC products at least once a week. And this tribe is going. The very rich children of parents who are professionals are also regular customers. This sort of a craze for food is a big temptation among the youth in 20 to 25 age group. There is nothing wrong in this temptation. However, overspending and always going after such tasty food can distract attention from good career priorities. This has been proven in hundreds of cases.

Almost becoming atheists

It is not without reason that the elders advise their children to be religious, at least to some extent. Good values almost come to deeply religious people, who become more balanced. The spiritual mind does is often calm and he or she is able to reason out with himself or herself on whatever needs to be done in specific contexts. This results in better planning and execution and also being careful in spending money.

On the other hand, one does find many youngsters think that they can challenge even God. They tend to believe that "everything is in our control". It is not. This truth hits them hard when they have some difficulty. It is then that they start praying to God and becoming religious. They do not become religious when advised by elders. They often change when the parents are dead and gone.

This temptation to challenge anybody and even God, and become atheists is a huge problem and should be controlled. Counseling by parents can help a great deal. The results will come very slowly, though.

Giving up family links

This sometimes happens to guys who migrate to the US. It also happens to those who stay and work in big metros like Mumbai. At the age of 25, they tend to think that the care of parents is a big burden. They sometimes talk so bad about their responsibilities and advise the parents to stick to their native villages, sometimes two thousand kilometers away.

It is then that marriage happens. Even if it happens a couple of years later at 27, the preparation for the marriage, often a love marriage, happens even before two years. The elders may or may not approve the marriage. Irrespective of their opinion, the wedding happens. The son forgets the parents sort of totally.

It is not that this happens in most families. Yet, there are many worrying trends. This is a big temptation -- o become so selfish and not care for parents. This is one temptation that should be controlled.

Wasteful spending of time without direction

One can never be a jack of all trades. An engineer, who already has a good B.Tech degree and is employed in a bank, as an officer, takes up a correspondence course in Public Administration or Sociology. This can make meaning only if the aim to get into the Civil Services. These are mere academic qualifications. This is exactly what happens in many cases.

There are even professionals in say, the teaching of English, who venture into doing such courses. One should remember that this is a big waste. It has nothing to do with one's career at all. For example, a banker could do the CFA course and then shift to the merchant banking division at a later stage. These sort of changes can happen. It is ridiculous to do something without any direction.

Doing some useful social work is possible. It can be done. Merely wasting time can take a youngster nowhere.


The aforesaid temptations have been described based on a number of case studies from the real world. Youngsters should have a big control over most or all of such temptation. There are some that should be totally avoided. These pertain to not having family links or becoming atheists or falling into bad habits.

The parents have a big role to play. There are some cases where the HR Managers do some counseling too. Their role is somewhat limited, as most temptations pertain to the social lives of people.


Author: Umesh25 Dec 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Young age is prone to temptations and addictions. The pattern of the life is drawn in this age only. Those who can avoid the worldly lures during this phase of life are the real winners and have a successful and meaningful life.

Nature has created life forms in a myriad ways but essence of all is same. Fight for food and other physical needs and be addicted to it and lose the elixir of life.

Bad habits are easily picked up but difficult to eradicate from our life. They will ruin us but we will not be taking them seriously as we will be under their spell.

That is why in the olden times there was always a Guru or a mentor who used to guide the young people in a creative and positive path where their tremendous energies were properly utilised.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao26 Dec 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

The people in their early twenties will be in their higher studies or just entering into their career and so will not have any responsibilities and they will be well supported by their parents for all their needs. The whole world will appear green to them. So there are many chances to fall into unnecessary temptations. Here comes the individual's ability to control themselves from these temptations. I have seen many of these youths never bother about their savings. It is easy to get into the trap of bad companies and getting bad habits. The parents should be very careful at this juncture and see that they will not get into bad habits. It is better to be a little free in the house itself instead of restricting everything. The parents should also see that they will not be given money more than required.
A good article very useful to the youths.

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