How to embrace Change effortlessly without fear

One of the most challenging aspects of modern life is to take on Change. When it happens too fast, we are somewhat dazed. However, real world experiences should teach us many lessons. Some of these steps are sought to be described in some detail in this article.


Change is something that we all need to embrace. It is not something that we should be afraid about. It is something that we just need to understand in some detail. More specifically, we need to understand Change with specific reference to a) Change as it affects us b) Change as it affects family members c) Types and dynamics of Change and d) Getting used to Change-related situations

Change as it affects us

This refers to each one of us. Housewives. Students. Employed professionals of either gender. Elders in the family. Each one of us. Change is highly individualistic. Change is highly subjective too.

It is our own choice to change or not to change. For instance, it is fine if we know how to use the ATM card, use Netbanking and mobile banking for money transfers and send emails. If we are 60+, with limited interaction, and not much of social life, change need not be so much of an issue at all. We just need to know the basics of advanced technology. Like sending whats up messages or getting the mobile hotspot option in place when the BSNL internet stops working. This is how we need to understand change.

However, for a student in the eighth standard, change would relate to his or her relating to the outside world and even understanding something about careers. Something about how to prepare for the competitive examinations. To be part of the rat race is inevitable. This is one issue. But embracing change in terms of whatever needs to be done is another. For example, wise parents get their children to play a lot of cricket and if the boy or girl shows promise, get him or her to further specialize. This always happens even when the basics are not sacrificed.

For instance, the parents of Ravichandran Ashwin, the big all-rounder and ace spinner, was seen to be shaping into a good spinner. His parents encouraged him all the way. However, he is also a qualified engineer from a very famous Engineering college. He now has a sports academy to take care of his future. He has invested wisely too. This is a classic example of embracing change. Many parents take the safe route and ask their children to just concentrate on studies alone. This is a very narrow-minded option. We only run away from change in this situation.

Change as it affects family members

Many mothers of boys in Tamil Brahmin families, for instance, as pointed out in one of my earlier articles, not only accept their daughter-in-law wearing sleeveless blouses with saris, but wear those dresses themselves, even in Chennai. They understand that such Changes are a part and parcel of Change in the metro cities. It is not only this issue pertaining to dresses.

Even in other matters like understanding and appreciating the fact that women who are professionals can come home only by 9 PM, there are thousands of husbands who try to adjust their timings to do household work and then use the work from home option as available. This is done after recognizing that change is not specific to any gender. It is now everywhere and modern professionals do understand the vital role of working professional women. In fact, it is only due to such understanding that many women are effortlessly manning senior positions such as Vice President in Finance, Supply Chain Management, HR and so on.

The hard reality is that change affects every one of us. The exposure of children to everything is a fact of life. It is we, the parents, who need to guide them, counsel them and direct them wherever necessary. For instance, Facebook is very good if it is used within limits. It should never be used for sharing family photos or sensitive information like assets of the family. Likewise, it is very dangerous to accept total strangers as friends and also write to strangers expressing the desire to meet them and so on. It is also ridiculous. To even assume that every person is a good person is absolutely foolish. There are dangers everywhere. The girl child needs special protection. So, these are all changes that are essentially all around us. We need to tick all boxes to ensure that we have the best of solutions in every situation.

For example, entrusting the girl child, sometimes as young as five years old, to the care of good relatives in the same city or neighborhood is a very wise option or the grandparents and then ensuring adequate security for them too.

Types and dynamics of Change

Changes can happen in technology, new products, new lifestyles, new mind-sets of people, new customers for totally new products and services, and so on. Each of these changes is very dynamic and keep changing every minute. For instance, hundreds of thousands of men and women are so conscious about grooming. They visit the beauty parlors like never before. There are hundreds of beauty parlors coming up in the smallest of towns and even slightly bigger villages. Even this can be counted as a mindset change of this younger generation.

Similarly, eating junk food and eating out is now more common than ever before. Those who are 60+ need to just live with these changes and just accept them as a fact of life. Once they do it, they do not have to fear it. The changes will take place automatically and the people will also adjust to various circumstances, based on new realities at some point in time.

For example, many who are in the age group of 38 to 45 in the IT industry have lost their jobs. They are ready to take up new businesses such as catering services or vegetable cultivation in the villages around the bigger cities but not the metros, as land is comparatively cheap in those places. Even this is a big Change in terms of survival and growth instincts of a particular class of people. Those in IT will do well to do advanced courses in Robotics, Cloud computing and so on and change totally. The entire IT ecosystem is likely to be built around robotics in the next twenty years. One is also told that Cloud computing will be the order of the day in the future. So, adapting to these changes will help in embracing change much faster.

Getting used to change-related situations

Change can happen in any situation, as described above. Change is an everyday process. Once we understand change and accept it as it comes, we are bound to be happy with the change. Our fear would be gone. It would thus mean that we are sensitive to the change and have no hesitation in accepting the change - whatever that could be.

This is exactly how we should react to it. After all, life has to go on. It is very unlikely that change will never happen in any field. It will happen everywhere. For example, there are now superb methods of economizing space in flats and apartments. People are learning the techniques of learning to live with smaller spaces since they have accepted it as a reality of life in the metro cities.


Change is not a monster. Change is an inevitable happening. It will always happen. The aforesaid examples or situations of change are some insights into how it happens all around us. Once we understand and accept it as a given, managing or living with change will become that much easier.

It also happens that we do not have any choice either.

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