How to participate in Google Hash Code Programming competition 2019

Are you looking for a challenging Programming competition which also gets you recognition as well? Google is organizing its annual Hash Code competition for programmers and working professionals for the coming year of 2019. Google Hash Code allows the worldwide programmers to compete and win a chance to visit Google's Dublin Headquarters. This article gives complete information and details regarding Google Hash Code.


Google Hash Code is a programming competition among teams (with the team), which is organized by Google, for the current students and working professionals around the globe. You can pick your team members and your choice of comfortable programming language and later on Google will pick an engineering/technical problem for your team to solve. Coming year's contest starts off with an initial Online based Qualification Round, where you and your team can participate from wherever you feel is comfortable, including from one of their Hash Code areas, also known as Google Hubs. Top performing teams will later be invited to dreamy and lovely Google office for the Final Round formalities.

In order to participate and perform well, one must understand what is the hash code. What do people do with such code? Why is it so important? How does Google manage the passwords of so many users and even makes sure that it is completely secure to have one saved on their browser or in their system? No doubt there are so many algorithms in place, but technology growing every day a common idea becomes a threat to this Search Engine and now advertising giant. This competition is no doubt an effort to make the best use of ever learning and active mind of students and working professionals.

What is Hash Code in Programming?

There are long detailed resources all over the internet which describe in detail, what is the concept of Hash Code. When we enter our password in a system, the actual password is never saved in the client machine database. If this is happening, then this is completely wrong and has flaws.

In order to protect the privacy of the user, and also securing his data, the password is converted into the equivalent Hash code. And this Hash Code is later on saved in the database. Even there are multiple ways to save the Hash Code in the system. Bear in mind that one cannot convert the actual password from the Hash Code, which also makes sure it is safer to be used. As soon as User Logs in, the password is converted and the actual Hash Code is checked against the entered password Hash. If they match, the user is granted access, else error is shown.

Hash Code Competition at Google

The Google's team-based Hash Code competition allows the competitors to share their skills and also get in touch with other programmers when they work together as a team to solve an issue, which is a replica of a real-life challenge! In a small group of two to four, programmers all over the globe will tackle the initial problem via an Online Selection Round. Although this initial round will be running online, participating teams can come together to compete for neck-to-neck level, in locally managed Hash Code hubs, also known as Google Hubs. The top-performing teams from this initial round will be invited to join, international Google office for their annual Hash Code Final Competition.

Contest Structure
An Online Qualification Round, also known as the initial round will be conducted via internet presence. The Final Round, also termed as Winning Round will be held at the Google's office in Dublin, Ireland, or any other main Headquarters.

  1. Online Qualification Round The initial online based Qualification Round will be live on Thursday, February 28, 2019, from 17:30 UTC until 21:30 UTC. All the participants will be alerted of the initial Qualification Round winners details by Tuesday, March 5, 2019. This date can be changed, or results can be delayed as well, as specified by Google. But there will be notified regarding the same.

  2. Final Round The Final Round is as of now tentatively decided to be held on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at the Google headquarter in Dublin, Ireland. As specified already, Google can change the date and location of the Winning Round at its own schedule and time availability. Bear in mind, the Final Round, your team members will be directed to solve a challenge using their own laptops/computer and supporting materials.

Can you participate?

Yes, the only thing you need for the Initial Round is a computer or laptop connected to Internet access. Google will notify the problem through a YouTube Live Stream mode. The participants are advised to check that their computer is able to play YouTube videos beforehand, maybe some settings for flash player etc might be required to be extra aware to avoid last minute issues. The decoding system will be available as a web application as well, which needless to say, will be compatible with recent web browsers, (Chrome will be a preferred choice). For the rest of your computer setup, you're free to use the tools and programming languages of your choice

Further Information
Partcipants can follow the link to submit application:


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