10 Quick Tips for a High Score in JEE

Are you appearing for the JEE this year? Here are the top10 quick tips from the teachers of the best Engineering Entrance Training Institutes to crack JEE, which you cannot learn from any typical entrance training institutes?

If you have been spending a lot of time to find the best Engineering Entrance Training Institutes in Kerala so as to make sure that you get a high score in JEE then, take a hiatus and read on. Though a good coaching institute is your first step towards a foolproof and consistent exam preparation which lays the foundation for a high score in the exam; there are various other things that will determine your success. The following post will comprise of ten such tips from the teachers of the best Engineering Entrance Training Institutes in Kerala, that will ensure that you get a high score in JEE and ace the exam better than your expectations!!

So, here we go!!

  1. Attention and Focus that is solid and unwavering!!

    • Always keep your preparation as per the exam level. You don't have to read and understand the JD Lee for solving Chemistry in JEE or Irodov for Physics. Similarly, don't waste your time and focus on the questions that are way too easy to be asked in the exam.

    • Develop the habit of having undivided attention which will keep you away from any kind of anticipation and thus prevent you from losing focus. This habit will require time to be acquired and mastered.

    • While preparing for the exam, always keep in mind that you have to ace it instead of brooding over the failing odds is suggested by most of the career counsellors at the Engineering Entrance Training Institutes in Kerala.

  2. Consistency and Regularity is Important:

    • Try to develop regularity in the study and maintaining it consistently.

    • For example, if you are preparing 'Motion' then start with the fundamental concepts and solve the basic problems, then solve the questions from the reference books, then solve the sample and previous year papers (questions on motion) and finally – Write all the types of concepts and problem types you solved on that in a journal or diary.

    • For example, you can write as follows:
      Circular Motion done
      Linear Motion Done
      Circular Motion Reference Book Done etc

    • Once your preparation reaches a ripe stage, your diary will have more and more pages and you will derive motivation and mental boost from it. This will also offer a sense of confidence that you have actually prepared for the exam.

    • This is something that you will NOT learn at the typical Engineering Entrance Training Institutes in Kerala; which is why the list is the best thing you will read today.

  3. Learning Tricks, Short Cuts and Formula:

    • A major part of the JEE Paper will depend on the formulas, tricks, shortcuts to the calculations and lots of other things which require a very good memory.

    • Now, if you have a great retention power, then well and good; but if you are lacking in this sphere, then you will need some good tip.

    • So, just write all these formulas, tricks, mnemonics and shortcuts to solve some typical problems in big font on white chart paper and paste the paper on the walls of your room. Read them revise them first thing when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed.

    • Do this from the moment you begin your exam preparation or enrol in the Engineering Entrance Training Institutes in Kerala. By the time of the exam, you will be more than well equipped and more than well prepared for the JEE.

  4. Walking and Relaxing:

    • Take care of your mind and body on a regular basis. This will ensure that you don't fall victim to bad nerves or shocks or anxiety attacks during or before the exam.

    • Every year, there are a number of candidates that fail to even complete the exam and fall unconscious owing to stress and anxiety. This leads to losses that cannot be calculated. Right??

    • When consulted, the teachers and counsellors at some of the best Engineering Entrance Training Institutes in Kerala stated that simple exercises like relaxed solitary walks and relaxing by listening to some calming music or motivational songs keeps the minds relaxed and helps a lot.

  5. Revision is C.R.U.C.I.A.L.:

    • Once you have completed a topic and move on to the other one, it is of extreme importance to revise it after a few days and cultivate this habit for the whole syllabus to ensure that you don't forget the earlier learned things.

    • To make this revision even better and regular, keep a fixed interval; such as after every 10 days or after every 20 days and follow this timeline religiously.

  6. Solving Online Mock Tests:

    • JEE is conducted online as well which means that you should practice the online mock tests as well.

    • Solving the online mock tests will also test you in the actual exam environment. The online mock exam will test your time management skills; problem-solving skills in constrained time; stress management and marking of negative answers in stress.

    • Solving online mock papers is not enough. Read the personal report after the exam and keep a record of the number of negative answers you attempt. This number should have a depreciating graph.

  7. Jumping from one source to another:

    • Another main reason of failure and incomplete exam preparation is that the students keep changing the Engineering Entrance Training Institutes in Kerala or keep changing the study materials or the books every month or every few months.

    • In this pursuit of finding the best source of exam preparation, they tend to lose focus and lose a lot of time as well.

  8. Choose Wisely:

    • Spend some time in researching and finding the best Engineering Entrance Training Institutes in Kerala and then take the feedback from the previous students or the current students.

    • Checking the result records yourself will offer you a better insight into their preparation methods and will allow you to make a better decision.

  9. Time flies away:

    • Whether you are a dropper or a fresher, the time seems to crawl only the first few months and it is of utmost importance to keep a careful track of it all the time.

    • If you lose focus and think that you can prepare later, you are bound to lose and fail.

  10. Optimism and Labour:

    • Labour alone might fail, but labour combined with a perfectly set mind will guarantee success.

    • Keep your mind free of all tensions and depressive talks; especially the relatives and neighbours and just focus on preparation.

Well, these are some tips from the experts at the Engineering Entrance Training Institutes in Kerala and in general; hope they come handy.
Good Luck!!!

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Author: Umesh28 Dec 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

An excellent and elaborate set of guidelines for getting success in JEE. Many students may be following some of these tips but it is good to see them in consolidated form at one place to check where one does stand in this respect.

I want to add one point here that for any competitive exam the students should prepare well in advance. For example, a student of class XI should start it then itself though it may appear that the exam is going to take place after 2 years. The reason is obvious that one can cover a lot of questions and their varied forms when we have a long interval of time in hand as well as we have a strong determination to excel.

In some families, the children studying in class IX or X are motivated and encouraged at that stage itself for appearing in the top exams like IAS. This makes a background frame of mind for the students and they start thinking everything from that perspective. Whatever they see in TV or newspaper they start assessing its relationship to their future exam.

So any exam, it is better to start the preparations early so that by the time the exam comes on our head we had sufficient time not only to revise the course but clear our doubts regarding the relatively tougher questions.

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