3 Misconceptions about Scuba Diving You Should Clarify

Never let the common misconceptions about scuba diving hold you back from experiencing the beautiful aquatic life. Here's a look at the most common Scuba diving myths, false information and misunderstandings and truth behind it.


Of all the Adventure Sports that are famous across the whole world, Scuba Diving is one such Adventure Activity that is safe, secure, guarantees immense pleasure and entertainment and is loved by people of all age groups. Though there are lots of scuba lovers across the world, there are lots of myths and misconceptions about the adventure activity which is a huge turn-off for many people that have never ever tried it. This post will be exploring the most famous 3 misconceptions about scuba diving so that all our readers can get their issues resolved and take a dip at the next encounter with the open waters.

So, here we go!!!

Misconceptions about the Scuba Diving – Myths and their Busting:

  1. Sharks are there to KILL you:

  2. One of the most common Scuba Diving Misconceptions is that you can get killed while doing it. The large open water bodies such as oceans and seas are full of predatory fish and other creatures that can be harmful or lethal as well. But, the scuba diving is an adventure activity that is done in shallow waters and only the professional deep divers get to dive in the real depths of the oceans. Hence, the odds of getting encountered by a shark that can prove lethal are extremely low. Of all the Scuba Diving Misconceptions, you can say bye-bye to this by understanding that every year only 5 people get killed by sharks across the whole globe. That is an eye-opener; right?

  3. Men rather than women:

  4. Another one of the most common Scuba Diving Misconceptions is that it is a men's adventure activity. Though the number of male professional deep sea divers is more than the women professional divers and you are more likely to be assisted by the male divers while doing majority of the adventure activities in waters such as diving; snorkelling and scooter riding etc; the fact that the scuba diving is a gender-neutral adventure activity is just too big to be ignored or misunderstood.

    The females can equally enjoy, teach and learn all the adventure sports inclusive of the scuba diving and enjoy the dives in all kinds of waters depending on their comfort level and expertise at the feat. In fact, the scuba diving is so safe and secure that even children of 7 years can easily experience the underwater world without any hiccup.

  5. Limited to the tourist hotspots:

Though the coral show can be enjoyed in the shallow warm waters of the seas and oceans; the scuba diving is not limited to that only. Another one of the highly irrelevant Scuba Diving Misconceptions is that it can be done and enjoyed at the major tourist hotspots such as Kerala, Andamans, Maldives etc. The scuba diving can be done and learnt in all kinds of waters including the standing ones. The cold waters and quarries also offer amazing underwater adventure sports to enjoy and learn.
In fact, all the professional divers begin in the standing waters such as ponds; pools; small lakes etc and then move onto become more and more trained in the natural water bodies such as oceans and seas and bays etc.

Some other Scuba Diving Misconceptions are as follows:

  • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving is the same. Snorkelling is more of a witnessing sport, but the scuba diving is more of water immersive adventure activity in which you actually go under the water.

  • Diving Classes are boring and complicated

  • Air cylinders will never fail you

  • Your health and physical condition should be excellent to learn and enjoy scuba diving

  • Scuba diving is very expensive

  • You can die while scuba diving

  • Decompression sickness can happen to you

Well, there are many more Scuba Diving Misconceptions that are absurd and root out from irrational beliefs and fears.

Instead of believing in them blindly, you should choose wisely what to believe in and enjoy one of the most entertaining, amazing and safe adventure sports – Scuba Diving. If you are planning to do Scuba Diving in Kerala you can go with the Bond Safari scuba diving team. They are the official PADI certified scuba diving agency in Kerala, offering water sports activities like snorkelling and scuba diving.

Happy Diving!!!!



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