Never Ever Give up -- the mantra for success at all times

There are hundreds of thousands of people who simply give up. These are the people who think that success is beyond them for whatever reason. However, those who never ever give up have different plans and they execute them so well. This article is an attempt to discuss some intelligent strategies in some detail.


Life is always tough. We will always find some hurdle or the other. There will always be something that we need to go through. Something that we need to experience and come out successful. These barriers may be financial or related to circumstances. Yes, part of which are beyond our control. One important point is that the same set of circumstances or financial difficulties are part of the lives of others as well.

What then is the difference? Those who have the will to stay put, to work so hard and try out new ideas as entrepreneurs have always been successful. There are so many success stories of people who also go ahead in their jobs, only through the application of mind. They never ever give up.

From their success stories, it is very obvious that their Never Ever Give Up policies and strategies are built around a) Firm conviction of their abilities b) Taking on challenges with a missionary zeal c) Always looking for new ideas d) Learning from every situation and e) Setting examples for others to follow.

Firm conviction of their abilities

Those who are always firm in their abilities also win at all times. They have a huge sense of self-belief. They are superbly talented too. M.S. Dhoni, the legendary cricketer belongs to this tribe. Virak Kholi, present Captain of the Indian cricket team is also on record that his self-belief is the reason behind his success. One can always observe the hard work of these professionals. Their self-belief is the main reason for their success. They live with a firm conviction of their dreams. They work with passion. This is also seen in professional singers and ace film directors like Manirathinam. It can also be seen in music directors like A.R. Rahman. They also have humility in them. They do not boast at any point in time.

Ordinary mortals who succeed can always be seen around us. Just look at how the people from Kerala settle down in various parts of the country. They are highly educated. They quickly learn the local language. They quickly adapt to the fashions found in the place where they settle down. It is impossible to find Keralities in Mumbai who resemble their counterparts back home. They speak Hindi even better than the native people. Their fashions are totally up to date. It is just that the people of Kerala always believe in their ability to do different things while adapting to new cultures. One can always find doctors, engineers, scientists, technocrats and a huge number of IT professionals among them. Many of them are very successful multi-taskers too.

Taking on challenges with a missionary zeal

This is extremely important. Those who succeed against heavy odds always work far beyond what their normal official duties would require them to. They have far bigger goals in mind. They work systematically towards achieving such goals.

This is a true story. The name is not mentioned. Armed with an ordinary B.Com from a college called Poondy Pushpam College in a rural environment near Tanjore in Tamil Nadu, a very young professional sought the help of his sister's husband to migrate to Mumbai. He was immediately offered help. He landed in Mumbai and took up a job with a local trading company. In those days, the Mumbai Stock exchange was the only exchange in India, doing roaring business. The other stock Exchanges were also there. But the one in Mumbai was alone doing very well. Everything was manually done and he had to quickly learn Hindi.

He did that. He used all his intelligence to work his way up. Within a short time, he learned to make money through trading in good A-class companies. The Gujarathi bosses immediately promoted him as an Asst. Manager. The Canara Bank Mutual Fund took him on as a Manager a couple of years later. He did so well and was promoted in double quick time. The age of computerization and the setting up of the National Stock Exchange also helped him grow very fast. A couple of changes later, he is now in a very senior position with the Aditya Birla Financial Services. He appears very often on television, educating prospective investors about what to invest in. Somewhere down the line, he armed himself with a weekend Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Management from the University of Mumbai. However, his goal was to reach the top. He never ever gave up. He had survived the downturn in markets. He now controls so many people. His opinion is always sought after in so many public forums. Imagine such a top-notch professional from a very ordinary college in a rural environment.

Hence, missionary zeal is always important for success in life.

Always looking for new ideas

This is applicable for each of us. The wisest of parents do not put their children into schools where there is only the mugging up routine for success. They instead put them into schools where the boy or girl will have enough time to concentrate on studying for the tougher IIT JEE or the NEET examinations. A very good score here is a sure passport to success in the future.

Similarly, those who fail in their final examination at any level should never ever give up. They do have a future. They can always work their way up. They need to just understand that life is so short and there are ways to make a big impression. There are too many job oriented courses today. The students can always do well in their later lives through the application of mind.

Even very ordinary rural area students first study the Commerce degree through their native Hindi or Tamil or Telugu medium or through other Indian languages too. They follow it up with the M.Com degree and the Ph.D. degree and also get qualified through the NET and the SLET examinations. They are then ready for Government jobs with full-time teaching responsibilities. They also succeed in life. A single failure at school does not mean anything. Never ever give up. This is the mantra that comes in handy for success later.

The new ideas will also reflect in understanding the many ways to success. Entrepreneurs in so many places are known to apply all their creativity in looking for new ideas. The Kirana shop person does this so well. His strategies are well known. His personalized approach to customers was discussed in one of the aforesaid paragraphs. He does much more than that too. For example, up against competition from the likes of Big Bazaar, he goes about systematically offering discounts to each customer. The discounts are as good as what a customer can get from Big Bazaar. He also stocks smaller quantities of specific products that one cannot find at Big Baar. He even offers help to every individual customer in terms of telling them about bus timings or visitors to their house in their absence or new products in the market and so on. He survives and he grows. Far better than what is normally thought possible at all.

Learning from every situation

This is vital. This is not a simple task. It requires big attention to detail and it also means opening up of one's eyes to everything that happens around him or her. The wiser people are investing in good balanced funds of mutual funds. A good monthly return of ten percent is assured. This is a very safe investment and the returns are far better than the seven percent we get from banks. Similarly, a long-term saving through the Public Provident Fund is a very good investment. This helps one tide over expenses related to marriage or further education of children.

Learning does not mean only work-related issues. It is wise to have a security report of any new servant maid. This should be done even if any agency had made the reference to the particular person. It is wise to even check police records. Similarly, it is wise to warn even a ten-year-old girl child to never part with the cell number of either parent. It is wise to be updated on all health-related issues. Why should one smoke or booze and invite cancer when he or she is just thirty years old? It is a fashion among some young boys and girls to smoke and drink in parties. They are rapidly digging their own grave.

Setting examples for others to follow

This is a lesson that we should always learn. The lives of the tallest leaders is always an inspiration. It is also possible to find some similar streak in some ordinary soul around us. Those who never ever think anything remotely bad or talk anything bad about others is another example. Those who do commendable social work without making any noise are worth emulating too.

There are people even among IT professionals who decide to do something constructive and take up very good social causes. Such tribes are increasing day after day. It becomes our duty to get inspired by such people. Those who work for others always have some lessons for all others.


Never ever give up. This is the only mantra for success in any given situation. No matter whatever hurdles we face. When we look around we will always find smart people. We can easily find successful people who are also selfless. Let us learn from them.

Never ever give up. We should remember these words at any point in time in our lives.


Author: Venkiteswaran19 Dec 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

Perseverance and focused efforts are effective ways to achieve our goals. When we do not reach our goal, it does not mean that that is the end of everything and we should leave at that. No, failure is also an opportunity to succeed. Failure gives us time to review our efforts. If we properly analyse and review to ascertain what went wrong or what contributed to our failure, we would be finding better ways to achieve our goals.

However, if we give up at the first instance of failure, then probably we may be losing the opportunity for a better and more worthy achievement forever.

The article title itself is very relevant and to the point.

Just as the article hints inter-alia, our failures pave way for a smoother path for the followers and next generations in that same direction. Our repeated efforts make it less strenuous for others and also inspire them.

So one of the Mantras for success is 'Never ever give up in case you fail'.

Author: Annu Yadav05 Jan 2020 Member Level: Silver   Points : 7

Success is not measured by the trophies or the awards we receive. The trophies and awards certify the credibility of our work. Real success is defined as the struggle we faced to reach to the top pedestal.

The successful mathematician Aryabhata discovered Zero. Each and every individual's starting point is zero. The number zero not only has a mathematical significance but it also has a significance in human life.

A toddler is admitted to primary school, then secondary school and then higher secondary school. Later, the toddler grows up and joins college. This whole process is in ascending order.

Growth and development of humans are from zero levels to elementary level to secondary level to advanced level.
Similar is the case with success. If we are persistent, confident, determined, patient and honest with our work and goals, we will definitely we successful.

No one becomes rich without power. Power comes either from hard work or from support. If a person has a huge fan following and a majority of support, then he might get rich.
But, if a person is alone and has no support, hard work is the only mantra. Hard work beats talent.

For some people, becoming rich is success. But for some, living a sustainable life is success. For some, spreading happiness to others is success. So, success is all about the choices we make in life. It's about the desires, the likes, goals and plans.

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