Top 10 Canada Immigration Consultants in Kochi

If you're looking forward to migrating to Canada from India, you've come to the right place because here we tell you about the top 10 Canada Immigration Consultants in Kochi as Kochi has become a hub for immigration consultants.

In the last few decades, the importance of quality higher education and the desire to tour around the globe have both led to the realization in the minds of Indian people that one should explore the world, at least once. This, in turn, has led many to get convinced that instead of just going abroad to satiate the wanderlust or to avail quality higher education, it's rather better to get settled forever. The process of coming into one country from another is known as immigration and as we know in the contemporary world, to migrate from one country to another, lots of formal legal requirements need to be complied with. These may involve getting your passport issued by your home country, putting together all the money you need to go through the process and survive once you're in that other jurisdiction of your choice, as well as stockpiling all the documents you need to get your visa approved. And then there are other challenges you need to deal with such as pre-migration and post-migration issues such as accommodation in the country you've migrated to, whether you need a job, whether your visa would allow you to work in this country and so on.

Since getting through all this all by yourself can be very difficult, there are consultants and agencies to help you through this for an amount. Of late, Kochi in Kerala has become a hub for immigration consultants. If you're looking forward to migrating to Canada from India, you've come to the right place because here we tell you about the top 10 Canada Immigration Consultants in Kochi. Below find the list of top 10 Canada immigration consultants in Kochi.

1ImmiLaw GLobal
2Xiphias Immigration
5M&A Immigration & Study Abroad Consultants
6 CanApprove
10 Jubeerich

1.ImmiLaw Global

Among all the Canada immigration consultants that we came across, ImmiLaw Global for various reasons came a top of all others. To begin with, what distinguishes ImmiLaw Global as perhaps the best Canada immigration consultants in Kochi and in all of Kerala is the difference in their approach. Rather than working with regular random consultants who may have got all the field experience required to get you through the Visa process, it is important that those planning for Canada immigration or immigration to any other place must get the best advice possible. This is because immigration, like all other activities in the world we live in today, is governed by vast legal regimes which can change overnight. Although the regular consultant may be well versed with the usual process, it takes one to be a lawyer to understand the various nuances of the law precisely and analyze if the law has changed. At ImmiLaw Global, as the name speaks, a law is a major consideration for them and because they take it very seriously, customers working with ImmiLaw get the best of both Indian as well as Canadian immigration lawyers. In other words, working with these guys is synonymous to hiring real-time immigration lawyers themselves. To add to that, these guys throw in a horde of pre-migration and post-migration to ensure that your journey is smooth from the beginning to the end. They've got a lot of experience in Canada immigration and overseas education, especially when it comes to guiding students to clear the TOEFL, IELTS and similar language tests, getting through scholarships and so on. In a nutshell, we found them to be a complete package, with an edge of extreme reliability because of the legal angle they bring to the business. They can be reached at +91 9072 322 322.

2.Xiphias Immigration

One of the rather more prominent names in the field of Canada immigration in Kerala is Xiphias. Xiphias Immigration is an award-winning agency, probably the one with the largest number of business and leadership awards in Kochi. They won the Business & Leadership Excellence Award in 2018; International Kohinoor Award for Excellence presented to Mr. Varun Singh, the MD of the Company, conferred by Economic Growth Foundation; Most Promising Immigration Consultancy Company of the Year in the Excellence Summit 2017, among various other awards. They've got a very informative website, to begin with, which customers often find very useful especially because of the detailed content about Canada immigration eligibility.


Cadauz is a well-known migration consulting firm based out of Kochi. They are in the business of providing a time-efficient solution to immigration-related issues, which they claim to be their forte. They work with well-groomed immigration consultants who are always up and ready to help the customers. Cadiz has over 16 years of experience in the field of migration and has been doing some good work since its establishment. They offer a free consultation, to begin with, so customers can get some basic idea of what is it going to be like to work with them. They offer a wide array of migration services, especially to students which includes assistance in scholarship applications and guidance for IELTS training as well.


Guys at Santa Monica specialize in migration to Canada and Australia and have got a lot of satisfied customers. Besides offering quality migration services to those planning for Canada migration, Santa Monica offers a chest of overseas education related avenues. They've got tie-ups with some prominent universities across the globe and have offices in more than 30 countries. In India, they are mainly spread across South India where they have established a major presence.

5.M&A Immigration & Study Abroad Consultants

M&G stood second on our list of best immigration consultants in Kerala for the same reasons why ImmiLaw is our favorite. Like ImmiLaw, M&A too has been doing some quality business and works with lawyers. Their team of lawyers comprises of some highly experienced immigration lawyers licensed within the province of Ontario, people with high knowledge and experience in the field of Canada immigration. Besides immigration, they also offer several overseas education-related services, like most of the other players in the business.


As the name suggests, CanApprove is a migration consultancy agency which specializes in the field of migration to Canada. In short, Canada immigration is their whole and sole focus and what makes them stand out is that although they have narrowed down their business to Canada, with some amount of work being done in the field of Australia immigration too, they have managed to cater to a good number of clients. It seems they are able to gain in revenues what they're losing out on narrowing down on a single jurisdiction. If all is well, what more can you ask?


Y-Axis is a new thought in the field of Canada immigration. One of the best immigration consultants in Kerala, Y-Axis has a 4-pronged approach. That is to say that they mainly focus on 4 areas of specialization which include, Visa, migration, study, and work. If you look at it from another point of view, it's like a process which guys at Y-Axis strive to complete for their customers – first by helping them with quality visa advice, they help them to migrate where their customers can first study and if they do well, maybe also get jobs. Good job Y-Axis!


It seems that VisasAvenue has just the opposite approach when compared to guys at Y-Axis. While Y-Axis offers all kinds of services, be it jobs, visa or study, VisasAvenue makes it clear on the very home page of their website that they do not offer consultancy on overseas jobs, work permits, international or domestic placements. For this honesty, they really earned some brownie points on our list, which is why they figure here today. They offer quality immigration services with respect to migration to Australia, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, and Denmark and have offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kochin.


Services offered by Polinsys include advising with respect to permanent residence program in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, overseas education, spousal work permit, resettlement, and NCLEX-RN Coaching, which is an exam/course for nurses. They have chosen some really unique fields of work for themselves, cutting apart from the regular services that other players offer. Rather they have chosen to provide some unique services such as business migration where they advise entrepreneurs to migrate their business depending on the business requirements and ambitions. Special focus on NCLEX-RN and IELTS coaching set them apart in our eyes.


Last but not the least, Jubeerich also figures on our list of top 10 Canada Immigration Consultants in Kochi. They offer quality Canada immigration services. If you're planning to migrate to Canada from India, they might be a good choice because of their reliability, experience, customer satisfaction, and work ethics.

Despite these are the top 10 Canada Immigration Consultants in Kochi, choice of agency you might want to work with at the end of the day will depend on your individual requirements and goals. While someone might be looking to migrate to Canada to India for the purpose of becoming a nurse, one might be willing to shift their families as well as business altogether to Canada. Depending on what a person wants, one can work with one agency or the other. Please throw in your feedback if you were satisfied with our ways of narrowing down on the best immigration consultants in Kerala or if you think another name should figure in this list of ours.

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