Top 10 International Schools in Kerala

Kerala has a uniquely devised education system. Here you can find the excellent international schools in Kerala.

The state of Kerala has always been exemplary when it comes to education, music, art, and architecture. Having been a topper in the list of the states with the highest literacy rate in India, Kerala offers some of the best educational institutions of all kinds with international recognition; be it schools or higher education. Kerala offers one of the best scholastic educations in India and one can easily find some of the best International schools in Kerala. The following post is the most credible listing of all the best International schools in Kerala with all the important details. With such an intensive knowledge at your disposal, your search for the International Schools in Kerala or the IGCSE schools in Kerala ends here.

Top 10 International Schools in Kerala

Find out all the international schools that are worth their salt; what kind of facilities they offer; infrastructure details; curricular and co-curricular activities and their track record which make them worthy of this Top 10 International Schools in Kerala list.

1The International School of Thrissur
2Dawn International School,Kochi
3The White school International,Kozhikode
4Sadhbhavana World School, Kozhikode
5Devamatha CMI International School, Thrisssur
6 De Paul International Residential School, Idukki
7Gem International School, Kannur
8The Indian Public School,Kochi
9 Eruditus International School, Thrissur
10Billabong High International School,Kochi

  1. The International School of Thrissur

  2. Located in Chirakkakrode, with a scenic landscape as its backdrop and a quiet and peaceful setting,the International School of Thirssur is a premier institution and certainly tops this list of International Schools in Kerala with its amazing and competitive educational merits. The International School of Thrissur has state of the art facilities; an integrated curriculum which is aligned with both the Indian and International educational requirements and offers the option of choosing CBSE curriculum at the HSE level as well.

    Established with an aim of providing a safe and supportive educational environment to the young minds so that they can actually realize their potential and carve their way magnificently in this whole wide world, the International School of Thrissur has an erudite and expert team as its foundation. With the management in highly capable hands that have dealt and served various high-level departments of repute and have a wide exposure to learning and education at the international level; the school is the leader of all the International Schools in Kerala.

    The Curriculum at the International School of Thrissur:

    • The curriculum has been designed on the basis of Montessori Methodology which allows the students to learn and grow as per their inner urges and a hands-on manner

    • There are various educational programs at the school, such as:
      Toddler Programme
      Kindergarten Programme
      Elementary or Primary School Programme (From Class 1 to 4)
      Middle School Programme (From Class 5 to 8)
      Secondary School Programme (Class 9 to 10)
      Higher Secondary School Programme (Class 11 to 12)

    • What makes the curriculum at the International School of Thrissur, the best is the fact that it offers Inclusive Education in which every student has his or her own approach and understanding towards, learning, acquiring knowledge in the due course of time, reactions to the environments and evolution as a grown and learned person

    • The past records of the student; feedback from the teachers; detailed observations on various parameters; and regular analysis of the student performance – all count while deciding the placement of the student in the Inclusive Education Program

    • There are School Counsellor and Special Educator that form a comprehensive support system of the students placed in this program which is yet another reason that the International School of Thrissur is the leader of the Best International Schools in Kerala

    • There are various Houses in the school with dedicated Mottos and Colours to inculcate a sense of belonging and unity; while encouraging healthy competition amongst the students

    Co-Curricular Activities at the School

    • TIST offers wide avenues for co-curricular activities to promote all-round development of its students. There are various clubs and classes that promote and explore the interests and talents of students

    • The school offers: cultural activities,literary activities,hobby clubs,radio station,sports and games,gardening and agriculture classes,volunteering and community service

    • The International School of Thrissur offers an amazing set of co-curricular activities that explore the talents of the students and offer them a multitude of avenue to excel at

    • Speech and Drama; Performing Arts; Dance and Music (Indian and Western); Debates; Quizzes; Public Speaking; and lots of other activities keep the school environment lively and healthy.

    • TIST offers a broad platform to all the students for holistic growth and is undoubtedly one of the best International schools in Kerala.

    Facilities Offered at the International School of Thrissur:

    • The school has Library (offline as well as digital)

    • Play Courts

    • Exclusive Play Area for the Pre-Primary Students

    • Laboratories

    • Swimming Pool

    • Cafeteria

    • Multipurpose Hall

    • Career Counselling Cell

    • Student Counselling Cell

    • Sick Bay

    • Hostel

    The overall environment and education level at the International School of Thrissur is much refined and oriented towards extremely reforming and careful development of the young minds. With a team of highly dedicated and erudite minds, the school is one of the best schools in Thrissur as well as in Kerala also.

    Address of the school: The International School of Thrissur, TIST
    Chirakkakode near Mannuthy,
    Thrissur 680 654
    Tel :- +91 - 79944 57021 / 22 / 25
    0487 269 3456 / 269 3322
    Email :-

  3. Dawn International School, Kochi

  4. The Dawn International School is located in Velloorkara, Kochi and offers premier education and a well-designed co-curricular activity set to all its students. The school has an indoor swimming pool, AC classrooms and AC hostels, AC Buses for conveyance, Hi-Tech labs with all the modern facilities, Multimedia Room, Library, Multipurpose Hall and Play Ground for sports and playing. The Dawn International School offers Round the Clock Security for the safeguarding of its students. There are specialized teachers for Extracurricular Classes and Fine Arts. The faculty at the school is internationally experienced.

    Apart from the curriculum, the Dawn International School has amazing sports opportunities which make it one of the Best International Schools in Kerala. The sports activities that are offered at the school are:

    • Cricket

    • Volleyball

    • Football

    • Table Tennis

    • Roller Skating

    • Basketball

    • Badminton

    • Gymnastics

    • Horse Riding

    • Yoga

    • Aerobics

    The Department of Health and Physical Education at the Dawn International School is headed by an internationally acclaimed trainer from the United Kingdom.

    Dawn International School – Highlights:

    • There are two boards, namely – IGCSE and CBSE

    • The students can apply for the admissions online

    • The school provides excellent opportunities and facilities for the holistic development of the students

    • There is a state of the art Boarding House with all the basic amenities and facilities of the international repute and standards. There are separate hostels for the girls and boys

    • The international students can also apply online from the official website of the school

    • The Dawn International School has been awarded and recognized at various national and international events for excellence in education

    Address of the school: Dawn International School
    Near Ambalamedu, Velloorkara
    Puthencruz P.O., Kochi- 682 308
    Tel : +91 484 272 01 01, +91 9447577770 / 71
    Email :

  5. The White School International, Kozhikode

  6. The White School International is located in HILITE Knowledge Village and was established with an aim of providing progressive and enterprising education of international repute and standards in India. Established and managed by the HiLITE Group, the school is one of the Best International Schools in Kerala and also a prestigious one of all the IGCSE Schools in Kerala. The School imparts courses under three educational boards of exams, namely – CBSE, IGCSE and IB Candidate School. Apart from the Scholastic Programs, The White School International also provides the following Scholastic Support Programs:

    • English Immersion Programs

    • Counselling

    • Remedials

    • Career Guidance

    The co-curricular activities provided by The White School International are called as the Co-Scholastics and have the following categories:

    • Sports and Health

    • Science and Technology

    • Clubs

    • Arts

    Apart from the day schooling, The White School International also offers the Residential Dorms that are well-equipped with all the modern and state of the art facilities and infrastructure to make the education acquiring process easier and better. The school offers the education combined with all the other counterparts such as Arts, Fine Arts, Sports and Recreational Activities for the personal development and emotional quotient promotion.
    Facilities offered at The White School International:

    • The school has a discovery centre that has separate art labs for dance, music, craft and art

    • The discovery centre has Kindle Lab, Technical Labs for astronomy, robotics, Math, Computer and Science

    • There are dedicated Design and Technology Lab; Apple / MAC Lab, Language Labs, Phonics Lab and Sensory Labs

    • The White School International has a Learning Centre which features an advanced library and reading corner with e-books

    • There are various courts, fields, practice nets, Training Tracks, pools and a fully equipped gymnasium. Apart from that, there are theatre, auditorium and amphitheatres

    • The White School International has a residency block with Pastoral Care and Fully AC Rooms; Security Desks for Girls and Boys; CCTV Surveillance; Trained Security Guards and Fully Secured Compound Wall

    • The healthcare facilities at the school are also world-class and comprise of infirmary bay with nurses, healthcare tie-up with reputed hospitals and periodical health check-ups

    • The other amenities offered at The White School International are Protected WIFI Access, 600+ PAX dining area and Laundry Services

    All these facilities combined with the amazing education imparted at the school make it one of the leading and the Best International Schools at Kerala.
    Address of the school: The White School International
    HiLITE Knowledge Village,
    Parammal, Perumanna
    Kozhikode -673019
    Tel :+91 - 95 260 777 78
    Email :

  7. Sadhbhavana World School, Kozhikode

  8. Set amidst the scintillating scenic backdrop of Kozhikode, the Sadhbhavana World School was established in the year of 2006 with an aim of providing quality education of international repute and recognition. The school has been recognized by the CBSE Board and has a reputed ranking among the Best International Schools in Kerala. The school has one of its own kind Dorms that are furnished in a modern style with all the amenities. There is a dedicated wing for the playgroup and toddlers with Day Care as well.
    Read the various facilities offered by the school that makes it one of the Best International Schools in Kerala.

    Sadhbhavana World School – Facilities:

    • The school has highly modern and state of the art infrastructure with an intelligent floor plan. There are various areas that have been kept for special sports such as swimming, courts, grounds, and halls etc. that have been designed in a considerably large area

    • The school offers a perfect mix of food items on its menu chart which can be seen online on the official website as well. Designed to give a perfectly well-balanced diet plan to the students, the meal has been designed in association with the nutritionists

    • To promote respect towards a healthy lifestyle and, of course, the sports as a way of life and profession, the Sadhbhavana World School has a dedicated department for Sports and Games. The teachers not only educate the students in Physical Education, they even carve their career as a brilliant sportsman as well

    • Transportation facilities are also offered by the school which can be used by every student

    • There are various unique features of all the International Schools in Kerala and the Sadhbhavana World School has one as well. There is a Science Park in the school which is only one in the state of Kerala where the science gadgets have been aesthetically designed for real-time education promotion and learning. From observing the nature in its actual form to performing physical experiments in the actual environment, the science park promotes the hands-on and experimental learning

    • There is a dedicated infirmary to handle any cases of injuries or sickness with certified and well-qualified staff to handle different kinds of cases. The infirmary is equipped with all the necessary items and is more than just the first aid

    • There is a special education wing at the Sadhbhavana World School

    • There is a specially designed kitchen area that is clean, sanitized and equipped with the state of the art equipment to cater to the students and staff in the best manner possible

    The Curriculum at the Sadhbhavana World School:

    • The curriculum details are as follows:
      Kindergarten – SLSC
      Integrated Primary Program
      Secondary CBSE
      Secondary IGCSE
      A level

    • The Sadhbhavana World School is one of the most unique International Schools in Kerala that has a unique methodology for teaching and learning

    • The Academic Support Services at the school comprise of the Self Access Centre (SAC), Multimedia Language Lab and the Science Park

    • The school has a different teaching methodology and department for the children with special needs and thus caters to all the students irrespective of their ability to learn or grasp

    Address of the school: Sadhbhavana World School
    Logosity, Velliparamba PO,
    Calicut, India 673008
    Tel : 04952351651/52/53/54
    Mobile : 09446646464
    Email: ,

  9. Devamatha CMI International School, Thrisssur

  10. Located in Thrissur, the Devamatha CMI International School is really one of the Best International Schools in Kerala, not only because of the high-class infrastructure but because of its status of being the First Cambridge International School in Thrissur. The school provides excellent education of the international standards. The school has:

    • Cambridge Primary (5 to 11 years)

    • Cambridge Lower Secondary (11 to 14 years)

    • Cambridge Upper Secondary (14 to 16 years)

    • Cambridge Advanced (16 to 19 years)

    The Devamatha CMI International School is managed by the Devematha Public School Trust that comprises of the members of Devamatha Province of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate. Apart from focusing on the studies, the school works to helps students grow in all the walks of life; such as Spiritual, universal peace and brotherhood, love towards nature and care towards the needy ones. The Board of education is IGCSE.
    The school has an amazing infrastructure that is modern and state of the art to provide a quality education environment to the students. The students are given the right kind and the right amount of exposure to analyse their talents and strengths and hone them under the expert guidance of the able staff. The Devamatha CMI International School also has a Prayer Hall and Chapel that is used for Meditation and serves as a dedicated place for the students to explore their spirituality.
    Infrastructure at the Devamatha CMI International School:

    • Library

    • Playgrounds

    • Courts

    • Laboratories

    • Cafeteria

    Address of the school:Devamatha CMI International School
    Cambridge IGCSE
    Thangalur,Thrissur 680596
    Tel : +91 4872-2321144
    Email :

  11. De Paul International Residential School, Idukki

  12. De Paul International Residential School is located in one of the most scenic places in the State of Kerala and is a premier educational institution in India. Listed as one of the best international schools in Kerala, the De Paul International Residential School offers courses for both the boards, namely – CBSE and IGCSE. The school has a three word motto that says – Educate, Empower and Engage. The De Paul International Residential School is being run and managed by the Confreres of the Congregation of the Mission.
    The campus of the school is located at the amazingly beautiful foot of the scenic hills of Idukki that gives it a calm and peaceful environment which in turn aids in providing quality education to the students. With a team of extremely bright and erudite minds that believe in consistent learning and consistent growth, the school is one of the most famous International Schools in Kerala.
    The Infrastructure of the De Paul International Residential School:

    • A Dining hall that is clean and sanitized at all times

    • Extremely well furnished and well-equipped dormitories with all the modern facilities and amenities

    • Extra Curricular Activities

    • A sprawling campus

    • State of the art classes

    • Sustainable and green living promoted via gardening and farms

    Co-Curricular Activities at the De Paul International Residential School:

    • Clubs and other Student Bodies

    • Exchange Programmes

    • Sports and Programmes

    The school organizes a number of activities from time to time to promote the learning and an overall development of the students for an international standing which is why it is a reputed name among all the IGCE Schools in Kerala.
    Life at De Paul International Residential School:

    • The school has more than 25 school policies covering everything namely the academics, residential stay in campus and all the other aspects of life at the De Paul International Residential School

    • The school policies are reviewed and updated annually and are made available to the students, parents and staff in print form which earns it a rank among the Top 10 International Schools in Kerala

    • There are dedicated Students' Manual, Parents' Manual and Teachers' Manual

    • The school is connected by the Kumarakom-Kambam State Highway to the main regions and is located in the High Range Area of Idukki. The De Paul International Residential School Kerala arranges airport transportation for the students to the Cochin International Airport

    Address of the school: De Paul International Residential School Kerala,
    M.K. Padi P.O, Pushpagiri, Idukki, Kerala.
    Pin: 685514, India.
    Tel : +91-8111995671
    Email :

  13. Gem International School, Kannur

  14. The Gem International School is located in Mangad, near the Kannur University and is yet another premier name amongst the Best International Schools in Kerala. The school is affiliated to the University of Cambridge International Examinations and is the first school in the state of Kerala to get this accreditation. The school was established with an aim of providing an education and learning of the international repute all the while keeping it affordable as well. The Gem International School provides overall growth environment for the students to shape their lives and brains in a manner that earns them repute and respect in the world.
    Courses at the Gem International School:

    • Cambridge Primary

    • Cambridge Secondary

    • Cambridge IGCSE

    • Cambridge AS and A Level

    The courses at the school are taught as per the Cambridge International schemes and standards and prepare the students for a global career.
    Facilities at Gem International School:

    • Classrooms equipped with the latest technological teaching and learning aids to help in earning the education and promote the visual learning which makes the Gem International School, Kannur one of the Best International Schools in Kerala

    • A library equipped with the printed and digital study resources such as audio and video learning tools and aids for the inculcation of self-study and reference study in the students. Ample sections are there to house books and literature of all kinds to cater to the curiosity and learning urge in the young minds

    • Computer Lab with WIFI

    • Science Labs

    • Sports and Physical Education Department

    • Mess Area which is clean and hygienic at all the times

    • Dedicated areas for the Swimming and Pool Sports; Dance and Music; Play Area; Physical Art; Indoor Games such as Pool and Table Tennis; Chess etc; Martial Arts Centre and lots of other such things make the Gem International School, Kannur one of the most reputed International Schools in Kerala
    • School Parliament

    • Assemblies

    • Field Trips

    • Hostels

    • And all the other modern amenities

    Admissions can be applied for by the application forms in the online as well as offline mode. The school has a dedicated section on the official website where the latest news and happenings related to the school are mentioned for the parents, students and staff.
    Address of the school: Gem International School,
    Near Kannur University, Mangad, Kannur.
    Phone: 0497-2784600
    98953-25995 ,90722-44771
    E mail:

  15. The Indian Public School,TIPS, Kochi

  16. TIPS stands for The Indian Public School which is one of the most reputed IGCSE Schools in Kerala and is a co-educational, private international school that provides excellent international education.Founded with an aim of imparting quality education in affordable manner and to promote the independent learning and creative thinking of the students so that they can acquire a knowledge base that lays the foundation of their international career, The Indian Public School (TIPS) Kochi is one of the Best International Schools in Kerala with 8 branches in India and 1 branch in the USA (Los Angeles).The TIPS Kochi is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School that has been authorized toprovide the globally recognized Primary Years Program and IB Diploma Program for grades 11 and 12.
    Education and Student Life at TIPS Kochi

    • Academics that are at par with the international standards

    • Arts and Craft

    • Leadership Camps

    • Commute

    • Dance and Music

    • Fine Dining

    • Residential Facility with modern amenities

    • STEM

    • Entertainment Facilities for the students

    • Sports and Gaming

    • Real world exposure to acquire learning in the actual form

    • Expeditions and tours that are planned from time to time

    Education at The Indian Public School, Kochi
    Apart from the facilities that are mentioned in the above section, the school has the world best education system that makes it one of the best IGCSE Schools in Kerala.

    • Early Years at TIPS (PreKG, LKG, UKG)

    • Primary Program at TIPS (Grade 1 to Grade 5)

    • Middle Years Program at TIPS (Grade 6 to Grade 10)

    • Senior Secondary Program at TIPS (Grade 11 and Grade 12)

    • Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

    • International Primary Programme

    • Lower Secondary Program

    • IGCSE

    • International A/AS Levels

    Applications for admissions in the TIPS, Kochi can be filled online as well as offline. The formalities and the documents required for all kinds of admissions including including the International Admissions are mentioned on the official website.

    Address of the school:The Indian International School,TIPS ,Kochi
    TIPS Kochi
    Edachira, Thengode(Post),
    Cochin – 682030
    Tel :0484-4854850 / 2424272

  17. Eruditus International School, Thrissur

  18. The Eruditus International School is located at Jubilee at Jubilee Mission PO in Thrissur and is a leading member of the list of the Best International Schools in Kerala. The school is a part of the Eruditus Group of Institutions and is under the capable management of the Eruditus Trust. The education at this school starts with a Pre-Kindergarten Programme and comprises of Maths, Science, Arts, Music,
    Literature and Communication Skills. The Eruditus International School employs all the modern and technologically advanced methods of learning to impart an education that invokes the urge to learn and grow within the students and offers an environment that is full of healthy competition and comprehensive learning.
    The Eruditus International School, Thrissur has smart classrooms equipped with the modern teaching aids that help students to learn in a better manner. The stress is laid on improving all kinds of learning such as visual and audio-based learning. The staff at the Eruditus International School,Thrissur is well-read and highly expert which makes the school one of the best International Schools in Kerala.

    With a management under the capable members of the Eruditus Group of Institutions, the school has worked hard and acquired a status of repute amongst all the IGCSE Schools in Kerala.
    Address of the schoolEruditus International School, Thrissur
    Office: Jubilee Mission P.O.
    Thrissur 680005
    Tel : 0487 321 8550

  19. Billabong High International School

  20. The Billabong High International School is located in Maliyekkal Padi and offers premier education of the international repute. Being listed as one of the Best International Schools in Kerala, the Billabong High International School imparts education with an aim of creating the spark in the young minds.The staff and management at the school aims to offer an education that explores the avenues
    beyond the conventional schooling and mould the young minds such that they can grow and explore themselves.

    The Billabong High International School is one of the very few International Schools in Kerala that have a highly unique educational environment and teaching manner for the academic, emotions and spiritual growth of the students. The school has been awarded a number of awards and certificates of excellence for its amazing endeavours in the field of education. Apart from the IGCSE, the
    Billabong High International School also provides education as per the CBSE and ICSE boards of education to make the students ready for the exams and universities that seek the certain specific education standards.
    Facilities at the Billabong High International School

    • WIFI Campus

    • Smart Boards or the Digi Boards

    • AC Classrooms with a teacher to student ratio of 1:25

    • Tab lab

    • Computer Lab

    • Fine Arts and Painting Studio

    • Multimedia Learning Aids in the Classrooms

    • Science Lab

    • Math Lab

    • Aero modelling Lab

    • Amphitheatre

    • Yoga Centre

    • Volley ball Court

    • Audio Visual Lab

    • Highly equipped and rich library

    • TPS App

    • Sports Facilities

    • Swimming Pool

    • Skating Rink

    • Karate

    • Safety officer and Safety Task Force

    • Female Assisting Staff

    • Medical Aid Team

    • Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds

    • Horse Rides

    • CCTV Cameras installed in the campus for the constant monitoring and vigilance

    Address of the schoolBillabong High International School,
    Near KMEA Engineering College
    Maliyekkal Padi, Edachala P.O.
    Tele : +91 -9497055111, 9497155111
    Email :

    This completes the list of the Top 10 International Schools in Kerala with all the details. Now you have all kinds of information at your disposal and are thus able to make the most important decision for your child and his or her future. Choose Wisely for education is the most basic and the sharpest tool to carve your way into the world and make a spot for yourself that shines bright!!!

    Good Luck!!!

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