Why emotional decisions should not be taken in careers

There are several people who take emotional decisions in their career. These decisions pertain to difficult circumstances relating to bosses, non-value adding jobs, jobs where the location is of a disadvantage, and so on. Yet, the decisions that are purely based on emotional considerations are very poor decisions. Some dimensions of such decisions are discussed in detail in this article.

Bosses and their eccentric ways

Bosses are bosses. They normally yield enormous power. This is particularly true of bosses in family-managed companies, where the boss has enormous clout with the Top Management.

Such bosses always throw their weight around. They bark at subordinates. If you are a victim but have huge family responsibilities, please think again. Your emotional decision will probably be based on a spot decision to quit this fellow.

Fine enough. But are you very sure that the organization that you would jump to, will not have such horrible bosses? If you are already in a confirmed job, there are two or three choices. You could take up a new qualification. If it is a new Post-graduate diploma in Supply Chain Management from a good Management Institute like the Narsee Monji Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, even through distance education, you can request for a transfer to the purchasing department or the marketing department. In either case, you will still have a role to play. If that career excites you, go ahead.

Please do remember that your family interests and sense of security are very important too. These are days when your own brothers or sisters will not even come calling if you are in some sort of difficulty. If your in-laws are also possible with limited means, you need to really think one hundred times before you take a decision to quit. And always do so within the same city to ensure continuity of education for your children. This is a very important consideration. The second choice is to seek a transfer to another division if it is possible. Much would depend on the organizational circumstances and the kind of equation that you have with the bigger bosses who control your boss.

Non-value adding jobs

One can readily understand your frustration in being stuck with non-value adding jobs. If this is so, and you are 45+ in age, with school going children, never ever take an emotional decision. The only alternative is to seek happiness outside the work environment.

By developing some hobby outside the work environment you are likely to feel happy. For example, a bank clerk quickly realized that he would have to live with the dead-end job of debit and credit. He had two sisters to be married. He purchased an acre of land far away from the city. However, every weekend he would visit the place with his two sisters and do organic farming. He grew a huge number of vegetables that quickly gave the family all that they needed. And he also sold the excess. Over a period of time, one of his sisters got married into a farmer family. Though her husband was also a banker, he brought four acres of land near the same place and cultivated vegetables. His wife was there to support him. Both the men saw happiness in whatever they did.

The best solution is to stay in the job. However, if the situation is so bad, it is wise to seek a new job in the same location after ensuring that the new organization and job would really add value to your quality of experience.

Locational disadvantages

If you get to marry a girl from a city and are posted in a factory environment in a rural area, even if you are Senior Manager within five years, there is every chance that your wife will become very frustrated. She would really crib about the poor environmental conditions where there is no entertainment or excitement whatsoever.

In such a situation it is wise to take a risk. However, if your wife is also an educated and experienced person who could take up a new job, the risk becomes smaller. You can always stay put in the new job. In any case, you have given respect to your wife's emotions and this is just about fine. Not doing so would only bring in more trouble. However, if you are trapped in such environments for whatever reason, you can still visit the nearest city by hiring a car or driving your own car and enjoy every weekend.

Comfort-zone jobs where complacency sits in

This is a very negative kind of situation. If you are trapped in a job where the conditions are very comfortable, all that will happen is that you will have a very big tummy within five years. You will love the job only because it is a cushy job. However, if the job itself can be done away with through some modernization, you will land in deep trouble. There are organizations that chop jobs when the situation is not favorable. You might even lose your job if it is routine in nature.

The trick is not to be complacent. This is itself a very negative emotion. Not wanting to do different things will only bring an "it is okay as long as it goes" kind of situation. It will only ruin your life. You just need to be updated. Why is that even 42-year-old men take a sabbatical and do a full-time Executive MBA course with some leading B school? It is because they fear that they will be outdated. You might run the risk of being outdated if you do not change.

Hasty decisions to jump to entrepreneurship

This is an outrageous emotional decision to take. There is this example of a very senior person. He wanted to jump to entrepreneurship after a highly successful stint in a very famous IT organization in a very senior position. His zeal was good. But the choice of business was disastrous. He got into the highly competitive education sector. His package was priced at just Rs.1500 per child. However, such packages always need the consent of parents before they could be introduced. Personality development normally starts after the eighth standard. His packages were meant for children right from the fourth standard. Parents did not buy this line of thinking. Even his extensive contracts did not help. The project bombed. The entrepreneur was already 52+ years in age when he decided to venture out on his own. Three years of effort came to naught as well. Much younger professionals were already there in the industry. His effort to go back to the IT industry also failed.

A horrible emotional decision put him into deep trouble. Had he waited a short while to identify a good sweet spot in the market, he could have done well.


Those who take purely emotional decisions in careers will always be losers. The family interests have to be protected at any cost. There cannot be any scope for decisions that are based on quick emotions. Every career move should be planned very well in advance.

In these tough times, this is one important step that becomes very important.

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Author: Umesh31 Dec 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

The author has given a good analysis of emotional decisions in one's career.

The fact is that we are human beings and not robots and we cannot be devoid of emotions in our life whether it is in our house or in the workplace. Emotions will always affect our decisions.

So we have to make a study of our emotional outbursts by analyzing the situation and examining the pros and cons of the decision we are going to take in a hurry from the pang.

The emotional outbursts are to be managed with prudence.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta06 Jan 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Nice thoughts presented by the author. Yes it happens as being emotional we take some hasty decisions which prove wrong after few years and we repent for that decision.

One should think at least 100 times to leave a job when one has lots of responsibilities on his shoulders. I have seen some people who leave the job as they get a new job with a better salary package than their present organization but they forget to check the sustainability of the organization they join and when due to some crisis they lose the job they think of the mistake they did. Therefore one must not just change a job just for a better salary but should also check the reputation of the organization in the market.

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