How to raise boys to be good men

Being a parent is easy, whereas raising a kid is not, especially in the case of boys. We have to raise them right so that they may grow up to be caring, confident and responsible men in society. Here are a few points every parent should teach their sons.


Childhood lasts for a few years and before we come to know it, our son is already grown up and gets ready to take the responsibility of a family and career. Therefore we have a few years with us to teach our son the important values and lay the foundation for a good character. The things he learns at this little age decide what sort of a person he will become when he grows up. As a parent it's our duty to tell him about and inculcate in him some good values which would help him to become a good person.

Here are a few values that will help him in his life:

Be a good sport

Everyone wants to win. When two people play, its obvious that one will win and another one will lose. Losing is a disappointment and no one likes it. But we should teach our kid that he should be humble when he wins and should be graceful when he gets defeated. We should teach him how to react to the loss. We should encourage him to perform his best. The best way to instill this habit is to play with him.

Express emotions

It is said the real man does not cry and we have grown up listening to this phrase which is wrong. We should teach our son that a real man expresses his emotions, not hiding them. Therefore we must develop such emotional literacy in our son. Helping them become emotionally healthy makes them more likely that they will stay that way as adults and then bring that same approach when they become parents. We should make them understand that not letting our emotions out may be harmful to us later in our life as it may lead to many diseases later on.

Respect others

We should teach him that if we want to get respect then we should respect others too. This is the golden rule and we all must follow the same. We must follow five ways: listen, encourage, congratulate, be helpful and say thank you. This will definitely help you to earn respect from others. From a young age, we must encourage our son to do this so that this habit may be carried by him when he grows up and shows respect to the people irrespective of the gender, caste, age, social status, etc.

Be honest

It is always said "Honesty is the best policy". We should teach this to our son. An honest person is always considered right and trustworthy. Also one has to lie many times to hide one truth. It's better to speak the truth than to speak several lies. So we should appreciate our son for his honesty and teach him that he may be in an advantageous position through dishonesty but that's temporary and will not be appreciated when others will come to know about him.

Take responsibility for his actions

A good person always admits his mistake and bears the consequences so we must teach our son that if things go wrong then accept the responsibility and try to set things right. Also, make him understand that blaming others for his misfortunes isn't the right thing to do. There are people who always blame others even for their mistakes. We should teach our son not to become like such people.

Be charitable

According to Mahatma Gandhi, "The simplest acts of kindness are, by far, more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer".Teach your son that to give is much more fulfilling and satisfying than to simply receive. In order to teach your son, you should set an example for him. Teach your son about the importance of being caring and generous.

Work hard

The ability to work hard and give your best especially in a difficult situation is what others like about us. Make your child understand the importance of hard work as it will not only help in academics but will also help in his career in the future. Make him understand to give his best without worrying about the outcome of the efforts as he cannot change the consequences, but to work for having a good outcome is definitely is in his control.

Show appreciation and tolerance

Being judgemental about others is not liked by many of us. Make your son understand that he should appreciate if someone does well even though the result is not as per his wish and should tolerate the mistakes of others to some extent. Just criticising someone for his or her mistake is not a good habit. People who easily forgive others are admired by others.

Stay true to himself

These days people do anything, even sacrifice their ethics to be successful in their career/life which is wrong. Teach your son to listen to his conscience before doing anything irrespective of what others are doing around him. Teach your son that a good person doesn't sacrifice his ethics in any situation.

Final words

Every parent wants their kid to be caring, confident. But, when you raise your son by inculcating these values in him, do remember that children take after their parents. Therefore while teaching them these values be a role model for them. They learn easily from their parents than anyone else.
Picture of my son, taken by me

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao02 Feb 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

The qualities that a boy learns will last forever. It is easy to teach a boy rather than a young man. So the parents should teach their children during their early days of childhood all important matters and points. It may not be of any use if the parent smokes and tells his son not to. The elders should practice good habits and then teach those qualities to their children.
During my childhood days, my grandfather used to do Pooja everyday morning. He used to call me and make me sit by his side and used to teach me various slokas and the same is being done by my father to my son. Now I am doing the same to my granddaughter. This is how parents should inculcate good habits in their sons. Follow and advise should be the concept for everybody.
A good article by the author.

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