How commitment forms the vital variable for sustained success

Of all the variables that convey a deep attachment to a cause, commitment would positively rank as number one. The synonyms listed in the dictionary include loyalty, dedication, duty, and faithfulness. In fact, it would include each of these in the deepest sense of the words. Some dimensions of commitment are sought to be discussed in this article.


A forwarded message to this author on WhatsApp, attributed to Neil Strauss, talks about Commitment in the following words: "Without Commitment, you cannot make depth in Anything whether it's a Relationship, A Business or a Hobby". Yes, it is depth. It is the depth to which we take our Commitment to any cause that can make a huge difference.

We observe this in practice, in hundreds of people. Yet, we do not follow their footsteps and cannot even come somewhere near their Commitment levels. However, this "depth" has several dimensions. It has relevance to a) Moral Commitment to a cause b) Commitment to Family c) Commitment to values d) Commitment to work in the office or business and e) Commitment to continued excellence.

Moral commitment to a cause

What is a cause. It could be the life goal of the person. If he is a good HR professional, he might as well have a cause that reads thus: "to optimize the human potential to the maximum potential and also do the same in the immediate society to the maximum extent possible". This is his commitment. Now, observe what happens in real life. The organization goes through tough times. The HR professional is mandated to do the dirty job of sending out 200 people at various levels, across two divisions. He has no choice. His duty becomes his Dharma here. However, he can, as most HR Managers nowadays do, open up channels of communication with a wide range of organizations and enable those displaced to find alternate jobs. In fact, those on contract in mechanical or electrical or even civil engineering in each of the TVS plants across the country, are enabled to find good jobs in the auto majors and even interviews are arranged by HR Managers. This is all the more easy, as these majors are the major customers of the TVS group itself. They even fit into regular jobs, thanks to the terrific training that they receive for the two or three years.

For each and every individual, the cause will be different. Those who have the Corporate Social Responsibility mandate, for example, have a superb cause of serving society. Through self-help groups and the Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are being systematically trained on a variety of skills that are highly job-oriented. For instance, there are companies that engage women to productively learn what is now called computer-aided stitching. This enables them to earn salaries of more than Rs. 25,000, even while sitting at home in some many small towns. Since the fashions have reached even the remotest of villages, the money for specialized skills is huge. One example is the stitching of blouses worn by ladies.

Commitment to family

We as Indians can be very proud of what is now called a Family. It may be nuclear families in the metro cities and big cities. But the family as a social institution is still strong. There may be increasing rates of divorces that happen only because the couple does not have the same wavelength. Yet, this is still small when compared to successful marriages and families.

In particular, it requires either partner to have total faith in the marriage in the other life partner. It also means upholding the honor and respect of the family through good deeds and very good thoughts. One can always see that there are so many families where this is a way of life. We should learn from them. In fact, it is wise to learn from families that have never ever deviated from the path of truth, have undergone so many troubles, but has yet emerged very successful.

Commitment to Values

The concept of "depth" is very important here. Very well behaved children. Excellent parents. Excellent social surroundings. Belief in and practice of religious and spiritual values. These values when seen in families attracts hundreds of others like a magnet. The positive vibrations tend to become infectious. The neighbors and the relatives become interested too. The good word gets spread around.

We do come across such families. Where both the husband and wife work tirelessly towards spreading only happiness. Where even watching the television is somewhat restricted. Where there is so much sharing and fun and laughter. These are the practices that we should carry forward. This is because such practices become values in the real world. They become something that can be emulated.

Commitment does mean a deep emotional connection. This is singularly important. It can make a whale of a difference to our lives and prove very useful in making us happy at all times. For, when people start respecting us and acknowledging what we do and what we stand for, the rest becomes very simple and easy.

Commitment to work in the office or business

The late owner of the now famous Grand Sweets and Snacks at Adayar in Chennai had this practice -he would never ever re-use the heated and used oil. He would prepare some fresh snacks and give them free of cost to customers who arrived late at night at around 9p.m. to buy his products. Even after this, there could be occasions when the oil was not used. He would pour them in the sand in full public view and would announce his commitment to purity. The good word spread. Hundreds became thousands. The purity of the offering, though very costly, brought in discerning customers who would never mind paying the extra money at any point in time, to buy huge quantities. It was said that the growth was so good that he could not handle the kind of demand.

Today, the family has branched off into restaurants under the GSS brand. The sweets and the spicy stuff is still a huge draw. The main shop at Adayar is still a sort of tourist destination. People from all over India come here to buy and pack the stuff to take back home. This includes tourists from the Hindi belt. These tourists have time during the day as most of them board the trains that depart at night.

Competitors like Krishna Sweets from Coimbatore and the giant A2B have grown in a similar fashion. Even today, when a visitor comes calling at any of the Jeppiyar group of Colleges at Chennai, at around lunchtime, he or she is always shown the way to have his or her lunch. Irrespective of whatever they want. This practice has come from the founder's interaction with the late MGR, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, whose kitchen would reportedly feed 500 people on any given day.

Dishonesty in any form is never tolerated at TCS, Infosys technologies, WIPRO, and Asian Paints. There are so many case studies that are well documented in HR conferences. Each employee has to compulsorily pay his income tax and no relaxation whatsoever is allowed. The owners are highly ethical themselves. The CSR records of each of these companies are well known. Thus, commitment does mean doing business only the right way, day in and day out. It means a sort of missionary zeal. When the Satyam tragedy got played out, it was veterans from the IT industry who spoke for ethics in business.

Commitment to continued excellence

We need to be faithful to our work and our family at all times. Till we are in service and till we are alive. Similarly, organizations and businesses need to be trustworthy and honest at all times. Any small lapse can always land the organization in deep trouble.


Commitment can and does make a huge difference in our lives. Let us try to practice it in some way or the other. The aforesaid discussion is sort of a template. Every single individual can do his or her innovation to make their lives happier and more meaningful to themselves and to the society at large.

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Author: Umesh10 Jan 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 8

An exhaustive article on the importance of commitment in our system, work places and life. There is no second opinion about this that commitment is required everywhere to achieve the desired goals.

However in the real practical life, it sometimes so happens that a person is committed to the values and the work he is entrusted to but due to certain bad elements in his vicinity his reputation is degraded and due to backbiting and office politics he is deprived of the credit he should have got for his good and sincere work.

This leads to discouragement and frustration in him and many other colleagues also start feeling that what is the use of working in a honest and committed way if the end result is simply humiliation.

So commitment is a good thing but our social and workplace should also have a conducive environment for maintaining the tempo where the employees are committed to strive hard for their organization. Same applies to family also. If the family members are cordial to each other and of helping attitude then only the commitment for each other signifies a progressive state.

Author: ABSivakumar10 Jan 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Sir, it is indeed a fact of life that organizational politics does eat into the good work done done by those with commitment to a cause. However, it is also observed that the same individuals get to work in very good organizations like L&T, HDFC Bank and so on, where only merit matters. They then get on to become more useful in life.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao11 Jan 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Without commitment, we can't be successful in our life. Without commitment, we can't be doing justice to our responsibilities. Without commitment, we are not doing any work sincerely. Commitment is the primary requirement for all in this world. These days many people do their job casually without any concentration on the work they are doing. In such a case, they may be successful or may not be successful. But people who approach the work with proper commitment definitely will be successful.

Author: Reena Upadhya19 Jan 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 12

The author deserves lots of appreciation for the efforts he has put in to discuss various dimensions of commitment. There is a huge difference between desire and commitment. When the circumstances are favorable we put in our efforts to achieve something that we have deep desires for. On the other hand, if we are committed, we never care about the kind of situations that are prevailing around us. Despite difficult circumstances we achieve success. It is because we are seriously committed to it.

Commitment to change
Commitment is a promise that we make to ourselves or to others. To keep up with the promise we need to adopt honesty. We all make New Year resolutions but how many of us commit to them. An only rare number of people succeeds and change takes place. The reason for failure is lack of commitment. If we are committed and true to ourselves, the change is not far away. Whether we want to get rid of our anger or negativity or adopt a healthy living, we need to seriously commit to the change that we desire for. People who strived hard to bring changes in the society and country were able to accomplish their task because they were committed to their cause and never doubted their ventures.

Commitment to life
I feel it is the biggest commitment one can ever make. If we commit to our lives then, in turn, we are committing to each and every aspect of our life. Here we stop discriminating between different aspects. We treat every area of our life as equal and take everything seriously. When we make a commitment to our life we are taking complete responsibility for our choices. We start seeing life as a learning process. We start seeing the bigger picture in everything that passes by us.

Author: ABSivakumar19 Jan 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

I wish to especially thank Reena for her input regarding Commitment to Life. The most important point of seeing the big picture is one vital aspect. When we start seeing the big picture, we tend to break all our bad habits. One of such habits is the simple act of being more organized.

Most men, including me, get a big banging in this respect from our wives who are mostly far better in this respect. They tend to take things very seriously and do that part very well. A little learning and shedding of egos do help.

When we get into a routine our commitment to change happens. In my life, documentation of several experiences has helped me to weave them into my articles under different headings. This is one big commitment. I have miles to go in the task of organizing things, though.

Each of such small things will positively see the big picture. For example, if we are more disciplined there will be less of conflict and some happiness too.

Author: K Mohan18 Nov 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Appreciation to the author for bringing in a detailed article on commitment and its long term importance for everyone. The mother has to be committed to the good nurturing of their children. The teachers have to be committed to impart a wholesome education to the students. A company boss and his employees have to be committed to achieving the targets and keeping the company at a profitable level.

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