How faith can move mountains and trust can strengthen it too

The Bible originated the phrase that faith can move mountains. It simply means that faith is very powerful. In the real world, it is always observed that those who combine faith with trust can do wonders. Be it an individual or an organization, faith, and trust go together. Some dimensions of how these two variables sail together in the real world are sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.


Faith is a sort of emotional bonding. Faith in God is the supreme form of this bonding. When an individual says he or she has faith in God, it simply means that he or she is totally devoted to praying to Him. In Hinduism, God takes various forms. He is the most powerful force governing each of our lives. In various religions, more or less the same message is conveyed in one way or the other.

In families, in organizations, and in the wider society this will translate into devotion to whatever work one does. It will also mean undivided attention to detail. For instance, in spirituality, the mind cannot and should not wander. The oneness with God has to be perfect and should synchronize with the Almighty in every aspect of the devotion that is needed. It is also observed that such individuals are normally very trustworthy and have huge trust in others. They are very sincere in whatever they do. They work with a missionary zeal.

Here specifically, we will refer to a) marriage of faith and trust b) Building of trust through faith in others c) How values do matter in building both faith and trust and d) making trust and faith count in real life.

Marriage of faith and trust

The late Kamaraj, one of the biggest political leaders of Independent India and a highly respected leader across all States, built his political career by marrying faith and trust. He trusted the cadres to be faithful. They were indeed so. He trusted his own strengths of honesty and absolute integrity to get things done. For example, he brought power supply to all of Tamil Nadu's needs, through the giant Neyveli Lignite Corporation. He brought BHEL, the giant Public Sector Unit manufacturing electrical equipment to Tiruchirapalli. He was for balanced development too. His way of life inspired millions.

Decades after his death, he still continues to inspire hundreds of volunteers who swear by what they learned from his life. As Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, he was the first to introduce the superb mid-day meals scheme, that has now been praised by the likes of World Bank and copied by so many other States. There are so many nations that have taken a big note of his monumental contribution to the increased enrolment in schools. He had laid the foundation of modern Tamil Nadu, which has one of the highest supply of trained manpower across all trades.

The building of trust through faith in others

The Management of the Murugappa group of Chennai has the highest level of faith in its employees. Even at the time of selecting the employee, he or she is told very clearly about the code of ethics of the group. The HR professionals ensure that the prospective employee knows what he or she is in for. Nothing moves without the employee subscribing to this code of ethics. Faith gradually transforms itself into trust.

Plants of this group have been voted as ones with very high competitive advantages by no less a Strategy Guru of the calibre of Michael Porter.

Not only this organization. He chose another organization called Sundram Fasteners. This organization has never seen a strike or lockout ever, since its inception. Even when the other units of the same TVS group were badly affected in the strike in 1977, this organization stood firm.

Its then young leader's personal rapport with his workmen helped a great deal. Reportedly, there is no upper limit for the medical expenses of the employees and their family members. No wonder, generations from the same family are employed with this group company of the TVS group.

Madras Cements has a superb value system where strikes are unheard of. Its townships have very good schools producing the best of results. It's quality if world class. The commitment to quality and the faith that employees have in their Management is often reflected in the world-class products of Bajaj Auto, Hero Motorcorp, Honda, Toyota, Ford, IBM and the like.

All this is possible only because of the faith that the employers have in their employees and vice versa. Lesser mortals from the service sector also demonstrate such faith in their customers and vice versa. For example, in the town of Tirunelveli, for decades, people have been daily standing in the queue to buy a particular brand of Halwa that is famous all over the world. It is made out of the purest form of raw materials.

It is called the "iruttu kadai halwa" and is very tasty. The queues are still very much there. The quality is what makes it so special.

Parents of girl children who score good marks always settle for the Jeppiyar group of colleges in Chennai to make their children study engineering. Reason? The girls cannot ever talk to the boys. No cell phones are allowed. Even for small misconduct, the boy is immediately terminated from studies and dismissed from the college. The faith that the parents have in this group of colleges has to be seen to be believed. In return, the Management always goes the extra mile to ensure quality education and one hundred per cent safety for the girl students.

How values matter in building both faith and trust

Ratan Tata need not have bothered about anyone who happened to pass by the Taj Mahal hotel on a fateful day, when the terrorists where holed up inside and quite a number of people died in the hotel itself.

Ratan Tata not only visited each and every family of those who lost their lives, but also the families of those who just happened to be near the scene of action for whatever reason, and was affected in terms of injury. This single act of his will go down in Indian Business History as the best example of the highest quality of values such as honesty, integrity and care for others, from one of the giants of the Indian industry.

It is infectious. There may be similar instances and this practice has already become a benchmark for others to follow. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of the Tata group, the TVS group, the JK group, the Aditya Birla group and several other groups in India, touch the lives of millions. This is exactly faith and trust is a mutual process between the individual and other members of the society.

Making trust and faith count in real life

The aforesaid discussion might create doubts in the mind of many readers. How is that as individuals we can create trust and faith in others and make reciprocate that as well?

The process is incredibly simple. If we are sincere in our thoughts and in our actions, the causes that we work for will also have a deeper meaning. They will become very convenient reference points for others to follow and emulate. Kind fathers and kind mothers always have kind children too. The upbringing is like that. Good thoughts and deeds will automatically make trust and faith appear as crystal clear by-products. They can and will sort of become in-built in everything that we do. It is as simple as that.

To give the simplest and the best-known analogy. India became World Champions in 1983, in the famous One-day cricket match. None of us would have forgotten the tremendous effort that Kapil Dev put in to take the vital catch. The West Indies collapsed after that catch. The trust and the faith that he had in his own abilities was reflected in the infectious enthusiasm of others. In particular, the bowlers like Mohinder Amarnath, who chipped in with the vital wickets.

We can often see it everywhere. For example, the Shoba group, that has a huge presence in the real estate market in so many metro cities, has a superb record. Its customization record is superb. This can never become possible if the employees do not chip in. They always do. The rest, as we often call it, follows in a sequence.


Faith and trust are always twins. One follows from the other. Both are deeply emotional variables. We do often see it in some many places. In people. In businesses. In sports persons. In ordinary mortals. The list goes on.

The understanding of these two variables will make our lives far better than what they are. For sure. Forever.

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Author: Reena Upadhya18 Jan 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 10

All the examples that the author has mentioned in his article are truly inspiring. These are truly inspirational examples. It is the faith that has helped them achieve success by getting rid of obstacles in their lives as big as any mountain.

We all have different definitions for the word faith. It is because we all think differently about it. Look up in the dictionary and there one might find an altogether different statement from what we usually conceive in our minds. It states that faith is a blind belief for which no proof is present. Now the complete stress lies in the word 'belief'. It is because if there is no belief, there isn't any faith. Thus, the existence of the word faith completely relies on the word belief.

In my personal opinion faith only brings good things with it. It makes difficult things seem accessible. Whether it is difficult times or difficult tasks, faith helps the ship to sail smoothly. For most of us, faith is a spiritual concept and thus it is often overlooked. Youngsters do not have faith as they feel they are not religious and faith and religion are interrelated. However, faith is much more than a religious belief. It is believing in our hearts, minds and with our wills. On the other hand, trust ignites the confidence.

We all believe in something but might not go after it as there is something that is stopping us from moving ahead. Think of that obstacle like a mountain. If our faith is strong and if we trust our venture, within no time we can move the mountain and achieve the success that looked unattainable from far away. But if there is no faith and trust, the mountain will always stand in between our dreams and us.

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