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Dyslexia and relevance of Taare Zameen Par for parents and children

The parents of a dyslexic child should be aware about the problem so that they are able to help their child. Taare Zameen Par, directed and produced by Aamir Khan, is a story of one such child who is initially struggling in school due to his inability to learn and how he overcomes it after meeting a Godfather who discovers his true potential of art. This article talks about the movie and the problems parents face in raising a dyslexic child.


Today many children across the world are suffering from some type of disability. Dyslexia is a common condition and children suffering from this problem are often neglected or abused. The children suffering from this problem often experience severe difficulty in reading and writing. It is a neurological disorder as the brain is not able to process the visual material effectively. So, the child experiences problems to interpret letters, shapes, numbers or any other visual material. Such children may be intelligent also but cannot express their intelligence in tests. Even today in developing or under-developed countries, the parents are not aware about the problem and hence unnecessarily pressurize them. Parents should undergo counselling sessions for the child and work for the development of child.

Misunderstanding of parents regarding dyslexia

Parents of developing and underdeveloped countries are not aware about the problem. They think that their children are not concentrating in their studies and try to pressurize them or use rigorous rules to discipline them. Some parents become disappointed when they learn that their children are not able to learn alphabets, numbers or spelling after undergoing rigorous teaching. They began labeling their children as 'dull' or 'useless' etc. They should also remember that such children can be gifted also. They have special abilities to study and interpret images and hence they are not focused to study the letters. They learn by looking at the images and one image is always equivalent to one thousand words. Such parents should notice if their children are able to draw with keen interest than write down. So, in the movie 'Taare Zameen Par' the same theme is depicted about the little boy Ishan Awasthi. He excels in drawing and painting but his talent is unnoticed.

Taare Zameen Par and Dyslexia

Although this movie Taare Zameen Par was released more than 10 years ago, I am writing this article today to highlight the growing problems of children. This movie was directed and produced by famous versatile actor Aamir Khan. It is really inspiring to the present generation and the parents can become aware of the child's potentials and personality. The movie has a by a wonderful tagline 'Every child is special' which brings out the fact that every parent can discover the uniqueness of their own child. It is a story of a young boy who is dyslexic and is experiencing difficulty in every step of his life. In school, he is always bullied by his classmates for his poor performance in school. He lives in the world of fantasies and loves being surrounded by nature. Drawing is his favorite pastime and he is always lured by the world of colors around him.
But, the teachers in school are always dissatisfied with his performance and punish him for his non-co-ordination in school activities. His parents are also worried about his poor development at academics. Due to his constant poor performance, he is rusticated from his school and his father sends him to a hostel to discipline him. His father is unable to understand his problem and mistakes the problem for his bad behavior. So, he is always compared with his older brother who is always a topper in class. His mother shows deep empathy towards him, observes his poor writing ability, but yet is unable to explore his problem.

In the hostel, although he struggles initially due to aggressive teachers, yet shortly he encounters a teacher named Ram Nikumbh who becomes his close friend. He soon discovers the weakness inherent in the child and also his talent to draw and color pictures. So, one day he personally meets Ishan Awasthi and consoles him saying that once he too experienced the same problem. In this way, Ishan Awasthi who has lost his confidence now begins to develop bondage with his teacher. The teacher personally meets his father and explains to him about the problem. At the beginning, although the father disagrees, he later understands the pains his innocent child is undergoing due to the rigorous education system. The movie ends when Ishan Awasthi wins the prize for the drawing contest.

The picture presentation and dialogue delivery was really excellent. In the movie, they present the marine life in a jar that is filled with fishes and other marine creatures, because they want to present the diversity of life. They want to reveal that every child is unique. Some of the scenes are presented so magnificently that everybody becomes absorbed. They presented the large insects moving out of Ishan's bag to reveal that books and studies seems to be scary to this little boy suffering from dyslexia. So, this movie is really an eye-opener to the parents and society.

Dyslexia and Godfather

In the movie, luckily Ishan Awasthi met a Godfather who was his emphatic teacher, Ram Nikhumbh, but in real life, the parents should not wait for a Godfather to appear before them, but they should become the Godfather of their own children. When they are willing to mold their child with strong will, then someone is definitely waiting for them.


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