How the unemployed can find opportunities to earn

Contrary to public perception, unemployment is not such a big curse as it is made out to be. Yes, living out of limited resources of parents is indeed painful. Yet, a careful assessment of what can be done in a given situation are discussed in some detail in this article.


The unemployed individual has to just explore the various opportunities available around him or her. It is as simple as that. Based on a good number of real-world experiences, it does become very obvious that those who are smart in optimally utilizing every single opportunity around him or her can and will go ahead in life. One has to really explore all options. There is absolutely no other choice.

More specifically, the unemployed individuals need to focus on a) Taking up unpaid internships b) Doing odd jobs to earn some money c) becoming multi-skilled d) Taking up stop-gap jobs e) Being ready to relocate immediately.

Taking up unpaid internships

This is a good option. For example, a B.Com graduate in Madurai city offered his services for free in a co-operative housing society. He took the maximum interest in the job and learned everything about the job. His experience in handling the entire accounts of the society helped him gather vital experience. A senior official of a reputed Chennai based auto major who was a relative of the senior official of the society visited the office. He observed the young man and his dedication to work. He immediately placed him with one of his suppliers for a monthly salary of Rs1000/. Seven years ago, this was said to be an okay salary in Chennai.

The young man went on to do so well. In the meanwhile, he had also completed his distance education M.Com degree. He went on to complete the inter ICWA as well. He had become a Deputy Manager with the supplier organization. His salary and perks also zoomed. This is exactly what can happen if you take up unpaid training in any place near your home. Since you are anyway living with your parents, you will do well to volunteer to work for free. Utilize such experiences to grow.

Doing odd jobs to earn money

Even to attend an interview in the metro city some 400 kilometers away, you need money. If you have a good degree, you could take up tuition for school children of sixth or seventh standard in various subjects. This is one option. There are hard working persons who wake up early in the morning and distribute newspapers. With bare minimum investment, they buy vegetables in bulk from the weekly market and sell them in villages on the next day. Many unemployed graduates get to work as office assistants in schools.

Yes, these are all odd jobs. They never lead to big careers. But they do have the potential of opening up new vistas of development in terms of some experience. These are only some examples. There are so many in the market. What is needed is a keen ability to look around and grab whatever opportunities come one's way. In this fashion, one can always go ahead. By doing such jobs you will also understand the value of money. Burning precious salaries of parents or their savings is never a good solution.

Becoming multi-skilled

One has to understand the entire eco-system of opportunities to understand how one can become multi-skilled even with limited resources. Take this example of a girl from the town of Chittoor in AP. Her father had deserted her mother. This iron lady did stitching at home and was a good tailor. She also learned to cook well and ran a canteen as well. The girl also learned whatever her mother knew.

The girl became a graduate. She approached a bank for a loan. The Manager took a risk and gave her a loan. The girl utilized the loan to get an advanced sewing machine. She immediately learned how to stitch ready-made blouses on contact with a local retail shop. She also learned to customize orders on an individual basis. The business zoomed. Her mother concentrated on the canteen business and they together learned the art of good businesses. One of the regular customers to the bank offered to marry his MBA son in Bangalore to the girl. Even after marriage, the girl took up the same business. Her husband worked in a good IT concern. He was so happy with his wife's business skills that he made her rent out a nearby place and employ two tailors. Once again, the business grew very well.

All this happened only because of the girl's seriousness. Jobs may not come your way. You can become a small entrepreneur and then grow. This is one good option for anyone who is presently unemployed. If you just look around you can spot so many such opportunities.

Taking up stop-gap jobs

This is another very important thing. If you are a graduate with good spoken English skills, you can easily land up in BPO jobs with decent salaries. You can then go ahead to seek the more lucrative IT jobs after acquiring the appropriate IT skills. This is one sure method of keeping yourself busy. Do not worry, you will never be discounted in the market. You can explain that you always wanted to do something and that a BPO job was far better than just sitting idle at home and spending money of parents. This will, in fact, help you to get a good rating on the attitudinal disposition scale. This is one thing that any employer will always look for in any candidate.

As already explained, short-term entrepreneurship with very limited investment can also help you to keep yourselves busy, earn some money, become very confident and then look out for good jobs.

Being ready to relocate immediately

This is another vital aspect of life. You must be ever willing to relocate immediately to another location. You must do it without any hesitation. In fact, if it means that you have to even go abroad to Dubai on a good opportunity, grab it. You never know what is in store. But to forget any opportunity and talk rather stupidly about "attachment to my native place" and such kind of excuses will never work anymore. The world will not wait for you.

Remember, the competitor may even be next door. He will immediately grab it if you refuse it.


Based on some real world case studies the aforesaid vital points have been discussed to enable those unemployed at the moment, to think of some alternative to at least keep themselves going. The fact is that they do not have any choice either.

All the best to you. Never ever think that unemployment is a curse. It might be a good opportunity for you to act rather fast.

Right now.


Author: Reena Upadhya18 Jan 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 10

Unemployment is just a phase and not a permanent situation. If an individual has skills and is dedicated, no matter how difficult situations are, he is going to find options around him. Unemployed individuals can make a good living through online jobs. It was not a good option a decade ago. However, today it is trending and many individuals who are working online either part time or full time are earning a decent amount. Until they find new jobs in the real world, online earning is a good option. Writing content, taking online surveys and many such microtasks are popular. During the unemployment phase, freelancing is a good option. If an individual is creative and has good writing skills and a command over language, freelance writing is definitely the path for them.

Rent your vehicle to earn some good money. If you are unemployed but do have a four-wheeler, renting it to people in need from time to time can bring in some money. People always need big vehicles to move their things from one place to another, to get rid of junk and also for other jobs. If the place is a tourist destination, renting out even two-wheeler to tourists can earn a good amount.

Another good opportunity to earn is renting out a room. If there is a spare room, it is better to earn some decent amount from it by putting it out on rent. There will be plenty of articles in the home which aren't used anymore. These articles can be anything from old furniture to clothes and from bikes to shoes. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Today plenty of websites are present which help people to sell nearly anything and everything. Unemployed people can make use of these sites which are well organized and free.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao21 Jan 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

Unemployment may be there but people will have many ways and means to make a living. While I was studying in my tenth class, one of my friends was faring very badly in the class. He couldn't complete his tenth class. He discontinued his studies. I continued my studies. He started a small pan shop in the same village. His business flourished very well. He earned a good amount of money and expanded his business. He made a beautiful house in the village. He has two sons. One son started a restaurant in Hyderabad and another son completed his M.Tech and is working as a Senior Engineer in an organization. We meet whenever I go to my native place. If I compare myself with him, I feel he is better than me. He is able to stay in the native place and made good progress. But till his 55th year, his name was there in employment exchange as an unemployed. So unemployment is different and earning is different. There are many methods to have some income to take care of our life.

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