How to get a job successfully

In this ultra-modern world, along with academic excellence additional qualifications and varied skills are required to get a job. In this article, I gave an account of what different technical skills and talents are required to qualify for a post in this highly competitive World.


In the past, academic qualification is the major plus point for a candidate to get to a job either in government or private organization. But in the present modern world, employers are looking for technical qualifications or practical knowledge and additional qualifications in the candidates to offer a job in their firms. New technologies developed in various fields made these changes necessary. Communication skills and core technology skills come under additional skills.

Skills required for various Jobs

  1. Office administration to automation

    At present in various fields, from white collared jobs to Business analyst posts additional and technical skills are a must to get the job. For example, a Tenth class pass student may apply for Office Assistant or Record Assistant post but he requires additional qualifications like skills in MS-Office, other Office Applications, and Tools in Computer Programming. So even B.Tech. or M.Tech candidates also have to update their application skills in latest Computer technologies.

  2. Car, cab and auto Drivers

    At present Mobile Technology is ruling the world. Nothing work without Smartphone in the present world. To work in the driver's post of Car, Cab and Auto one should have a very good knowledge of Mobile software technology and GPS navigation technology. Knowledge of GPS navigation and the skills in its use are needed for the drivers to transport customers to their destination.

  3. ITI or Technical Jobs

    Presently candidates with ITI and Diploma in Polytechnic course have great potential in job grabbing opportunities. But practical experience in the industry and technical skills required for the operation of modern machines are very much needed. For example, in the past ITI industries are using Lathe machine for cutting and designing purposes. But at present new technology in ITI industries an Automatic Lathe machine is in use. So candidates have to update themselves to newer technologies to grab the opportunities.

  4. Accounting section Posts

    In the past candidates with B.Com qualification used to get accounting section posts easily. With changes in technology the nature of accounts maintenance also changed. So candidates to avail opportunities in this field have to learn Tally, Wings, Focus, Peachtree Technologies. By simple commands, accounting business at present made easy. Accountants in the past used to maintain large bundles of books but due to modern technology everything related to accounts in an Office gets stored in a compact hard disk. So manual hard paperwork is removed due to new technology but the Accountants now have to learn modern software skills to get opportunities at their hand.

  5. HR Posts

    Enterprise resource solution technology has became popular in Human Resource field. All activities in this field can be solved through various software applications. Staff attendance and staff payrolls will be done through software technology only. At present SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, People Soft, Dynamics like Software dominating in HR Field. So who tries to get jobs in this field has to get trained and well acquainted in the utilization of modern Software.

  6. Software and Mechanical Engineers

    Automation skills like IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Robotics etc are required for candidates with B.Tech or M.Tech background in Engineering to grab jobs in Software or Mechanical industries. Those who have these additional qualifications only get big packages than their counterparts who have no such qualifications.


The last but not the least thing is along with the additional skills, communication skills are also very much required to grab any post in the present competitive world. Without communication skills, it becomes a hurdle for the employee to carry out his/her duties and to interact with the customers. In addition to communication skills, one has to be proficient in one or more global languages. As a global language, proficiency in English is a must for the employees of the company to deal with foreign delegates. In addition to this, proficiency in some more languages like Russian, Germany, Spain, French etc. are needed according to the need of the company.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao23 Jan 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

These days the employers are looking for employees who will be more useful to the organisation in different departments and different roles. The candidates who can do multitasking are being given preference. A simple qualification and years of experience are not sufficient. The people should get updated in their field of work to maintain their career in a progressive way. Once we obtain a qualification and join in a job, we should not think that we are settled. The world is so competitive and we may get outdated and the employer may not like to continue with such people. So one should get additional skills and concentrate on their job to have an exciting career. To get a job we should have good communication skills, the latest technical skills in the field and human relations skills. A good article from the author.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta24 Jan 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

This is true that nowadays additional courses are required to grab a job. Just a degree or a diploma is not sufficient for the job. With the automation and computer being used in every field, now it's difficult for people to survive in the corporate sector without knowledge of computer. Communication skills are always helpful and if someone has good communication skills he or she is considered to be superior to others and this is the reason why there is more emphasis on the personality development courses these days. There are lots of institutes which help people to improve their interpersonal skills and one should try them to remain competitive in this world. Very good article written by the author opening the eyes of the people who believe that only academics help in the success of the person.

Author: Umesh24 Jan 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

The job situation is becoming tougher day by day and until unless a person is equipped with practical skills, it is very difficult to get a satisfying job. The days have gone when a good percentage in science or humanities earned one a good job.

Today academic is only for the top few students and for all the others skill attainment is the necessity. The technological and scientific changes in the world have opened up new vistas of career but they require different skill sets than the earlier times and those who can quickly learn those trades or skills only can reap the benefits and get a good job.

The opportunities are tremendous but the nature of jobs are also changing. A job may ask for late night sitting which may not be possible for many. A job may require to go to remote places frequently which may not appear interesting to many. A job may ask to work in hazardous and difficult terrain and many of us may not be able to adjust there. So jobs are not white collar only but come with their associated risks.

In such a situation only the hard working and skill driven people can survive and carve out a good career for themselves.

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