Everything You Need to Know About Oud Bakhoor

Oud Bakhoor has been used since ancient times in various cultures and has been well-known for its amazing mind-calming properties; Read this article to know more about how the mesmerising fragrance of oud bakhoor can help you happy hand healthy life.


Oud Bakhooris one of the best natural fragrances that you have ever smelled. Derived from the heartwood of the Agarwood or the Oud Tree of the Aquilaria species, the Oud Bakhoor is the wooden chip which is fragrant and burnt over the special burners that are powered with electricity or coals. The Oud has been used since ancient times in various cultures and has been well-known for its amazing mind-calming properties; health properties; medicinal benefits; and aphrodisiac nature. Currently, the Oud Bakhoor, Oud Oil and the other oud products are some of the most expensive things in the world and it is very hard to obtain the original products from the best strains of the trees.

Oud Bakhoor – An Introduction to the incense that is ages old:

  • The Oud Bakhoor is the wooden chip like material which is burnt in special burners. These burners used to be powered by slow heating coals in ancient times and by the electricity now.

  • Once the oud tree has reached a ripe age, a cut is made into the heartwood and the infection is allowed to set in. The tree secretes resin in response to this infection which gives the wood its characteristic fragrance and other properties.

  • The Oud Bakhoor is one of the refined and milder forms of the Agarwood incense which is also one of the most bought souvenirs from the Emirates.

  • Some people even dip the oud chips in some carrier or supportive essential oil such as Jasmine Oil or Sandalwood Oil and then burn them. This makes the scent tolerable for those who find it rather heavy.

  • The Oud Bakhoor is also available in high-end packs as perfectly shaped pieces of unique shapes and scented with other scents such as amber and citrus.

Burning Oud Bakhoor – How and Why:

  • Burning oud bakhoor is an art and, in fact, a cultural skill acquired with difficulty in the Emirates.

  • The bakhoor fumes are insect repellent and are also believed to keep the evil spirits at bay. Therefore, the Arabs have been burning it since ancient times and continue to do so even now.

  • The best way to burn it is to dip the chip or sprinkle a drop or two of some compatible carrier essential oil and then place over the burner powered by the slow-burning coals. If that is not available, you can order the electric slow burners online as well and place the Oud Bakhoor on it.

  • If you don't find the fragrance of the Oud Bakhoor heady or heavy, then you can also burn the chips without any essential carrier oil.

  • Though the evil spirit driving away property might not allure everybody, the fact that it is a natural insect repellent; has an amazing fragrance; promotes sleeping, and calms down the nerves and senses make it a big hit in the incense world.

Oud Bakhoor Benefits:

The bakhoor has inherited all the amazing properties of the agarwood tree which means that the list of Bakhoor Benefits is sure long; and is as follows:

  • Instantly calms the mind and relaxes it

  • The best natural insect repellent

  • Naturally promotes better sleep

  • The bakhoor is also used for aesthetic purposes and to keep your homes fragrant at all times

  • The bakhoor benefits have been recognized in aiding in meditation and various other religious purposes

  • Burning the Oudh in an electric burner acts as a unique décor item for your home

  • It can also be worn as a perfume

Though the Oud Bakhoor is very popular incense, it is extremely difficult to find the pure one because of many factors. The production process is very long and consumes a whole tree in the same. Therefore, some sellers spray the fake chips with tampered oud oil and sell it as the original one at lesser prices.

If you wish to try it, then the best source to buy the same is the Arista Life Bakhoor Oudh which is available online as well. It is the best source because the company has its own plantation, modern machinery and a highly stringent manufacturing process which doesn't alter the original properties of the Oudh Bakhoor.

To know more and to place the orders, please visit www.aristalife.com.


Author: Reena Upadhya16 Jan 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 10

The author has very well described the benefits of using Oud Bakhoor and various aspects related to it in this article. I would also like to add a few more benefits of Oud Bakhoor. Anxiousness and the fear that gets instilled in mind is relieved by the fragrances of Oud Bakhoor. As the anxiety is relieved the nervousness disappears. Doubts and jitters disappear instantly. Thus, focus and concentration increase to a great extent.

Oud Bakhoor has healing properties. It helps an individual to not only heal physically and mentally but also helps in the path of spirituality. It helps to open up the chakras in the body which get blocked due to various reasons. As a result, all the bodily chakras align and work in balance and harmony with each other helping an individual to progress in the field of spirituality.

It creates harmony in an individual by creating a perfect balance in mind and body. It is a key to become more powerful and carry out various functions efficiently. It can be used in aromatherapy by both men and women to reap various benefits out of it.

It also has medicinal benefits. It has diuretic properties. It is anti-asthmatic as well as an aphrodisiac. It is an excellent healing agent. It also has antiseptic properties. If used regularly, it gradually improves memory power and enhances mental health. It exerts positive effects on libido system.

It has been used since centuries. Muslim, Sanskrit, Gospel and many other scriptures have mentioned its uses. Chinese made their coffins out of Agarwood and Buddhists made their praying beads. Bakhoor or Bukhoor is an Arabic name given to the scented sticks. Traditionally they are burnt in Mabkhara.

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