How to keep your skin glowing and young

Skin is the largest organ which covers the entire outer surface of our body. The glowing nature of the skin beautifies the appearance. So, to make your skin beautiful, young and glowing, follow the necessary care and precautions mentioned in this article.


Skin is the outermost protective covering of our body. It not only helps to protect us from the external environment but also gives a beautiful appearance to our body. If proper care and precautions are not taken it makes our appearance more elderly. Through personal care and by following the various health tips we can keep our skin glowing and young. The various tips which were discussed here below will definitely help to maintain the health and the beautiful glow of our skin.

1. Drink plenty of water

Consuming plenty of water throughout the day will help our body to excrete metabolic poisonous wastes easily. The metabolic wastes collected by blood in our body will take them to the kidneys for their elimination. The Kidneys separates these metabolic wastes from the blood and dissolve them in water to throw them out of our body in the form of urine. Lack of the required amount of water in our body makes the skin dry and dehydrated. To keep our skin glowing every individual has to take at least eight glasses of water daily.

2. Consume limited amount of food

Consuming limited quantity of nutrient-rich and fiber-rich food help us to keep our skin healthy and young. Give more importance to the vegetarian diet rather than non-veg food. Avoid Red meat in your diet plan. Use wholesome grains, fresh leafy vegetables, vegetables, and fruits. Salmon fish is good for skin health. Salmon fish contain very low-fat content. Salmon fish mainly contains a very useful Omega-3 fat which keeps your skin cells young and active.

Food what we consume in our diet will play an important role in maintaining our skin health. Food items containing more sugar, food items containing more salt, deep fried food items are not good for our skin's health. Food items containing more minerals, vitamins and healthy cholesterol are good to make our skin glowing. Intake of a limited quantity of almonds, Cashewnuts, and various other dry fruits is good for our skin's health.

3. Physical exercise is necessary

Physical exercise is very essential to improve the immunity of our body as well as to maintain the health of our skin. Regular Physical exercise will remove excess unnecessary fat from our body which makes our body shape slim and attractive. With regular Physical exercise, circulation of blood in our body improves. It helps to supply more oxygen and nutrients to each and every cell of our body. So the cells and tissues of the skin get good nourishment to keep itself healthy and glowing. Not only that, the quick circulation of blood in our body makes it easy to collect the metabolic wastes from the cells of the skin and body. These wastes quickly get transported to the kidney for their elimination.

4. Overcome mental depression

Mental depression is a reason to make yourself appear old. At the time of mental depression, a hormone secreted in our body called Cortisol hormone will make our skin to turn into red color. Under the influence of this hormone, irritation of the skin and itching of the skin can be felt. So we have to overcome mental depression through various means like Yoga, Aerobics and Pranayam etc.

5. Keep your skin clean

Cleaniliness is very important to keep your skin healthy. To keep your skin healthy take two times bath regularly with a mild soap. By using mild soap we can remove dust and germs from the surface of the skin. Don't use chemical products for the make-up of your body which in course of time will damage the natural beauty of your skin. Homemade moisturizers to be used to eliminate the dryness of your skin. We should avoid excessive exposure to extreme Sunlight and also spending more time in highly polluted areas. Always wear clean and dry clothes to protect your skin from any infections.

6. Facial massage

Daily Facial Massage is not good for health. It is better to use lotions are moisturizers to make the skin of your face glowing. Better use Coconut oil instead of creamy lotions to moisturize your face. Don't use moisturizers with alcohol if your skin is dry and oily products as moisturizers if your skin is oily.

7. Avoid excessive exposer to sunlight

Exposer to Sunlight early in the morning and late in the evening is good for our health as well as our skin. At that time the Sunlight will help our skin to prepare Vitamin D which is essential for the health of our bones and skin. But if the intensity of Sunlight is more, we face the problem of exposing our body to UV radiation from the Sun. Exposer of our body to UV rays may cause blindness and skin cancer. So we should avoid moving out on to the roads when the intensity of Sunlight is very high. In unavoidable circumstances, we have to take some protective measures. Applying Sunscreen lotions to the exposed parts of the skin under unavoidable conditions is good for the health of the skin. But excessive and regular use of these lotions is not at all good for our skin's health.

8. Smoking is bad for your skin's health

Those who aspire to keep themselves young have to maintain good sustained bodily health. Smoking is a bad habit which worsens the efficiency of your lungs, heart and blood vessels. Metabolic activities of your body will slow down due to smoking and this effect will allow forming wrinkles on your skin which makes you look old.

9. Avoid consuming alcohol

Consuming alcohol on regular basis will affect the functioning of your cells and tissues of your body. Consuming alcohol leads to damage of your liver which in turn make different organs of your body to malfunction. Regular Alcohol consumption leads to dehydration of your skin and loses the natural glow of your skin.

10. Good and quality sleep is essential

Six to eight hours quality sleep is essential for every individual. Good sound sleep is essential to rejuvenate your various body parts, cells and tissues of the body to work more efficiently on the next day. Those who do not get proper sleep will find black scars and wrinkles formed around the eyes as well as on the skin at a younger age itself. These features make you appear older. So to have a good sound sleep at night, one has to take bath with warm water before going to bed daily. Having a cup of warm milk and eating a ripened banana before going to bed provides you good sleep. Keep away Mobile Phones and electronic gadgets which distract you from a sound sleep.

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Author: Neeru Bhatt20 Jan 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A nice article about keeping the skin in good shape. As skin is open to the environment which has pollutants everywhere it is natural that skin gets the brunt of that and is affected.

A good lifestyle with nutritional food and adequate exercises is the key to maintaining a glowing skin. Sometimes due to hereditary factors, there may be a difference in the glow of the skin between two persons living in the same environment.

It is advisable to use natural and fresh materials for the care of the skin rather than using the unknown chemicals and formulations which may give an immediate glow and shine but there may be hidden side effects also. Even home remedies are better in many cases.

Author: Reena Upadhya21 Jan 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

The author deserves lots of appreciation as he has covered all the points in the article that can keep skin young and healthy. Aging is inevitable. Thus, we cannot stop it. However, if care is taken we can delay the aging process and continue to look young for a long time. Skin only glows if it is healthy. Proper care keeps it healthy and young.

Our skin cells die from time to time. The dead skin and other debris start accumulating in skin pores and also on the firm skin lines. It makes the skin look dull and less healthy. Thus, exfoliating skin from time to time is another important activity that needs to be done. If the skin is very sensitive, gentle exfoliating agents can be used. Homemade exfoliators can also be used. We need to exfoliate our skin at least 2-3 times a week. Exfoliating the skin after thoroughly cleansing it offers added benefits. After exfoliation, we can take some steam for 10-15 minutes and apply a face mask. This kind of routine helps the skin to look young.

Working out regularly is also very beneficial. Many facial exercises can be quickly carried out during our work breaks as they hardly consume 1-2 minutes of our time. They help to get rid of laugh lines and other facial wrinkles.

Author: Umesh21 Jan 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Keeping skin in good condition requires a lot of precautions. One has to protect it from the wind and dust which are the main culprits to damage it. Faulty food habits and late night reading are some other reasons for skin glow decay.

Sometimes the home remedies are more helpful then the costly artificial agents. There is less risk of side effects also. One should not use excessive soap also as it leads to removal of essential oils from the skin surface.

One has to protect skin from the sun rays as far as possible. Though this method has the associated risk of decreasing Vitamin-D in the body which is manufactured by skin in presence of sunlight only.

Controlling fat in the body and going for a fibrous and nutritional diet is the key to maintain a glowing skin.

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