How to develop patience as a sure recipe for success in life

Those who have patience are sure winners. There is nothing without a strategy in life. The formation of strategies or plans that have good goals and execution of such plans always requires patience.The details of how to develop patience as a sure recipe for success in life is sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.


Patience is a sure winner in any situation. It has the power of endurance, peace, balance of mind and thought, happiness and a philosophical bent of mind. We can say that acquiring or seeking such effects will sort to help us develop patience as a big value. The focus should be on a) Accepting things as they come b) Never hurrying through any decision c) Never bothering too much about criticism d) Giving room for life partners to find their calling and e) Making the best use of all available opportunities.

Accepting things as they come

This is the best starting point of developing patience. It is observed that in families where the children learn so much about good values from their father, they are not only patient but also so well behaved. They always do the regular jobs with a missionary zeal and with enthusiasm. For example, several years ago, a neighbor in a very small town had to live in a 525 square foot residential house with small garden space. Yet, both the children would climb up the stairs and water the plants in so many pots in the open terrace. They would do all the cleaning on every Sunday. They would force their parents to compulsorily have their afternoon nap. The boy was just twelve years old and his sister was just ten years old. But the rigorous training never went to waste. Years later, when the girl was married to a businessman in Chennai, with her MBA background, she not only has grown her husband's interior design business but also has a lovely roof garden in their independent house, which they brought eighteen years ago. The neighbors take advise from her on how to grow the rare variety of plants. The boy did his MCA from the prestigious NIT, Tiruchirapalli and works with IBM in USA. This is what happens when the entire family learns discipline and are always hopeful about a better future.

Patience comes to such people naturally. This is because their efforts in a particular direction are always accompanied with a passion of a tall order. They always bother about what they can do anything constructively. Their focus is straight and simple.

Never hurrying through any decision

Impatient people always hurry through their decisions. For each of their decisions, they regret much later. Such decisions are always based on short-term objectives. They take such decisions very quickly and mostly based on emotions. For example, they may face a nasty boss at work. But tough times never last. If they can manage a 24-month stay on the job, their problems will end automatically. They just need to concentrate on their jobs in the interim. One of the easiest things to do is to spend a lot of time learning new things on the job. No organization will ever hesitate to give any employee any new task or responsibility. Such vital experiences go a long way in helping the individual to go ahead in life, irrespective of the boss and his weaknesses.

Some counselings are needed for such persons. Once this happens, the persons are very likely to see the merit for being very patient and not take hurried decisions in their careers. Those who have very young kids and are also in well-placed jobs with regular confirmed incomes should never quit their jobs and join the big names. A leading Engineering giant had a fairly organized training department in the early nineties. The process of identifying training needs was basically flawed. The line managers often spent less than just ten minutes in just ticking the training programs for their subordinates. Many lateral recruits from other companies landed in a mess in this so-called HRD department that was nothing but a glorified training department. None should be caught in such horrible activity traps. It is unwise to switch jobs for the sake of working in the big names without understanding the nature of the job in the new place.

Never bothering about too much criticism

This is another vital aspect in developing patience as a virtue. For example, if a person gets a good placement in the Gulf, one should grab it. The savings will be substantial in the middle management cadres and very attractive in the senior manager cadres. One should always consider the merits of each case. It is quite likely that there will be criticism. As long as the parents can be taken care of by someone, there can hardly be any issues. The criticism becomes bigger when the person is the only son. Such criticism should be boldly faced. It is wise to impress on parents the need to adjust to new realities. Many persons succeed in doing so. In the case of certain countries, the parents have also gone along with their well-settled children and settled abroad. Or, they are put under good care in some old age home with good medical facilities in excellent environments. This is what should happen under any circumstances. Opportunities are very rare to come even for IIM products. If they are lost, the individual's life is lost forever. Those who are 45+ plus in age, two decades from now, would have to live on their own. A very young generation will take over and force these people out of their jobs, even in the manufacturing sector.

The best solution is to be patient, cut down on all wants now, pump huge amounts into instruments such as the PPF and save at least two crores by then, as a corpus. This is also possible through investment in land in the suburbs of cities, where things are now going somewhat cheap. Chengelpet was a sleepy town some 25 years ago. Around 70 kilometers from Chennai, today it is a hot property with a 2400 square foot plot costing more than five crores in the main area. Those who purchased it for Rs 25000 in 1991, are today crorepatis. A more or less similar situation is likely in most cities. The plan is to invest right now.

Giving room for life partners to find their calling

This is extremely important too. A lot of unwise or totally inappropriate decisions are taken by completely neglecting this aspect. The husband and wife live in different cities, with each pursuing different careers. The children become isolated and long for the affection of either parent. When the parents are together, the children literally demand undivided attention and this becomes even more difficult to give. Other problems follow.

One of the wisest things to do is go find careers in the same city. For instance, the best careers in Mutual Funds are always found only in Mumbai. The other superbly exciting careers in HR and Marketing, are also available only in this city. This happens since the Management here try to invest their time and money in very good succession planning and the best of Management practices are always seen in the best organizations headquartered in this city. Even if the husband or the wife gets to earn a neat five lakh more rupees in another city, it is still not worth it. The huge time lost in traveling between the cities on the weekends and on holidays can indeed take the life of any human being. The thrill is largely lost.

The wife who is also qualified and experienced should also find her calling. This requires a lot of discussion and wise decision making. The patients can be seen to pay off in future.

Making the best use of all available opportunistic

There are so many companies that have implemented what is now called the Blue Ocean Strategy. This concept is a big name in Strategic Management. This is very simple. In the same market, one of the competing firms takes a totally different path and comes out with one product or many products where there is no competition. The company forges very good links to such a strategy. A company manufacturing two-wheelers, for example, cannot afford to sell only in one part of the country. The product should be so unique that the demand zooms in such a short time. Consequently, the company should have a very good Supply Chain Management in place, so that the product reaches whatever market the demand comes from. Imagine you are in HR in such an organization. Your chances of success will obviously center around all creative suggestions that you come up with, to really optimize the potential of all human resources. Some organizations have what is now called the Self Managed Work Teams, where the workmen take all decisions. The Top Management merely approves major decisions concerning policy. All operating decisions, including shift management, are taken by workers. You need to come up with such creative solutions. Once you do something unique, you will obviously be noticed and you will go to the next level.

Similarly, you need to come out with the best of ideas and implement them. Learn from them. As long as you add value, the Managements are bound to support you.


Patience is one virtue that needs to be carefully cultivated. Many people who are never patient in their younger years regret for all their unwise decisions much later in their life. These decisions are not only about careers. They involve decisions involving so many aspects of life. A few dimensions have been described above, based on real world experiences of friends or relatives and observations can be made thereof.

Go ahead, be patient. Life is there for you to experience and learn.

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