Healthy eating tips for working women

Today more and more women are going out to work. This article brings out certain measures to cope up with the hectic life of a working women and tips to manage nutritional food in the home as well as on the go.


More and more women are now going for jobs outside the home and the earlier image of the housewives is changing to a great extent. Comparatively, working women have more responsibilities and burden as they have to manage their job in work place as well as look after the household matters. So it is natural that they are hard pressed and feel exerted at times. The nutritional and food requirement of a working women are very important to keep their health in a good shape to cope up with these challenges.

Role of early morning exercises

Before coming to the selection of healthy food, let us understand the importance of morning exercises in the life of a working woman. This is one of the most important activity in the daily life as early morning is the time when they can have at least some exercise in form of walk or yoga or gym or any other workout. This is very important because after that they will not get time during the day till late in the evening when they will be tired and exhausted with the long days' work. Another thing is that after a days' hard work, they will like to seek some light entertainment like seeing a movie in TV or watching a popular soap opera instead of going for evening exercises. If they miss the morning time for that exercise routine then they in fact will miss it for the whole day.

Depending upon the availability of time, one must give 15 to 45 minutes for the morning exercise routine. This is the basis of good health aspirations and in my opinion mandatory not only for working women but for all of us. Moreover, people have enormously benefited by the morning exercise routine in their life and there is no doubt about the effectiveness of this natural measure.

Food requirements at home

As the working woman is time to time exposed to outside food like canteen or official lunches or evening parties etc, she has to take care that, she cuts down on calories significantly in the food which she is taking in home. The reduction in cooking oil, ghee, rice, potato and such high carbohydrate items is the first step in that direction. The other members of the family may not compromise to have simple and low calorie food, but the working women has to find out a solution for that or get the food prepared by the servant or herself in the certain ways to satisfy all the members as well as meeting her requirements.

The food intake in the evening after returning to home is the crucial time where many women fail to control themselves and take the junk items like chips, namkeen, bhujia etc which simply go to those extra pounds in the body. One has to be very cautious and alert at this time of the day as the body asks for some quick food and hunger pangs trouble all of us. A healthy option is to gulp down some assorted salad of fruits and half boiled vegetables. To make it tastier, sprinkle a little chat masala and salt on it. If available, baked and puffed preparations or items are still better. Some diet conscious people take butter milk or toned milk curd at this time which is not only low calorie but good for health otherwise.

Food Requirements at work

It is very essential to have your breakfast before rushing to your work place and the breakfast should be healthy and sumptuous. Sandwiches with fat less light butter with cucumber, onion and tomato filling will do the trick. Muesli in toned milk with egg white omelette will be a good nutritional input in the morning. A small portion of Paneer, Cheese, Chicken, Fish and Sprouts can also be added to the breakfast to give it the protein punch.

The breakfast can be followed by a cup of Complan or other such supplement in toned milk on alternate days and green tea on remaining days. That is a good combination for energy and nutrients. Some people can manage with a glass of lemon juice in place of tea or coffee and that is really a helpful thing to keep them fresh throughout the day. In fact, Vitamin-C present in lemon is very essential for increasing the body resistance towards ailments.

The best thing is to pack your own lunch for the office or workplace, but due to various domestic works and other engagements it may not be possible to have it on a regular basis and one is forced to eat out in the office canteen or adjoining market place. But the food available in such place is mostly oily, spicy and high calorie. In such cases, it is advisable to keep some backup nutritional eatables like dry fruits (Almonds, Walnuts etc.) with oneself to satisfy the hunger pangs. This is a good nutritional option. Also keep one or two fruits like apple or orange.

How to Avoid Street Food

Street food like Pani puri, Aloo Tikiya, Momos, Chhola-bhatura, Pakoda, Vada, Samosa etc are very tempting and one is not able to control oneself and many working women eat them in the evening while returning from work. The chutney used with these snacks does more harm as it contains liberal amount of sugar and sauces. They are the real damage elements for the health and are to be somehow avoided by switching to other less oily foods like Idli, Uttapam and Upma.

Controlling Oneself in Parties and Gatherings

This is one indulgence which is the common source of unwanted calories and just while chatting with others we gulp down a lot of oily and spicy food as if mesmerised and charmed with its flavour and taste. The real self control is required here as there are so many dishes laid on the table inviting us for unnecessary intake of calories. One has to be very selective here and choose the appropriate items from one's own judgement to have minimal calories gained at the end of the party. Also avoid taking 2-3 servings of sweet dish, as they are the real weight boosters. In fact, one serving of sweet dish is more than sufficient.


The tips given in this article for good life style for a working women are based on the fundamental principals of regular exercising and replacing the high calorie junk food with high fibre, nutritious, low calorie food and enjoy the benefits out of it. A working woman is managing at two fronts - her work place as well as her home. So, she requires a balanced, nutritional and healthy diet for optimal performance.

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Author: Reena Upadhya07 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 9

Author has given good information in her article which will be very useful for all those working women with busy schedules who struggle with healthy eating.

While in office do not eat lunch on the desk itself. Some of them utilize lunch hours and multitask. They have their lunch while carrying out other activities such as answering certain calls, fixing the appointments, reading and answering emails etc. No matter how hectic the schedule is, set the lunch hours just for enjoying the afternoon meal and nothing else. This kind of multitasking can harm health. Sometimes women tend to overeat unknowingly while carrying out other tasks. When initiatives are taken to get up from the chair and go to office canteen or any such place where the colleagues have their lunch, the required movement is provided to the limbs.

Sitting for too long is not advisable. It does not matter how busy working hours are but taking a break of a couple of minutes after every hour is a healthy way of promoting blood circulation in the body. Get up from the chair after every hour and let your limbs relax a little. You can do some stretching if you want. Go to the washroom, walk towards the water purifier or coffee machine instead of asking others to bring it on your desk.

Sometimes eating outside or attending office parties become unavoidable. In such cases, it does not mean that one has to eat unhealthily. There is always an option of choosing healthy foods and drinks from the available ones. Even those outlets where primary foods sold are burgers and pizzas, they do serve some salads and fruit juices. Thus, it is up to you to either indulge in junk eating or go for healthy foods and drinks such as salads, soups, fruit and vegetable juices etc.

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