How to build an effective and efficient team in the work-place

An effective team is a key to success of an organization. But it is not easy to build an efficient team. In this article, the author discusses the ways to build an effective and efficient team in the work-place. Read to know more.

The students of management know that building an effective and efficient team is one of the key factors for completion of projects without time overrun or cost overrun. Team building is an essential component of work of a successful manager of a company. Every successful company gives utmost importance on team building. The top bosses of the companies know very well that strong teams with effective leaders can do wonders.

But team-building is not very easy. It takes time to build an efficient team. The role of the team-leader is extremely important. To develop and nurture the weak links are very essential for the working of a team. In this article, we are going to discuss how an effective and efficient team can be built in work-places. Let us discuss the important issue in details.

What is a team?

Before discussing the ways to build an effective team, it is necessary to know what is a team. We may state that a team in the workplace is a group of employees who collaborated with each other on related tasks to successfully reach a common goal. In a business setting, most of the projects are carried out by different teams. Organizations may have different types of teams, some are permanent while some are temporary. Teams are used to accomplish large and complicated tasks which are beyond the capabilities of an individual employee. It is necessary for the employees to have mental flexibility and resilience to be part of a team consisting of members from different backgrounds.

How to build an effective and efficient team: Duties of the team-leader

The first rule of team-building is to have an efficient and competent leader. The leader must be able to nurture the weak members of the team and mentor the other members. He must have some other qualities. He must be open to receive various ideas, discuss the pros and cons of each of the ideas and finally decide a particular idea for accomplishing the work. An effective team-leader must be a motivator. The leader must be able to bring out the best from his team members. He must know to effectively delegate the work and also to co-ordinate. He must develop a healthy environment of co-operation and trust among the team members. A leader must know the strength and weaknesses of the members. He must be able to communicate clearly and lead from the front by example. He must be flexible enough to accommodate all members effectively in his team.

How to build an effective and efficient team: Responsibilities of the team-members

On the other hand, the team members also have some responsibilities in developing an effective team. They must have the mental flexibility to work with different members from different background and expertise. They must shun their individual ego. They may indulge in healthy competition but must keep in mind that such competition does not create an unhealthy environment in the team. The team members must communicate regularly with the team leader and other members of the team. They must carry out the specific task assigned to them and report to the team-leader at regular intervals. In case any other member faces any difficulty, other members of the team must co-operate with that particular member. The members must form a cohesive unit to complete the assigned project without time overrun and cost overrun.

Summing up

An effective team will bring success to the organization by successfully handling the task assigned to it. So, the top management must provide adequate resources for the team to perform. In the beginning, the management must clearly spell out the task to the team and should not change the task or target too frequently.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao31 Jan 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

A good article by the author and well narrated. A team capacity will increase exponentially with the number of people. It is not simple mathematics 1 + 1 = 2. It may be 1+1 = may be any number based on the capacity of the people.
A team should have people of different expertise. Each one should complement the other. The role of a team leader is very crucial in the functioning of the team. A team will become effective and efficient only when the individuals forget that they are individuals and realize that they are the members of a team. One should think always 'we' instead of 'I'. A team member should not force his decision on the team members but should try to convince and explain to them how his idea is better than the other ideas. Again in a team, there should not be any groups.
A team leader should be ready to receive any suggestion from the other members and he should lead the team from the front and during the discussions also he should participate like any other member and he should not remind always that he is the team leader. Then only other members will open up and work together and discuss.

Author: Swati Sarnobat15 Mar 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

To build an effective team, each team member should show commitment, trust, adaptability, creative freedom etc. The following points are required to build effective team: establishing leadership, establishing a relationship with each employee of the team, building a healthy relationship with other employees, setting teamwork, and then establishing rules, regulation, and codes for each member of the organization.

Author: Venkiteswaran04 Aug 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The relevance of team work is more significant in the present day. The IT sector is one example of team work. The designations like Team leader in that sector jobs reflects the importance of Teamwork. The achievement or failure of an individual also affects the performance of the team. Hence each individual should put maximum efforts for the best performance of the team.

The assembly line system in large manufacturing factories is another way of teamwork even though each worker is doing his work independently. Each one's work is integrated to the next person's work.

So in whatever way we see, our life is teamwork, even in a family. For a successful life, teamwork is necessary- every way, every day. Thus the article is quite relevant on the matter.

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