List of eCommerce website development companies in Kerala

Are you looking for an e-commerce development company in Kerala to develop a shopping website for you to start an online store and start selling? Here is a list of leading ecommerce application development companies in Kerala.

Electronic commerce or eCommerce, also known as electronic business can be simply defined as the purchase and sale of goods and services using an electronic medium like the internet. The term covers a broad range of commercial or business transactions including transferring information and funds electronically between two or more parties, without any time or distance barrier. Though the electronic data interchange was started in the 1960s, it was in 1990s that the online shopping trend emerged. Now, it is quite a phenomenon to go online for sales and purchase. With the easy and convenient interface of eCommerce platforms, anyone can shop for anything they want within the comfort of their living room. As e-commerce is often faster, convenient and cheaper than the traditional goods and service exchange mode, it is currently chosen as the most successful business method across the world.

So, you are interested in starting an online business? Want to start selling online with no wait time and minimum investment? Learn how to choose the best e-commerce website development company in Kerala and help you get started with your online store.

eCommerce websites are online platforms that accelerate the transaction of goods and services over the internet, through the means of information and fund transfer. With this easy-to-use online portals, one can search for almost any product, without going anywhere physically. While the traditional e-business was done through phones and emails, the latest eCommerce websites facilitate effortless transactions of products and services, providing easy shopping and quick delivery. Because of its fast shopping and shipping interface, if you are ordering an item online, it will often be at your doorstep the next morning. The different types of eCommerce websites include customer based retail sites, auction sites, music sites, consultancy websites and many others. Though these websites are built differently, all of them share similar basic operations. The payment gateways provided in these websites make sure that all your financial transactions are processed securely and your banking details (card numbers/ internet banking details) are not stored for any other purposes.

Selecting the best eCommerce platform is decisive to your business success. Choosing a wrong platform will only end up in losing your customers, sometimes due to the glitches in the software or complex checkout procedures. Here are a few things you should remember while choosing an eCommerce platform for your online business in Kerala.

Determine the type of hosting suitable for your business

The very first thing you need to consider while thinking of an e-commerce solution is the kind of hosting platform ideal for your business. While a self-hosted solution lets you run a store on your website, a hosted eCommerce plan can provide you the almost all provisions including a website, domain, and shopping cart on payment basis. If you want better control over your online business, you should decide on self-hosted solutions. On the other hand, if you go for a hosting company to manage your e-business activities and operation, they will provide better support and security for your business.

Select a platform that has good customisation options

Always select an e-commerce platform that is customisable and flexible to accommodate the functions you need. The best solution will let customised organisation of products, unlimited photo uploading, provide customers with options to compare products, and many other possibilities that can upgrade your business success. In Kerala, there are several companies which offer ready to use e-commerce solutions but not always them offer the flexibility and customisation options that you may expect in your e-commerce store.

Check on the payment options

Review the payment methods available with the eCommerce platform you choose. Always make sure that the selected platform supports a good range of payment options. The best eCommerce platform offers the means to process various types of credit cards and other payment gateways. If you are planning to extend your business to internationally, your portal should have the ability to deal in multiple currencies. If your primary business is going to be only within Kerala, then you may want to go for a payment gateway from one of the leading banks in Kerala like State Bank of India, Federal Bank, HDFC Bank etc.

Ensure that the platform is compatible with your existing site

Are you already selling in Kerala? Do you already have a corporate website? While picking an eCommerce platform for your business, check whether it is compatible with your existing data and resources. Examine whether the platform lets you integrate and import your existing resources with the e-commerce solution. Good eCommerce platforms provide you with several options to easily integrate your data and reports. Consider a platform that integrates well with your existing resources.

Compare the services and price

Compare the services offered by different eCommerce solutions providers and choose the best platform that suits your marketing needs. You can find hundreds of platform that offer different services for the same price. Be cautious to choose the best deal that fits your budget and business demands. If your primary business is going to be within Kerala, then you may want to opt for an e-commerce development company in Kerala so that it will be easier for you to get support.

Do your own research

It is better to do some research on the platforms you're considering. Make sure that the platform you selected has the necessary features and functionalities that your business demands. Confirm that the solution you opt for serves all the functions your business requires, and inquire about things that seem even basic like automating emails to customers etc. Positive testimonials on the solutions will help you to find the best one out there. Always remember that not all platform will be right for your business. So, don't believe in mere publicity. Do your homework and find the best solutions that suit your business needs.

Best e-commerce Companies in Kerala

As e-commerce business is gaining immense popularity in today's business scenario, most of the businesses nowadays prefer eCommerce solutions as the best possible way to keep an eye on market changes and interests. Below are the top five eCommerce solutions providers in Kerala for your accelerated sales performance and business growth.

Hatching Web by SpiderWorks

Hatching Web, a sister concern of SpiderWorks, is one of the most sought-after eCommerce website design companies in Kerala, which helps you build eCommerce websites in attractive design, user-friendly interface, and quick navigation features in a very economical way. With its perfect eCommerce strategy that befits your brand, Spiderworks offers comprehensive solutions to meet your customer needs with the utmost precision. This digital marketing agency is committed to providing you the perfectly designed search-engine friendly eCommerce website that gives you a clear insight into the customer activities, at the same time enabling easy access. Spiderworks ensures that your e-business website has comfortable and completely functional features appreciating secure shopping.


Webcastle is an eCommerce service provider company located in Kochi, which provides eCommerce solutions for different industries. WebCastle is expert is providing interactive websites that enables easy access with quick navigation facilities. The company helps you to set up a good e-business website that is profit-making and promising.


Phitany, specialized in designing eCommerce websites is skilled in creating impressive and highly functional eCommerce sites according to the requirements of the customers. Since each business is different and has exclusive intentions and requirements, business owners always look for customized eCommerce solutions that perfectly suit their needs. Considering your demands, Phitany will assist you to run good eCommerce websites that promote your business on a long-term basis.


Since the eCommerce industry is trending day-by-day, people usually opt for electronic business services instead of traditional sales and purchase. Hence, the entrepreneurs nowadays look for quality eCommerce website applications to convince their customers effectively. ZeroBulb is a leading eCommerce website solutions provider keen on creating industry standard website for online business services. ZeroBulb experts build user-friendly software facilitating the customers to enjoy their shopping through quick access and easy navigation.


eWoke is a leading digital service provider located in Kochi, which provides e-commerce solutions according to the customer requirements. The secure platform created by eWoke enables efficient operations, ensuring total customer satisfaction. The cost-effective and convenient solutions of eVoke help you transform your business and promote sales with just a few mouse clicks.

Did we miss any of the leading e-commerce website development companies in Kerala? Please let us know by posting a comment below and we will definitely review it and include in our list of top e-commerce development companies in Kerala.

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Guest Author: Arjun04 Apr 2019

Can you suggest the best company in Kerala which does custom ecommerce software? I am looking for a reliable company which has a solid track record of developing web applications. Please suggest a good company and tell me some of the ecommerce sites they have done before.

Thanks in advance.

Author: Tony John05 Apr 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Arjun, it will be difficult to choose the best company. There are many companies in Kerala which develop and sells e-commerce applications. Hatching Web is the company I am associated with along with its parent company - SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd.

We have a core product which can be customised for any type of online sales. Also, we do custom develop e-commerce and web applications for clients according to their specific requirements. If you are looking for a solid web application, feel free to contact us at

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