Recipe of Cauliflower & Beetroot mixed dry vegetable (Microwave version)

Cauliflower & beetroot mixed dry vegetable (microwave version) is a healthy and delicious vegetable for calorie conscious people as it does not use any oil or fat in its preparation. This article gives step by step method to prepare it using microwave.


Cauliflower beetroot mixed dry vegetable (microwave version) is a healthy and delicious vegetable which can be taken during the main course or as an accompaniment with bread or toast as a snack item. The microwave version does not require any oil to be put in it and that is one reason why it is a low-calorie dish. Further, we do not put potato also in it in order to keep the calories low. A cup of this mix dry vegetable when prepared gives about 115 calories only as against 155 calories for its oily counterpart. The preparation time of the recipe is only about 25 minutes. There is a considerable time savings in this microwave version as some preparation can be done during the 10 minutes which is the first part of the cooking of vegetables as the spices are added at the beginning of the second part of 5 minutes cooking. This will be more clear when we go to 'Method' section in this recipe.


The quantity of ingredients mentioned below will be sufficient for 4 persons while taken with other items during main meals.

  • Cauliflower -200 gm or half of a medium bulb.
  • Beetroot - 2 Nos.
  • Capsicum - 1/2 piece.
  • Onion - 3 Nos. (1 for garnishing).
  • Tomato - 2 Nos. (1 for garnishing).
  • Mango powder - 1/2 tsp.
  • Red Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp.
  • Curd - 1 tbsp.
  • Kasoori Methi - 1 tsp.
  • Common Sabji Masala - 1 tsp.
  • Coriander leaves - Little for garnishing
  • Salt - as per taste

Common Sabji Masala is available in various brands in the market and you can use your favorite choice. You can also use home made sabji masala using coriander powder, turmeric powder, Asafoetida, black pepper powder, cumin powder etc.


Wash all the vegetables thoroughly. Peel the onions and beetroot. Now cut the vegetables and onion in medium sized pieces. Put aside 1 tomato and 1 onion for garnishing.


Take a microwave cooking bowl and keep all the cut vegetables in it and mix some salt to it. Now an important step is that here you need to add some water. Generally to this quantity of vegetables about half a cup of water will suffice. If we do not add water then there is always a risk of charring of vegetables by the microwave heat. Now place the cooking bowl in the microwave. Microwaves are generally having 5 ranges of heating like very high, high, medium, low and very low. For making vegetables generally the 2nd range (high) is suitable. In some microwaves, the range of cooking is automatically selected or it is menu driven. If it is so then select from the menu. Now put on the microwave and cook these vegetables for 10-12 minutes.

Take out the cooking bowl from the microwave and mix all the spices and curd in it and toss well and again keep back in microwave and cook for 3-4 minutes. If there is any doubt whether the vegetable is cooked or overcooked then one can check in between by stopping the microwave and adjust the remaining time of cooking accordingly. Sometimes in microwave cooking, the vegetables get an over dried look. In such cases, it is advised to sprinkle a little water on it and put in the microwave and cook for about a minute. The appearance will improve back to normal.

Garnishing and Serving

The dish is now ready and keep it in a serving bowl and garnish with onion rings, tomato thin flat cuttings and finely chopped coriander leaves. This dish can be served both hot or at room temperature.


  • Generally children like the Chinese taste. This dish can be easily changed to its Chinese version. In that case, the spices and curd mentioned in this recipe can be skipped and a small pouch of common Chinese noodle masala and 2-3 tsp tomato sauce or soya sauce can be mixed in this.
  • This is a low-calorie recipe but those who can afford to have a few additional calories can add cream or/and butter or/and boiled potatoes or/and Ghee to it for that extra taste.


This dry Cauliflower Beetroot vegetable is a nourishing low-calorie meal item and can be consumed during lunch or dinner time. It goes well with chapati or poori or bread. Its Chinese version can be consumed alone or with boiled noodles or boiled pasta.



Author: Umesh01 Feb 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

There is some difference between microwave cooking and conventional cooking. In traditional cooking, as the spices are put in the hot oil they give good flavor but in a microwave, as no oil is used there is a significant change in the smell of spices and if the vegetable is not dried up properly it will give a watery taste. That is the reason why many people do not relish the taste of microwave cooking.

Still, as it is a low-calorie option it definitely has takers in the dieting community. Those who are concerned for the satisfaction of their taste buds can sauté this vegetable after completion of cooking in a little-heated oil and cumin seed or any other spice of choice.

Using the microwave for full fledged cooking requires some experience with this gadget as one has to be extra careful in selecting the cooking time and deciding the amount of water to be used in a particular dish. So for the beginners, the best strategy is to pause the microwave time to time and see the consistency of the dish and go ahead accordingly. Water can always be added at any stage.

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