Why do we snore and how can it be treated?

Snoring is as funny as it is annoying. People who snore have no clue that they do so and it is upto us to help them overcome this disorder. Read the blog to understand the causes & treatments for snoring.

Snoring is really a big problem for those who don't snore, and sleep beside a person who snores. Snoring is a biological problem and is also known as obstructive sleep apnea. It is believed that most people are snorers, but not all cases become blatant enough or loud enough to be discovered. For those who snore really loudly and can't control it at all face a real challenge. The reason of snoring is that the air while breathing passes through the throat and causes the tissues to vibrate. The people who are around a snorer basically hear the tissues of the throat vibrating as the snoring noise.

Reasons behind snoring

Alcoholism-If you ask the wives or husbands of people who have a chronic alcoholism problem, then you will definitely hear them complaining that their partners snore too much. This does not mean that people who don't drink alcohol don't snore at all. But non-alcoholic people have a natural process of clearing the air while breathing. After high consumption of alcohol, this process gets deterred and as a result the air while breathing gets corroded against the inner lining of the throat. If you listen carefully, then alcoholic people snore much louder than non-alcoholic people.
Nasal Block-The next big reason for snoring is a nasal block or nasal congestion. You will find around 40-50% people who have a chronic snoring problem also suffer from cold and resultant nasal congestion. This congestion blocks the breathing passage and thus leads to snoring.
Sleeping pattern-Everybody has a different sleeping pattern. Some people can sleep just facing one side all night, while others take turns. Some keep circling their bed while sleeping. It is advised by doctors to sleep either turning to the left side or right side. This may not evade the problem totally but decreases it to a great extent than while sleeping straight on their backs.
Obesity-Obesity has a somewhat direct connection with snoring. The problem of snoring can also found among obese children and it is not very surprising. People who are highly overweight face breathing problems at some point of time, which eventually leads to snoring.
Temporary snoring problem-You might be surprised sometimes by watching your partner snoring, when you have never seen them snore before. This generally results due to temporary increase in the stress levels. Sometimes, you may find your husbands snoring when they have to meet a crisp deadline for their projects. This problem may fade away once the project submission is over.

How to treat snoring problems

Reduce obesity-If a person exercises regularly and becomes gaunt, then there are high chances of the snoring problem to get terminated. This is common among children. A lot of chubby kids snore, when they have a lot of fat in their body but stop snoring after they become lean.
Stress Reduction-There is no guaranteed formula to reduce stress, but one can definitely try. One basic thing is to be happy. This way the problem of temporary snoring will be reduced.
Use of nasal strip-Applying nasal strips on the bridge of the nose will help in increasing the passage of the airway. This is even more helpful when you have nasal congestion. Although one suggestion here would be to consult a doctor before buying the nasal strip.
Stop drinking alcohol-This remedy will help to decrease the snoring habits a lot. As mentioned earlier, the breathing passage gets a high obstruction when a person drinks too much of alcohol. So if a person stops that, he or she will be highly benefited as far as snoring is concerned.
Treatment of sinus or nose septum-Sometimes chronic problems of sinus or an incorrect place of the septum. In either case, you will have to go under a small operation. You will be released on the same day on which the operation takes place. The bandage on your nose will however be removed after one or two weeks. There are a lot of hospitals or clinics in Kerala which provide treatments for snoring including Dentique- The Dental Studio. Dentique especially offers special treatment on sleep apnea and teeth grinding. You can first book an appointment for a consultation from the specialists here and then book the treatment according to the gravity of your problem.


Snoring is a medical problem like any other disease. As it is already mentioned, it could have various reasons and different reasons have varied solutions. Not all reasons and all solutions apply to everybody. Some solutions can only provide temporary relief while some others like surgeries can bring permanent relief. This problem can happen to anybody and at any age. Having said this, if a person exercises regularly and stays away from smoking and drinking habits, then the chances of having a snoring problem will be much lesser in those people.


Author: Umesh29 Jan 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Snoring is a big problem for those who sleep near such persons. The loud and reverberating sound of the snoring is a big nuisance for others and in many families, it is a big problem and people are at their wit's end as to how to tackle it.

In common places like dormitories, hostel rooms, hospital wards etc, this becomes an embarrassing thing and such a person is identified as if doing something wrong.

Though there are many measures suggested to get rid of snoring but except the surgery, others may not be as fruitful.

There is some hereditary factor also in this as many people in the same family suffer from this.

One thing which I would like to mention is that if we are not conscious of the snoring of another person then it does not disturb us. In such cases, it becomes easy to carry on although these type of adjustments only happen in a few cases and in most of the other cases it disturbs the nearby person.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao29 Jan 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Snoring is a real problem for the people around while sleeping. Some snore so loudly that nobody around them can sleep peacefully. Nasal Block is one of the important problems in many cases. The nose at a particular place will have a very narrow opening. So breathing will become difficult and that results in snoring. When the person is caught up with cold and cough the snoring will increase. Synus is another problem which causes this snoring.
There are some homeopathic medicines which will bring down the level of sound but may not go down completely. A treatment by name Sujok therapy may also reduce snoring.

Author: Reena Upadhya06 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Author has very well mentioned various causes behind snoring and treatments to get rid of it.
Snoring is a common condition that can affect almost anybody. However, men suffer the most from it. Moreover, it worsens as the age progresses. Everyone seems to snore a little every now and then. In such cases, it goes unnoticed. However, when it persists and becomes chronic, it really poses a problem for everyone around. Snoring also affects the quality of sleep.

Some people are born with a long uvula or a lengthy soft palate. A long uvula, as well as a long soft palate, can narrow down the passage running from the nose up to the throat. These lengthy structures can obstruct the airways which occur when these structures vibrate and collide against each other.

Individuals whose muscle tone is poor in the tongue and throat region also snore. Some of the causes of the too relaxed throat and tongue muscles are alcoholism, aging, and regular intake of sleeping pills. It also takes place during deep sleep. Individuals with bulky tissues in the throat region due to the excess body weight also snore. Even the kids who are born with large tonsils tend to snore frequently.

Sometimes snoring is caused due to an underlying medical condition. Primary snoring is the one that is not associated with any medical condition. In other cases, insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, sleep disorders may be linked with snoring. An underlying medical condition causing snoring can be dangerous and thus it is important to diagnose the condition and treat it as early as possible.

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