Tips for helping kids to conquer fear while watching horror movies

Most of us love to watch horror movies. Although the horror flicks are highly popular among the kids, it is this section of our population that can be adversely affected by the horror movies. The kids somehow can't resist the desire to watch a horror flick, but eventually they get so scared while watching that it affects their mind and body. Let us try and see how we can overcome this fear in kids.


Horror movies are very popular among the citizens of this country. It has been seen that a large section of the population that watch these kinds of movies constitutes of children. Children although can't resist the desire to watch a horror flick, can't avoid the nightmares after watching the movie. I have heard quite a number of parents complaining that their children don't listen and continue watching horror movies on the internet or television and such habits are increasing panic, tension and fear among them. It is quite difficult to make a child stop watching a horror movie. The more such things will be prohibited from them, the more will their will interest increase. So there should be some way to alleviate the stress resulting from watching the horror movies. I am trying to put up some solutions, which as a mother I have also tried on my children. These are some solutions keeping the fact in mind that preventing our kids from watching a scary movie is not an option.

How to avoid getting scared while watching a scary movie(for kids)

  1. Watch at daytime-Try to make your kids watch the movie during daytime. This is due to the fact, that psychologically, our kids tend to get more scared during the night. Already, when the night falls, the kids tend to huddle to their parents. This fear will get more aggravated if they watch a horror movie. I have seen this with my children and therefore, I will speak from my personal experience. I don't know if most parents will agree with me, but our children try to stick to their parents at night and prefer that they put them to bed. So if they watch a movie at daytime, they will feel less intensely about the movie and feel less scared.
  2. Watch with the family-Try to keep yourself free while your child is watching the movie.This way you can watch this with him or her and be careful of the reactions your child gives. Sometimes, you can also try watching the horror movie in the evening, but with the entire family. A child feels most safe with his or her parents. Therefore, when they watch the scary scenes with their family, they feel they are safe and nothing worse could happen to them.
  3. Understand the antagonist-Try to explain your child that the main antagonist in the film is a common person, just like you. It is the make up that is making them look ferocious. Explain how a little bit of make up can change the entire look of a person. Earlier, when my child was small, it was difficult to prove that make up can do so much of a difference. Nowadays, when one has a smartphone, that is internet enabled, showing the effects of make up or showing the videos of how the look of a person changes is very easy. A parent should first try to convince that the person playing the leading ghost is just another person like us. If the child is not convinced, then one can show the process of applying make up and transforming a good looking person into an ugly looking ghost. Just try this for the first time, and the next time, your child will definitely watch a movie with less fear and anxiety.
  4. Understand the ambiance-Sometimes the circumstances, when these horror scenes are shot are the morning times. So the ambiance of the shoot is filled with daylight and in order to change the mood, the shot is taken completely within a room. If your child understands this basic thing, they will feel less scared. Just tell them although the scene is being shot in darkness and within a room, once somebody goes out the room, he or she will find daylight. Those scenes are never shot at night. The feeling that these horrific shots are taken during the daytime and that the main antagonist is a normal person like us, will help in removing the stress of watching the horror movies to a great extent.

Effects of watching horror movies

It has been seen that children who watch a lot of horror movies become lonesome, depressed and sometimes delusional of the actual world around them. Some of the reasons of such adverse effects of watching these movies are that the child believes that the movie actually contains ghosts and he or she watches the movies alone. If as a parent we can address to these issues as the way I already mentioned, then hopefully the child will not fear watching a horror movie and be more relaxed about it the next time he watches it. The anxiety and stress while watching the horror movie creates a state of panic in their mind. They cannot get over the effect of watching the movie, long after they have watched it. This in turn effects their studies and other things.


I would like to conclude by saying, horror movies should be watched for the fun and thrill. These movies should not rip off the fun of your life and change the way you behave normally. If this happens then maybe its time for the parents to keep a close eye on their child and help them in one of the ways I mentioned.


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